CrossFit Kids class will be on Sunday this weekend.

Saturday Birthday Bash is at 10am with food and drinks to follow.

Practice power snatch

30 Snatches for time (135/95#/60-70%)

Compare to July 12/15

A solid turnout for the weightlifting meet last night

33 thoughts on “Isabel”

  1. MOB WUx1
    Group WU MOB

    Practice power snatch x5

    45-65-85-105-115(x1)-95-85 sticking with 85 for WOD

    30 Snatches for time (85#)
    Time = 2:23 2:19-PR
    (4:42 – 2013)

  2. Practice power snatch
    WU – 65#x5
    75#x5 – 85#x5 – 95#x5 – 105#x5

    30 Snatches for time (135/95#/60-70%)

    TIME: 3:00

    Thanks for the tips Shane.

  3. 1:1 with Kevin

    Crossover Symmetry
    2:00 min Banded March 12# vest, 20# Med Ball

    Bear Crawl 200m with 12# vest
    Crab Walk 200m with 12# vest
    DBall 100# 200m
    10kg plate carries 200m with 12# vest
    Time: 34:54

    Thanks Kevin πŸ™‚

  4. The lifting meet was a lot of fun even though there were nerves involved as anything like that does to us, these are great learning opportunities to help us focus on the task at hand instead of everything around us. There were some fails and some successes but in the end, we all learned something. Well done!! to all the lifters that participated and a BIG Thank You to the organizers and helpers for the event!!!

    Practice power snatch x5

    30 Snatches for time (105#)

    Did this last year but failed to write the time πŸ™

    Thanks Shane for today and the awesome OLY classes, we learned a lot!

  5. Isabel Rx

    For those who are always anxious to do everything Rx, it has taken me 7 and a half + years to write Rx beside that workout. First time attempting Rx weight for Isabel was today. So, just be patient and enjoy the fitness journey. Everything will come in time πŸ™‚

    And then I started what Kelly did this morning. I got through the 200m bear crawl, crab walk and about 80m of the Dball carry before I had to leave and get ready for work. Kudos to Kelly for finishing all that nonsense lol

  6. WU + MOB x 1
    Group Warm-u

    Practice power snatch
    20(5), 25(5), 35(5), 45(5), 50(5)

    30 Snatches for time @ 35
    2:20 (more weight next time

    The weightlifting event last evening was just excellent. As usual, I hate sitting on the sidelines, but…I did not sign up, so that’s what I get. In any case, I loved being there with my golf claps, and to see my friends with big smiles. Well done!

    1. Well done Jackie. Thanks for coming out to support the event last night. Your golf claps were helpful, we will see you in the event next time around! πŸ‘

  7. Wu Yuk.
    Power snatch. X5

    30 snatches @75
    Time 2:02.
    Thanks Steph good work all 😊

  8. Built up to 135# x 5

    Isabel Rx’d
    3:18 (old time – 4:29)

    Unexpected PRs are the best!!

  9. Open gym Wod with Amanda!! πŸ™‚
    10 squat cleans (70# kb)
    100m run
    8 squat cleans
    200m run
    6 squat cleans
    400m run
    4 squat cleans
    800 m run
    2 squat cleans


    6 pm class
    Group Wu and mobility
    Practice kb snatches

    Isabel with 60# kb..
    Hands have become wimpy, almost tore, had to set the kb down more than I normally would have…

    Great class Amanda!
    Great work everybody!!

  10. Group WU & Mob

    Power snatch. X5

    30 snatches @ 35#

    Time 3:30

    Only 2nd time doing snatches and they felt much better. Great class!

  11. Snatch x 5

    Isabel with 60#
    Time: 3:23…I had planned to do this at 65#, but was not feelin’ it today after the snatch practice.
    1st 10 reps were pretty good, but it fell apart after that & started pressing them up instead of getting under the bar πŸ™

    1. So just checked my time from last time I did this…..2013. Same weight of 60#, but time of 3:54….small PR, but I’ll take it!

  12. WU + MOB x 1
    Group Warm-u

    Practice power snatch
    55(5), 75(5), 85(5), 95(3), 105(3)

    30 Snatches for time @ #65
    Thanks Amanda!

  13. Stephanie D'Anjou G D'Anju

    Isabel – 30 snatches at 25# time of 2:07

    This was my first class and I want to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome .
    Thanks to Shane for coaching me on my technique. Great Class!

  14. Group WU & Mob

    Power snatch. X5
    55-65-75-85 (Stayed at 85lbs because of my sore thumb)

    30 snatches @ 75lbs
    2:24 πŸ™‚

    Shauna’s first class!! YAY!! so glad you join!! good job everyone!!

    Time 3:30

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