Tomorrow is Change For Change! Bring $5 to switch up your workout.

AMRAP in 20 minutes
10 Push Press (115/85#)
10 Kettlebell Swing (53/35#)
10 Box Jump (24″)

Compare to Aug.5/11


104 thoughts on “Jack”

  1. Mobility

    WU x 1

    Sled Drag 100m, 90#, 115#

    WOD “Jack”
    AMRAP in 20 minutes
    10 Push Press (115#)
    10 Kettlebell Swing (53#)
    10 Box Jump (24″)
    Score: 6 rounds + 6 push press

  2. Mob
    Run 400m

    “On fait pas de strength la, on fait des sled drags la”
    100m @ 45# – 37 secs.
    100m @ 70# – 47 secs

    WOD Jack RX’D
    AMRAP 20 mins
    10 push press (85#)
    10 KBS (35#)
    10 Box jumps (20″)

    Total: 6 rounds flat. Although I still fear the box jumps, this wod made me realize how far I’ve come on them as I was able to do most of the box jumps rounds unbroken. Oh yeah, Pukie knocked on my door as Kevin yelled TIME, but I didn’t let him in!

    1. I was just down the hall, as I could hear Pukie Knocking. It was due to the last Box Jump push too. Nice workout Chantal.

    2. Woohoo! Great job Rx’d Chantal! You have come a long way with your box jumps! Your hard work has really paid off. You may not have gotten over that “fear”, but you have learned to do the box jumps in spite of it! That takes a lot of mental fortitude. I’m proud of you 🙂

  3. Mob
    400 m run
    WU x 1

    Sled Drag 100 m
    45 lbs = 34 sec I think
    70 lbs = 49 sec

    AMRAP in 20 mins
    10 Push Press (70lbs)
    10 KBS (35lbs)
    10 Box Jumps (20′)
    Total: 7 rds + 2 BJ’s

    Nice morning except for the fact that my body is so freaking tired :)!!! Rest day tomorrow, I like this WOD hopefully I’ll try it again when I feel better!! Great WOD’s this week, thanks Kev!!

  4. Mob
    400 m run
    WU x 1

    Sled Drag 100 m
    45 lbs = 39 sec 70lbs= 59 sec maybe?

    “Jack” Modified for Shoulder
    AMRAP in 20 mins
    10 1 arm KBS Push Press (20lbs)
    10 KBS 1 arm russian KBS (35lbs)
    10 Box Jumps (20′)
    Total:10 rds + 2 Box JUmps

    Fun morning,

  5. WU x 1 (subbed KBS for squats)

    No sled drag, just foam roller.

    “Jack” (modified for knee)
    –10 Push Press @ 105#
    –10 KBS @ 50# (thought I had grabbed a 53# but oh well)
    –10 Toes-through-Rings

    6 rounds + 5 Toes-through-Rings

    Cashout: Lay limp on the pavement outside…

    1. i laughed at this when i read it earlier today… but now… it sounds like the best thing in the world.

  6. MOB
    400 m run
    WU x 1

    Sled drags @ 45#, 70# (?) 55 sec

    WOD: Jack

    AMRAP 20 mins
    10 push press (RX 85#) 65% – 75#
    10 KBS (35#)
    10 Box Jumps (20″)

    7 rounds + 10 push press (PR of 4 PP and 10#’s)

    Total body ache right now – been a long week 🙂 And I just remembered that i didn’t cash out with wall stretchers so I guess I deserve the pain!! Maybe I’ll lay down on the floor of my office and do them now in a skirt!

    Great job everyone and fun to back with you 7 a.m.ers

  7. WU x 1(weighted pullups @ 35#, 7 unbroken)

    Sled Drag 100m, 90# @ 33 sec, 115#@ 58 sec

    WOD “Jack” Rx

    Score: 5 rounds + 7 Box Jumps

    Feeling physically tired before the Wod and was going to scale just a little bit, but 65% @ 110# sounded like 115# to Kevin’s ears. Now I’m feeling physically exhausted.

    Thanks Kevin for improving my health and strength!

