OHS – Find new 3RM

21-15-9 of:
Handstand pushups
Ring dips

*20 min cap

Compare to Aug.18/13

This was the very first Hero WOD posted on CrossFit.com in 2005. Jeff was a part of the rescue mission for Murph and the other troops. In honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA, who was killed in Afghanistan June 2005.

Tabata Kickouts!
Tabata Kickouts!

85 thoughts on “JT”

  1. Sounds like a good WOD today!

    I’m in Calgary and decided to make use of the gym at the hotel I’m at. Not much there and super small but made do!

    10 min treadmill run
    25 goblet squats 35#
    100 singles
    25 goblet squats
    100 singles
    25 thrusters with 20# dumbbells
    100 singles
    25 DB thrusters
    100 singles
    2 min break
    15 DB Snatches per arm 25#
    25 push ups
    15 DB snatches
    25 sit ups
    15 DB snatches

    Then practiced some DU’s

    Tabata planks.

    God I miss CFM

  2. Warmup and mobility

    OHS (3) 15-35-55-65-70
    Excellent tips, Patrick! Thank you. Felt stronger. Should have went heavier, but I doubted myself and started too light.

    With ab mat and small band

    Last time (2012), I just finished the 15s. Happy.

    Thank you for the cheers at the end. Shane…thank you for finishing this WOD so freakishly fast to push me.

  3. Mobility and Wu x 1
    Group mobility
    Strength 3rm ohs
    135/155/185/205×2 out of time. Wrist was a little tight this morning had hard time keeping the bar oh!
    Wod ”JT”
    Rx’d 10:09
    Big pr for me today as this is the first Wod since the open my shoulder was able to stand ring dips!
    Great class Patrick, great work 6 amer’s!
    Great seeing you this morning Gillyon!

  4. Strength OHS 3RM – tested wrist out
    65 – 95 stopped there, but had some takeaways on form. Thanks Gab for pointing out my depth and I need to open knees more.

    WOD JT
    HSPU – Scaled to Pike pushups
    Ring Dips – with small purple band

    18:28 or around there. Those Pike pushups were not easy.

    Welcome to the 6am class Lori!

    1. Ice that wrist a little this evening. Glad to see you are making progress with the “rehab”.

  5. Warm up x1
    Group mobility
    Strength: OHS 3 rep max: 20, 25, 30, 35 (ran out of time)….goal was to reach 50

    WOD: “JT” 21-15-9 of
    -hspu scaled to shoulder press @25
    -ring dips scaled to paralettes
    -push ups

    Time: ???? Forgot to mark it down! 🙁

    Great coaching Patrick and great work everyone! Special greetings/welcome to Lori!!! 🙂

  6. Open Gym

    Strength OHS x 3

    Summer League DU’s
    200..was going to do 100 but figured keep going..100 more to go yay,

    Thanks for the class Steph!

  7. Open Gym

    Summer league doubles – 125 before WOD and 25 after WOD for 150



    HSPU scaled to 135# press
    Paralette dips
    Push ups

    Time – 15:06

    15# PR but 4:25 slower than last time.

    Thanks for the class Steph!!!

    1. Beast! It always blows my mind when people are like “yeah man, I’m just going to do your 1RM 45 times in a WOD. No big deal.” Good stuff!

  8. 3RM OHS with a shitty wrist

    Pike Pushups (24″ box, knees, knuckles)
    Ring Dips
    Pushups (knuckles)


    Who thought it was great workout, raise your hand? Wait, why isn’t anyone raising their hand? Oh… never mind.

  9. Warmup and mobility

    OHS 3RM
    115-135-150-165-180×2-180×1(ran out of gas)

    WOD Rx
    Finished the 15s and 8HSPUs at the 20min time cap. Wow, I thought this would be a breeze unit I got to the pushups in the first round and I could hardly do 3 at a time!

  10. Nooner!!

    3x 75-90-100-110(2)-110(3)
    Not a pr, but happy to do some heavy OHS!

    Did the first round RX’d which made me REALLY happy. I knew by trying it I was going to risk not finishing it and I hate not finishing a wod, but a round of 21 of this craziness RX, I was okay with it for today. 🙂

    2nd & 3rd rounds had an abmat and a purple band. I was only 4 pushups from finishing. Hopefully next time I’ll do it all RX 🙂

    Fun class!

