It’s only 150 pullups…

Ten rounds for time of:
3 Weighted Pull-ups, 45 pounds
5 Strict Pull-ups
7 Kipping Pull-up

For weighted pull-ups place a 45 pound dumbbell between the legs above crossed ankles and jettison the dumbbell after third rep and continue with strict pull-ups and then the kipping pull-ups. Coming off the bar or going to ground constitutes termination of a set.

Post time and number of sets to completion.


Moncton Progress Bachelor Auction – May 14

38 thoughts on “It’s only 150 pullups…”

  1. Back to the gym tonight!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    It could have been a better WOD to start back…

    Ok guys, this friday May 8th, MC and I, would like to invite you all to our places to have a little BBQ and some adult beverages to celebrate the nice weather.

    If some people are interested, I can get some cooked lobster at my work for 5$/each, and I think they are 3/4#. Not sure exactly…I will find out tonight. If you don’t like lobster, the BBQ will be available for any other type of grilling.

  2. I don’t think Lance is too happy to see that many pull up!!
    We did that one March 20th. I couldn’t finish it last time (130 kipping pull up in 30 min) Still not bad since I was doing pull for only 20 days. My goal is to finish it without openning my hands!!
    You are all welcome to our place!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i really hope theres an alternative to the weighted pull ups and the strict pull ups or im in alot of trouble. hmmm i all of a sudden feel very sick ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Awww…. Kevin in a bachelor auction. I’m getting such a kick outta that for some reason. I guess because I thought those things only happened on TV. Do you have to strut down a runway? Are you nervous?

    Anyway, I hope you snag yourself a hottie ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Diana Krall??! no way!

    Kevin.. have u got a back up buyer just in case? :S

    Might drop by tonight guys.. not sure yet. IS that ok Kevin? Anybody want a cfbathurst top?

  6. Lance – the sub is 150 regular pullups ๐Ÿ™‚

    Janine, Jeanette – I’m not nervous…yet! There is a runway walk, and I have to stand there like a piece of meat while ladies through their money around. BUT, it’s for a good cause. If anyone wants to come to be my backup bidder, I’ll pay you. The signal is a scratch of the nose.

  7. haha! “like a piece of meat.”

    You’re a brave man Kevin. I’d be worried that no one would bid on me. But you probably won’t have that problem. I doubt you’ll need a backup bidder.

  8. My date package is a hike and kayak trip, so I’m hoping that will land me an active gal. We’ll see.

  9. Congrats Pierre and Kevin on the competition in Fredericton, woow!! It looks like you guys did awesome!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for the BBQ at MC’s and Pierre’s, I know I said I would go to the next get together.. but I think me and my lover are going lobster fishing on friday! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Coincidence… I will let you know if we cancel for some odd reason.

    Feminist me… ehem..
    I would pay money to see a man tr eated like a peice of meat!!! hahha ๐Ÿ˜‰

    See you tonight!

  10. ha ha ha …doubtful Kevin ….they will drop what you are offering and do whant they want ….after all they did win you for a day


  11. ‘pieces of meat’, ‘lovers’, and ‘manservants’ – wow CF is getting steamy today

    elissa, i had made you cookies last week but then i never saw you, sorry. i’m sure ‘someone’ helped me eat them this weekend – i’ll get you on the next batch if you’re still interested.

  12. I logged in here to say something about the Gymnastics cert on PEI but got totally distracted with the discussion about Kevin taking CrossFit into new and exciting markets with the Bachelor auction.

    Given that you are going to be parading around as a “piece of meat” Kevin is there any particular training you are doing to prepare for the auction?

    “Man Auction Gone Bad” – could include jumping up and down off the run way and thrusters (I so want to mention the Olympic Lifts but the discussion could get out of hand real fast).

  13. “Someone” didn’t say whether or not the cookies were goodโ€ฆ But if they’re all gone they must have been.

    Ah Kevinโ€ฆ too funny and a great cause. I’d give some advice and say that if you get nervous in front of the crowd you could always picture them nakedโ€ฆ but I’ve got a feeling that very concept will be the cause of your anxiety, hundreds of women picturing youโ€ฆ (you know the rest). Good luck and have fun!

    MC & Pierre: Sounds greatโ€ฆ Thanks!

  14. LOL! Man Auction Gone Bad. Classic.

    I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Sean, but he’s right. If she really wants to do something else, do it!

  15. Rob – “someone” wouldn’t have eaten all the cookies if they weren’t delicious!!! $5 for 6cookies… ask Krista when she’s making the next batch. You will NOT be disappointed.

  16. Heather (Mum)

    I just can’t comment on all this. I hope you don’t end up upset with me for passing your name along. I will do anything for a grandbaby – even put my kid on the auction block.

  17. That’s a hilarious conversation!! I am sure Kevin is stress now after all the comments!!
    I wonder what Mike wanted to say about the gymnastic cert??
    Rob-Krista cookies are good and healthy! It’s a nice quick snack! I ate a bunch last weekend!!

  18. Pierre – I’ll take 2.
    Krista – Count me in for 6 of these super cookies.

    Gee.. CF, Lobster & Cookies, could life be any better. LOL. Thanks All.

  19. no thanks pierre. not really a lobster gal, but i’m up for coming over though!

    marathon WOD day for me:
    bike to gym 5km 11:25
    lift practice: squat clean 7-7-7 (all with 35#)

    WOD: 21-15-9 (c/j 55#, pull ups)
    time- 9:38

    bike sprints: between 275-315m x 10
    times between 29 seconds – 33 seconds
    top speed reached in a single sprint – 44.5 km/h

  20. this week is a bit nutty, so i don’t promise anything but i’ll see what i can do to get a batch of cookies made for the friday night soiree chez pierre et MC

    – any one else want any??

  21. Warm-Up:
    Sun Salutes A & B x 3
    Run 1mile (7:55)

    Front Squat (5)-3-3-3-3-3 reps
    (45)-135-145-145-145-145 (10# below PR)

    Time for me to start working those box squats, right Joel?

  22. WU X 2
    Strength – front squats 3-3-3-3-3

    3 weighted pullups #20
    5 strict
    7 kipping
    7 rounds – 18 sets

  23. WU x 2
    Strength: Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
    45-55-65-75-85(2) PR

    WOD: 150 kipping pull up in 25 min

    I did 125 kipping pull up in 25 min. That’s mean I am 5 min faster than 1 month and a half ago!! Unfortunately, I opened my hand again, but I least is only one hand!! Overall, I am pretty happy with the result!!
    Good job everyone!!
    Rob…you smoked that one!!

  24. Warm Up x2

    strength: Dead lifts 3-3-3-3-3
    125 lbs

    WOD: 150 pull ups in 25 mins

    I did 104 in 25 mins lost count a few times so it could be higher could be lower. Hopefully i won’t hurt my hands as much next time had lots of fun though:D

  25. Stupid pullups.

    In 25 minutes, finished 7 rounds + 3 weighted (25#) + 2 strict in 18 sets.

    I think doing them on rings made a HUGE difference…and not for the better!

    Great work tonight everyone!

  26. Hey MC … thanks for reminding me. We are going to try and fit in as many people as we can so if you want in try to register and when it says it is sold out, send an email to Kelly at HQ – her email is on the screen.

    Hilarious conversation by the way guys – especially, Heather’s comment about putting her son on the auction block so she can get a grand child. You guys have a great sense of community.

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