21-15-9 of:
Handstand pushups
Ring dips

Compare to Aug.22/12

The CFM ladies showing the can 'be strong'
The CFM ladies showing the can ‘be strong’

26 thoughts on “JT”

  1. I am glad I made it into todays “ladies” picture verses yesterday’s “geezer” pic.
    Have a good day everyone.

  2. Mob
    Practice toes to bar

    21-15-9 of:
    Pike pushups
    Ring dips blue band (first time ever and I do them in a work out)

    Time: 10:52

    Thanks for the change up for my warm up Jeff, and the tips on the toes to bar.

    Great Sunday morning guys!

    1. You did awesome with them! Yay for you!!! Congrats on putting them right in your WOD, way to push yourself!

    2. Thanks guys!!! Tania if it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have tried them! Thanks for the encouragement

  3. Mobility

    Strength: Cleans


    Thankx for the help on my technique Jeff!


    HSP (on 25# + Abs Mat) {Aug 22, 2012 = squaled to PP @ 35#}
    Dips (With Blue Band) { 2012 = Pralettes}
    Push Ups (on Knees) { 2012 = With Blue Band}

    Time: 11:14PR! {2012 = Time: 15:03}

    Great Class awesome job everyone!!

  4. Mob + WU + shoulder mobility

    Push Press 3-3-3-3-3-1
    135- 155- 175- 195- 215 (3RM PR)- 235 (1RM PR) Aaawwww yeah!!

    WOD “JT” Rx = 18:52 PR

    Last year scaled with just abmat (2″) and hit 20 min time cap with 14 reps to go. Hurray for progress. Really pumped about the push press 1RM too, most weight i have ever got overhead.

    Good work gang!!

  5. Mob + WUx2
    Front squats 5×80,90,100,105

    WOD: JT
    Shoulder press 60#
    Dips (pink band)
    Push ups

    Time: 11:57

    PR of 1:57 with 25# heavier and dips rather than parralettes. Pleased with that. That was hard round 2 and 3 were very broken! Thanks for the great coaching Jeff. Great job everyone!!!

  6. 400m Run

    Mobility + WU X 2

    Ankle Mobility

    Strength: Shoulder Press X 5

    WOD: JT
    Shoulder press 60#
    Dips (blue band)
    Push ups

    Time: 16:56

    800m Run

    Thanks for coaching, Jeff.

    Thanks for the push, Jeff L.

    I thought the power steering was gone in my car when I went to leave. Apparently it was just the workout.

  7. Mobility



    Time: 13:15

    Small Purple Band on Ring dips everything else RX. Last time did it in 15:44 doing pike Pushups and medium purple band on ring dips PR of 2:29. Great work today everyone.

  8. Mobility
    WU X 2 (shoulder press instead of push ups)

    WOD – JT


    HSPU – scaled to 120# shoulder press
    Dips – paralette
    Push ups

    Time – 11:31 (5# and 3:14 PR over Aug 22/12)

    Thanks for coaching Jeff

  9. A bit of Mobilty

    WU x 1



    HSPU’S : abmat, 10lb plate and 2×45 lbs on each side
    RIng Dips: RX
    Push Ups: RX

    Time: 16:07

    Last year : 19:51 and I used an abmat and 25lbs plate with nothing on the side.

    PR: 3: 44

    Super stoked about this! Thanks for the great coaching Jeff!

  10. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Strength: practiced light snatch and OHS to 75#

    WOD “JT”
    HSPUs (scaled with 25#plate/abmat for 21’s; 25#/10#plate/abmat for 15’s and 9’s)
    Ring dips (scaled with one skinny purple band)
    Push ups

    Time = 18:50

    Pretty pleased with this since the last time I did this one I had a DNF in the 20 min time cap (got to 4/9 pushups at the buzzer back then) and I used the 10# plate with the 25# plate and abmat for all my HSPU’s and did ring dips with 2 skinny purple bands. I’m still a long way from Rx, but making progress.

    Thanks for the coaching Jeff. Fun class. 🙂

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