  8. Noon express
    No sled drags due to Lydia hating the sound of them. Worked on HSPU with the abmat

    Jack with 70lbs
    8 rounds + 4 KBS
    The push press got heavy fast.
    Great job, nooners!

    1. I agree with Lydia, I don’t like the sound of them either, but becasue she’s tiny and cute she can get away with it waaaay easier than me 🙂

      1. I don’t know, Chantal…if you (or anyone) started to cry because of a movement, I don’t think I could make you (or them) do it. Huh, I wonder if I should try that with Kevin the next time we have burpees??? 😉

    2. Nice job on the WOD Gillyon! With the HSPU practice you have been doing, you are going to be doing them as Rx’d in WODs very soon! 🙂

      1. I was about the ask the same thing. You’re gonna be EXHAUSTED after all those change for change WOD’s tomorrow Lora.

  9. Mobility

    Sled drags #95 34 secs #115 in something didn’t hear what

    WOD “Jack”

    AMRAP 20 mins

    10 Push Press #115
    10 KBS #53
    10 Box Jumps 24″

    7 rounds 10 Push Press 10 KBS 1 Box Jump

    Hard workout today killed me and the sled drags sure didn’t help. Great job everyone.

    1. I think the sled drags were dragging a lot of out people today (ahahaha…I slay me).

      Seriously though, nice job on the WOD!

  10. mobility
    400m run
    wu x 1
    no strength – Drag sled
    100m with 90#
    100m with 115# (drag sl

    WOD : AMRAP in 20 min
    10 Push Press (105#)
    10 KBS (50#)
    10 Box Jumps (20”)
    score = 6 rounds & 8 Box Jumps (felt tired and the drag sled nearly killed me)

  11. Valérie Arseneau

    400m run
    wu x 1
    no strength – Drag sled
    100m with 45# 33 sec
    100m with 70# 49sec

    WOD : AMRAP in 20 min
    10 Push Press (40#)
    10 KBS (25#)
    10 Box Jumps (20”)

    8 + 4 push press

    Upper body stuff killed me again. I love these kind of WODs as there’s always something I’m not good at (upper body strength) and something I am good at (box jump).

    Its all about balance hehe.

    1. Great score! I was thinking of how different/good the WOD would have been if there was 5 pp, 10 KBS, and 15 box jumps. Upper body stuff is hard on me too, but we will get better! 🙂

      1. Valérie Arseneau

        Thx! You too. I see we did almost the same score 🙂

        Agreed! I would of killed it if it would of been 5-10-15!!!

        Funny how the sled drag absolutely murdered my legs (and gave me a nice rope burn) but I was able to recover enough to still do my box jumps pretty quick. But I struggled with the push press even if I went light on the weight.

        What I need to work on is no mystery. Strength… hehe

  12. Run 400m

    sled drag
    100m @ 90# – 31 secs
    100m @ 115# – 40 secs?

    WOD Jack
    AMRAP 20 mins
    10 push press (115#)
    10 KBS (53#)
    10 Box jumps (24″)
    I stopped after 2 rounds. I felt too bad and had no strength. This was my 1st DNF since I started CF. Oh well, maybe I should have taken a rest day…I thought I felt pretty good today. note to self, substitute sled drag with foam rolling 🙂
    I did this WOD last year and completed 7 rounds
    Great job everyone for completing this WOD after the brutal sled drag!

    1. Valérie Arseneau

      The sled drags were brutal indeed!! I didnt expect my legs to react the way they did! lol

    2. Way to give it everything you had, Frankie. The sled drag was much harder than most people anticipated, I think. When in doubt, ALWAYS pick the foam roller! LOL

    3. still making the effort is huge buddy, my hat is off to you for getting in two rounds of this beast!! after that freaking sled!! 🙂

  13. Mobility

    WU x 1

    Run 400m

    Sled Drag 100m, 45#, 90#

    WOD “Jack”
    AMRAP in 10 minutes
    10 Push Press (45#)
    10 Kettlebell Swing (25#)
    10 Box Jump (12″)
    Score: 4 rounds + 6 push press

    First official workout. Something to build on. I never knew a penny was so heavy.…

    Thanks for all your welcoming smiles and words.

