How to stop taking so many breaks….and why it’s important

You just finished a grinder of a workout and yell time. But you’re not happy. You took too many breaks and you know you could have pushed harder. But you’re not sure how. We’ll you’re in luck that you come to CrossFit Moncton because we have the plan for you!

Pro Tip #1 – Scale appropriately. I know, you want the Rx beside your name. But that shouldn’t be your goal. It’s like putting the cart before the horse. The order should be Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity. And intensity can be measured in pounds. Too many pounds on the bar = lower intensity workout. Bring the weight down = higher intensity = better results.

And it’s not just weight that can be scaled. Bringing movements down to your level will also help. Sure, you can do 5 pull-ups in a row, but how about the 100 in Angie? Trust me, you’ll be spending more time staring at the bar than doing pull-ups. A lot more! So bring it down to ring rows so you can keep the intensity high. (insert obligatory ‘leave your ego at the door’ comment here)

Pro Tip #2 – Have a plan. Don’t stop when you ‘feel’ like it. Break your movements into specific sets and stick with it. Twenty-one thrusters in a row not likely to happen? Then break it into 12+9 or 8+7+6. Not having a plan is a plan for failure. Once you have your sets planned out, make a plan for your rest intervals as well. Count 5 breaths. Or wait 10 seconds. Don’t just start when you feel like (because no one EVER feels like picking up the bar again during Fran).

Pro Tip #3 – Practice. The workout calls for 150 double unders, but you have only done 7…ever. There’s going to be a lot of breaks…and swearing. You need to put in the time and practice. We have Open Gym Booklets ready for you to use, so get moving!

As previously mentioned, by following these pro tips, you will keep your intensity higher. And over time, you will develop the capacity to maintain a higher output during workouts. Then you can be the next Rich or Camille…or fittest on your street at least.

5 rounds
400m Run
30 Wall ball
30 Box jump

*40 min time cap

Compare to July 23/14

By the way, the Hopper is THIS WEEKEND!!


66 thoughts on “How to stop taking so many breaks….and why it’s important”

  1. “Kelly”
    5 rounds
    400m Run(scaled to row)
    30 Wall ball (10lb @ 10′)
    30 Box jump (stepped 20″ box)

    Completed 4 rounds +row + 20 wall balls at the 40 min time cap

  2. Kelly
    34:04 (9′ wall balls)

    Haven’t done Kelly since July 2010. I avoid it like the plague because it’s full of all my least favorite things. Time then was 37:46 with 10# ball and 18″ box.
    Best thing about looking back for my time was the pic posted that day in 2010 <3

  3. Kelly Rx’d

    Shaved almost 2 minutes of my old time. I still can’t believe PRs like this are possible after almost 9 years of CrossFit. I guess I’ll keep doing it 🙂

  4. “Kelly”
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball 20#
    30 Box jump

    Completed 4 rounds +25 wall balls at the 40 min time cap. First time using the 20# ball from start to finish. Was hoping to complete 4 rounds so pretty pleased. I will be under the time cap next time.

  5. “Kelly”
    5 rounds of:
    400 m run
    30 wall balls @6
    30 box jumps

    completed 3 rounds and walked an extra 400 m.
    Had to stop as I thought I was going tombe sick!!!
    First day back after a very long time! Will be feeling this one tomorrow!

    1. In regards to tip #2 in today’s post:
      – My plan was (which I more or less stuck to): runs nice and steady, as needed to catch my breath, box jumps non-stop, wall balls in 3x10reps, with rest between, at first was about 35 sec, then 45 sec in slower rounds.

      I was holding about 6:30 per round… although I think I stepped on the gas too much in round 2, but finished with average 7:10 per round, not bad.

      I dont get much (good) sleep lately and my diet isn’t that great, and so I had no intentions of doing this. Then BJ bullied me into doing it. Then Tara & Ginette decided to join us. It was mentally tough, I dont like running, wall balls or box jumps a whole lot.

      Glad I did it. Yay fitness.

  6. “Kelly”
    5 rounds of:
    400 m run
    30 wall balls @ 8#
    30 box jumps (20″)

    Had 30 box jumps left at the cap.

    I started with the 10# ball like usual, but it just wasn’t happening this morning (like, not even 1!). Switched to the 8# and still struggled. I don’t think I have met a WOD I’ve disliked before (and I love long ones like this usually)… but this was all mental for me and each round of wall balls made me more frustrated. To end on a positive note, lots of room for improvement, I hope to try this one again someday (not too soon 😉 )

    Thanks everyone for cheering me on in the end and not letting me give up!

      1. Thanks! You totally kept me from taking extra “breaks” today, thanks for cheering me on!

  7. Vacation WOD in Boston

    1 hour power walk with my sister Joanie.