  11. – Mob
    – WUx1

    OHS from the floor
    65×5-85×3-95×2-F … Was aiming for 115 but my wrist was really bothering me 🙁 Disappoint!

    – Shoulder press 75#
    – Ring dip blue band
    – push up

    2 rds + 1 dip … Holy crap. The first push up felt like what I expected the 20th to feel like!

  12. M+WU
    Group mobility

    Overhead squat 3RM:
    15lb as wu then: 25lb-25lb-30lb-35lb

    Shoulder press @ 50%, 30lb

    Took 9:29

  13. Mob. WUx1
    100 double unders
    OHS 3RM
    3x (35, 40, 45, 50, 55) 1x 60, 2x 60 thanks for the pointers Steph! Congrats Jenna on the big PR 🙂
    Shoulder Press #35
    Ring Dips blue band
    Push ups, went to knees during the 15…tough one for me today
    Time: 14:36
    Great job everyone! Oh and another 100 double unders, only 100 more to go!

    1. Don’t worry about your pushups Alaina, they were tough for everyone today! Great job! 🙂

    2. Awesome work Alaina, that’s a tough one! I couldn’t believe how much the pushups sucked after the other movements either.

  14. Mobility + WUx1

    OHS 3RM
    95×3 (PR)
    100×3 (PR)

    WOD: “JT”


    -HSPU with ABMAT
    -Ring Dips (Small Purple Band)
    -Push ups

    Time: 16:28

    Great Class Thanks Mario!!!

  15. Patrick Arseneau


    Front Squats 3x

    “JT” Rx (used parlettes for HSPU)
    Got to 9/9 HSPU withing the 20min time cap.
    My PR is 14:54 from 2011. The paralette made this a whole different ball game for me 🙂

    Nice work everyone! Mike, you’re dedication on this one was contageous. I felt like giving up on the HSPU but you didn’t. So I kept going 🙂

  16. Mob/WUx1

    Overhead Squats 3RM

    JT 20 min cap
    Handstand pushup (60%shoulder press(45lbs))
    Ring dips (paralettes)

    Time: 13.57

  17. WU x 1

    OHS 3RM
    95-115-135-155-165 x2

    – HSPU with ab mat and #25
    – Ring dips
    – Push-ups

    Time: 17:18
    “PR” on this I guess, first WOD that I did where I stuck with HSPU the whole time!!

  18. OHS X 3
    Wod JT,
    HSPU with 10# and ab mat
    Ring dips with small red band.
    Going to try to start posting again.

  19. MOB + WU
    Group Mob
    OHS 3RM
    35-40-45-50-55(2 reps then failed) <—- all PRs

    WOD 'JT'
    Shoulder Press 20#
    Paralette Dips
    Modified pushups


  20. OHS x3
    My last recorded OHS was 110# 5RM(I think)

    HSPU (scaled to 70# Press)
    Ring Dips (scaled to Parallelette Dips)
    Push-ups (scaled to knees)
    Time: 9:55

    My glass of water feels heavy.

  21. “JT”
    HSPU (#10 plate and abmat)
    Ring Dips (pink band)
    Time: 16:43

    Wow, much harder than it looked on the board!! Reps were not all pretty, but I got er done!

    Thanks Mario!

  22. wux1
    group wu
    Strength OHS 3RM
    95-115-130-145-160 (10# PR)

    WOD JT
    HSPU – Scaled to 95# shoulder press
    Ring Dips – with small purple band

    18:07 first time doing this WOD. Every rep was pretty slow after round of 21

  23. Mobility

    Strength OHS 3RM

    WOD: JT
    Shoulder press 45#
    Ring dip (blue band)
    push up

  24. WOD – JT

    HSPU – Ab mat
    Ring Dip – Purple Band
    Push Ups

    Time 17:33

    My first round of push I thought someone has shut my arms down. Tough WOD.

  25. My first class !!! Love the 6 am group!

    MOB & WU x1

    Group mobility
    Strength: Overhead Squats 3 reps @: 15, 20, 25, 30 lbs

    WOD: “JT” 21-15-9

    – Shoulder press (scaled) @15, then 20
    – Ring dips scaled (scaled)
    – Push Ups

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome 🙂

  26. MOB & WU x1

    Group mobility
    Strength: Overhead Squats 3 reps

    HSPU (#45 plate and abmat)
    Ring Dips (blue band)
    Time: 19:20

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