Intro WOD

AMRAP in 10 minutes
5 Pushups
10 Situps
15 Squats

Compare to Oct.1/10

Even if today/tomorrow are full on Zenplanner, and you need to get the benchmark wods done, shoot me an email and come anyway. Thanks!

Mel going for a quick jaunt

37 thoughts on “Intro WOD”

  1. please free up my 7am. i will have to come at 4:15 today. tonsils are fully inflamed, and i’m going back and forth between shivers and sweats. it might not be pretty. fml. see you at 4:15. :-S

  2. WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder Press x 5

    WOD: Intro WOD (AMRAP in 10 minutes)
    5 push ups
    10 sit ups
    15 squats

    12 rounds + 9 squats. Oct: 12 rounds + 2 squats. (PR by 7 squats…smiles.)

  3. Warm up: scrambling around for 10 minutes trying to do things that didn’t hurt my neck/shoulder too much

    Strength: Some light shoulder press to warm up my shoulder

    AMRAP in 10 minutes
    5 Pushups
    10 Situps
    15 Squats

    14 rounds flat. Hmm I thought I was going for a PR but not today.

    Heidi you were FAST in the first 5 minutes. I couldn’t keep up with you.

  4. CFWUx2

    Strength: Push Press
    5x 50-55-60-65-75

    Intro WOD, AMRAP in 10 minutes:
    5 push ups
    10 sit ups
    15 squats

    =8 rounds + 3 pushups. Happy with my result, a full round +1 pushup PR from August.
    On the way home I said to Patrick that I don’t know how people are getting 10, 12, 14 rounds, it was amazing…he said: “you take too many breaks” LOL. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    Everyone did really great this morning; some of those numbers were really impressive!

    Welcome Sharon!

  5. Strength – Bench press
    wu with 45 and 65
    5×95, 3×110, amrap 125 got 4 reps

    Intro wod
    amrap 10min
    5 pushups
    10 situps(straight legs)
    15 squats

    14 rounds + pu + su + 11 squats

    PR, in Oct did ring rows instead of pushups and got 13 + 4squats. In Aug did one arm pushup from knee and bent leg situps (I think) and got 13 + 2pushups. In Feb did as rx with bent legs for situps and got 14+6 situps. Very happy with that PR cause straight leg situps are slower!

  6. I did this workout yesterday and got a PR. Did 8 rounds. Last time was 6 rounds and 10 pushups. Today I can barely walk and getting up off a chair is like the old days of first beginning Crossfit.

  7. Shelley Buechler

    Hi Kevin. Seems like I’m coming down with the flu so someone can take my 4:15 spot. Thanks, see you on Monday.

  8. Kevin, I’m cancelling my workout for 5:30 tonight. Tried to cancel on Zenplanner but couldn’t. I realize that it doesn’t matter for tonight given the WOD and everyone needing to get it done but just advising of my cancellation.

  9. Hi Kevin, can I do this WOD tomorrow or saturday? I’m not feeling good, catching Marc’s cold again, and I need to cancel my 5:30.

  10. WU x2 Green/yellow bands…did the 1st set of 10 pull-ups unbroken! 🙂

    Strength: Back Squats (5’s)
    95- 105- 115(PR for reps)- 120×3 (PR for reps!) 🙂

    INTRO WOD: AMRAP in 10 min.
    ~ 5 Push-ups (knees)
    ~ 10 Sit-ups (straight leg)
    ~ 15 Squats
    –> RESULTS: 9 Rounds + 5 PU’s +5 SU’s (PR) 🙂
    Oct 1 was an even 9 Rounds. It felt alot smoother with less stopping than the last one; however, the sit-ups always feel slow.

    Happy with the results of everything….. But holy…squat overload.. and shaky legs tonight!

