It’s ladies month!

July is “Ladies Month”, so we will be seeing a lot of the named workouts. The first one to start us off is Nancy!

5 Rounds of:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats (95/65#)

Compare to Sept.27/10

Out for a run

19 thoughts on “It’s ladies month!”

  1. BOOOO, I don’t want to miss this one!! Thankful for Change for Change at the end of the month!

  2. WOD “Nancy”
    Did front squats instead of OHS
    Time 20:04

    Love Saturday WOD! Great job everybody! Welcome back Elissa, nice to see you again! Thanks for the BBQ Kevin and Job!

  3. WOD Nancy Rx 24:59 🙂

    Was mentally tough, would’ve loved to stop after 3 rounds. Thanks a lot for the support guys, the last round was all you!

    Lesson of the day: “Hang in there an finish”

  4. WOD “Nancy” @ 45#

    Time: 15:27

    All OHS were unbroken. Probably could have used 55#. I am finally starting to like OHS! It will be awesome to do this WOD as Rx (65#)

    Martine, your baby girl (Gabrielle) is beautiful.

    Thanks for the BBQ Kevin and Joanna!

    Great job everyone!

  5. Heather (Mum)

    WOD Nancy
    Substituted air squats for overhead.
    Time 21:19.

    Thanks for the barbecue Kevin and Joanna.
    Thanks for the tip Baby Whisperer Jane.

  6. “Modified” Nancy

    5 Rounds of…
    400m Run
    15 Back Squats (135#)

    Time —> 20:31

    PR of 3:09! 😀 I did the exact same modification in September.
    Not used to so many back squats, especially in a WOD, but I felt great today. Hope we can all experience them in a WOD someday soon. Saturdays are always fun! Thanks for the BBQ!

  7. WOD: Nancy
    5 Rounds:
    400 m run
    15 OHS 65# (All unbroken…YAY)

    Time – 17:06

    That was a fun one!
    Great job everyone. Way to persevere Mario, right to the finish. Nice to see you back Elissa.

  8. WOD: Nancy

    5 Rounds:
    400 m run
    15 OHS 65#

    Time – 17:43

    Huge PR by 2:08 🙂 and I used 5 lbs more!! Mario impressive work on doing Rx’d Man! That was a fight ’til the end. Fun time this am, thanks for the burger Kevin. Enjoy the sunshine all!!!

  9. 5 rounds
    * 400 meter run
    * 15 55# overhead squats
    Time: 14:32

    Under the weather but as soon as the blood starting pumping it Felt great – should maybe have tried 65# but it was suggested 50% of max and I have only a 1RM of 85# due to bum-shoulder .

    Thanks for the BBQ!!!! So awesome!!!!

  10. 5 rounds
    * 400 meter run
    * 15 45# overhead squats
    Time: 15: 30ish

    OHS have been my biggest goat, bar none. I was nervous with merely the bar. I actually did 3 sets unbroken and the other 2 I don’t believe I put the bar down. Very happy with it.

    Thanks for the burgers after, it was a great time today.

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