    1. you did amazing on the sled drag Kevin, and to tackle your first wod after that, and you were still standing at the end! great job

  14. WU x 2
    Sled drag: 29 sec/36 sec

    WOD: “me”

    10 push press @ 95
    10 kbs @ 53
    10 box jump @ 24″

    Score: 8 rounds.

    I kicked my own ass. 🙁

  15. WOD ” Jack” RX

    10 push press @ 85 lbs
    10 [email protected] 35 lbs
    10 box jumps @ 20″

    Score: 10 rounds + 6 kbs

    Last time: 9 rounds + 2 push press

    Happy with this PR.

    Great work 6:30 p.m. crew!

    1. Great work Corinna!!! Sorry I had to cancel on the 6:30 crew…I had a retirement party to attend…Awesome work to all ya’ll and see you tomorrow!

  16. Sled Pulls
    45# @ :30 seconds.
    70# @ 1:12 ….how quickly it went to poop!

    Jack with 65# push press
    8 Rounds

    I took lots of breaks (and I needed them this morning). I’d like to try this one again on fresh legs & lungs.

    1. Tough one even when you’re fresh – and 8 is a great outcome. Maybe it would be better to work out later with the afternoon crew more often… 🙂

  17. WOD ” Jack” RX

    10 push press @ 85 lbs
    10 [email protected] 35 lbs
    10 box jumps @ 20″
    7 rounds and 7 PP

    this was tough…. just kep chippin away at it. thanks so much for the push at the last minute to get the bar up. really REALLY wanted to take pukie out on a hot date, but i stood her up.

    1. Awesome work on the WOD, McSmartass. Glad you are able to do all the movements without pain 🙂

      1. i jumped up.. and stepped down.. but i’m feeling it a bit now.. probbly from the sled “run?” brisk walk?… drag/crawl with tongue hanging out

  18. sled pulls.. yuck! lol..

    Wod Rx
    8 rounds and 7 Pushpress..

    wasn’t sure how this one was going to go, happy with the number but had a bad case of the shakes afterward!! could hardly write in my book! 🙂 thats the sign of a great wod! Love the chipper style like this!

    1. Great job Jeff! Nice score! I’m a fan of the chipper-style WODs too. Challenging; both physically AND mentally 🙂

  19. Mobility
    WU x 1
    400m run

    Sled Drag 100m, 45#- 34sec, 70#- not sure, it took me a long time, I think 3:00 and something :s

    WOD “Jack”- altered for shoulder
    AMRAP in 20 minutes
    10 Front Squat 40#
    10 Kettlebell Swing 35#
    10 Box Jump 20″
    Score: 6 rounds + 6 front squats

    I found the sled drag incredibly challenging and I have never felt cramping like that in my legs before! I did recover though! Woo, tough WOD, but good!

  20. Wod as rx 10 rnds + 4 push press

    last wod of the summer. i had a blast training with all of you these past months, cant thank everyone enough for all the help and encouragement. cyahs thankshiving!

    1. You did awesome tonight as well as every other night you are with us.. you never seem to have an “off” day, of if you do you just push right through it.. its been a pleasure working out with you and getting to know you and you mom and dad this summer, keep up the training at school, and see ya at thankgiving!

    2. Have a great time at St. Thomas, Shawn. You worked your butt off all summer. I will never forget your awesome performance at this year’s Hopper! Thanks for getting your mom and dad out to the gym. We love having them at CFM. See you at Thansgiving! 🙂

    3. So glad to have you in the box for the summer Shawn – but sad to see our university crossfitters leave. Hope we’ll see you at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas. Good luck this semester!

    4. Great work shawn! Have a good time at University and keep up the hard WODs out there! See ya at Thanksgiving!

  21. Mobility

    400 m run

    WU x 1

    Sled Drags — slow and slower


    10 push press 115 lbs
    10 KBS 53 #
    10 Box Jumps 30″

    AMRAP in 20 min.

    Bailed after 10 min. the gym was spinning. Total 3 rounds + 5 Push Press

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