  11. CFWU x2

    Crossfit Total
    1. Back Squat > 245, 285(x), 275(x) – PR was 295
    2. Shoulder Press > 135, 145, 150(x) – matched current PR
    3. Deadlift > 225, 285, 315(PR)
    Total = 705, last CFT was 635, mainly deadlift went way up

    Intro WOD (str leg sit-ups)
    Result = 11 rounds + 6 sit-ups (before Paleo, 11 + 4 sit-ups)

    Happy that both went up, didnt feel like I had much juice in me today. At one point I didnt think I would beat my intro wod.

      1. Thanks!

        Also, I just noticed I did my first rep with a weight over 300# 😀

        And when I got home, I tore off and broke the shower head with the newfound strength CrossFit as brought me. Does that count as a PR? I never done that before.

  12. WUx2

    10 Burpees

    Strength – Overhead Squatsx5
    15×7-35-45-55-55-55 – Practice form, Knees still not staying in.
    Will practice pull through with my hands closer.

    Intro WOD
    AMRAP in 10min
    5 Pushups
    10 Situps
    15 Squats

    12rounds + 5pu + 10su +8 Squats PR by over 2 rounds

    Last time I had 10rounds +5 pu + 8su

    Great push 6:30 crew!

  13. Jeff sent me this in an email…

    “I Have an Earache”

    2000 B.C.–Eat this herb.

    A.D. 1000–That herb is from the devil. Please chant.

    A.D. 1750–Chanting is from the devil. Drink this potion.

    A.D. 1930–That potion is snake oil. Here, take this pill.

    A.D. 1980–That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic.

    A.D. 2000–That antibiotic has chemicals in it. Here, eat this herb.

  14. CFWU x 2
    Goodmornings 5’s
    WOD – 13 rounds + 1 squat(PR)
    Almost a full round more. Glad to finally pass that 12 round

  15. WU..i could lift my knees up to my belly! Might not seem like a big deal but i couldn’t do that a couple days ago 🙂 knees to elbows here i come….eventually.

    Light cleans x3
    35 45 55 65

    Intro Wod
    11 Rounds + 5 Squats
    No PR but considering my back i’ll take it. Last time was 12 + 6 squats. Did situps with an Ab-mat too, that was different.

  16. Warm up x 2

    Cleans x 5 Reps
    My cleans are coming back after a long summer of taking a break from them due to an arm injury. Considering 85# is my current 1 rep. max, I’m pretty happy with this. Will be looking for a big PR on my next 1 rep. rotation.

    Intro WOD:
    5 Push Ups
    10 Sit Ups (Straight Leg)
    15 Squats

    12 Rounds + 5 Push Ups + 10 Sit Ups + 8 Squats. New PR by 1 full round + a squat
    (Compared to October 2nd of 11 Rounds + 7 Squats)

    A good morning for me. Great race Corinna…you got me by 1 squat in the end, but it keeping up with you was a great motivator for me.

  17. Warm Up x2

    Back Squat x3

    AMRAP in 10 min:
    5 Push Ups
    10 Sit Ups
    15 Squats

    12 rounds + 3 Push ups

  18. Warm up times 3


    AMRAP in 10 min.
    5 pushups
    10 situps
    15 squats

    Total 11 rounds + 14 squats

    My PR in this was 12 rounds + 4 pushups, but I did the push from my knees then and this time all of my pushups were from my toes so I am satisfied with my results 🙂 Especially since my day started at 4am…

    Congrats to everyone for all the great results today!

  19. Backsquat x1

    WOD: Intro WOD

    14 rounds + 4 Squats.

    PR of a full 2 rounds and some over my pre-paleo result.

    On another note I don’t have a record but I think I did 7 rounds when I first visited Crossfit. Maybe it was 9, but in any case if it was 7 that means I can literally put out twice the work I used to.

    I’m capable now of doing what 2 of me could do last year. 15 lbs lighter but twice the power.

  20. CFWU x 2 (RRs 10 x 2)

    Strength 5s Front Squat

    Intro WOD : AMRAP 10min
    5 push ups(first round from toes)
    10 sit ups
    15 squats
    9 rds + 9 sit ups

    Oct 1st time was 7rds +something so PR by approx 2 rds!

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