    50 Walking Lunges
    50 Situps

    …followed by a swim in the pool!

    Good job on todays WOD everyone…its a tough one for sure.

    1. Missed you this morning! Have fun with Joanie, Boston is a great town!

      Weird question… Could you bring me 3 postcards of touristy Boston stuff? I’ll explain later

  8. Mob + WU + 400m run

    WOD: “Kelly”-40 minute cap

    5 rounds
    400m run (rowed round 4 & 5–shin splints)
    30 Wallballs ( #6)
    30 Box jumps @12″ ( round 5–20″ step ups)

    Time 37:03 (1:42 PR)

    I was the crossfit bully today and ‘forced’ Mario and Tara to join me. They were glad they did.

    1. Yes you were. You may be getting a “CrossFit Bullies are good” tshirt for Christmas 😛
      Thank you for that push. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

  9. Kelly

    6# WB (ready to move up in weight next time these come up. Use 10#). Broke these up to 12-10-8. It was perfect for me.

    Jump ups and step downs (right knee has been giving me problems since the Spartan Race, didn’t want to blow it out by jumping down). Did these unbroken every round.


    I was so happy to read today’s post as it was exactly what I needed to read before heading I. This morning. Last time I did this WOD, I did it RX and finished just over the time cap. Wall balls have always been a huge goat of mine and I am happy I had to scale the wall balls because it allowed me to pick a rep strategy (12-10-8) and stick to it from start to finish for the first time.

    Today I got over a huge mental hurdle with wall balls and am looking forward to increasing my weight again to continue working on the mental toughness component.

  10. Open Gym

    5 rounds of:
    400m run
    30 wall balls @6#
    30 box jumps @ 12″ box (my plan was to do step ups with the 20″ box. I did 10 reps in the very first round and then Heather got the 12″ box and informed me that I was not allowed to do step ups and had to do box jumps 😛

    Time: 39:24 I DID IT!!! I REALLY DID IT!!!

    I’m so glad I did it. Thank you BJ for the “encouragement”.
    I also fell off the damn box AGAIN during the final set of box jumps. It was a 12″ box, so I guess the positive thing to take away from this is that I didn’t have as far to fall as when I fell off the 20″ box 😉
    Seriously though, I almost cried. It was hugely disappointing. I was praying that I would make it to the end without wiping out. That would have been a much needed confidence booster 🙁
    But I still got back up and kept going. I guess that’s the main thing.

    Great work BJ, Mario and Ginette!

    1. oh my gosh don’t beat yourself up about falling off the box!! I’m so excited you did jumps!!! Whichever Heather it was that made you do the jumps, THANK YOU!
      Lots of success for you today…don’t focus on the little detail of falling off. 🙂

  11. LOST: 14# rubber wall ball with “HS” in small letters under the “14#” (It’s been in the gym since we moved to Baig Blvd so the initials keep rubbing off). If anyone knows where it is can you roll it back to the WB rack? It was a gift from my son so I’m kinda attached 🙁

    WOD: Kelly Rx

    Time 37:04

    Only 4 of us in the 7 a.m. but honestly the weather was perfect for this wod – cool outside for the run and just a little bit warm in the gym for the rest! When I came in from round 3 I wasn’t sure I’d get all 5 rounds done under the time cap so I’m pretty happy finishing and REALLY excited for Tracie. You need to have a little more faith my friend!!

  12. Mob
    WU x1
    400m run

    ‘KELLY’ 40 min cap
    5 rounds
    -400m run
    -30 wall balls(#10)
    -30 boxjumps(#18 & stepups)

    Time: 4 rounds 35.52
    (I think this should be renamed nasty girls #2)

  13. Mobility + WUx1 + 400m run

    WOD: Kelly

    5 rounds

    400m run
    30 Wallballs @12#/10′
    30 Box jumps 20″

    3 rounds = 22:47 (2:55PR)
    I stopped at 3 rounds, I was seeing stars and thought I was going to faint. Took a 4’ish minute break then felt like a looser for having to stop and kept going again at 26’ish minutes.

    30 box jumps left at time cap.

    Until we meet again Kelly!

  14. WUx1 + 400m run

    WOD Kelly scaled
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball 14#
    30 Box jump (24″)
    t = 37:59
    Oddly enough, this is also my first time doing Kelly in over 4 years of doing CF.
    I listened to Pro tip#1 and scaled to 14# for wall balls. I’m glad I did, don’t think I would have completed 5 rounds under 40 at that weight.
    box jumps were by far the hardest part of this wod.

  15. Mobility
    WUx1 +400m run

    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball 10#
    30 Box jump 20″

    Time: 36:26 (1:44 Pr)

  16. WU x 1

    Kelly Rx’d
    Time = 40:34
    *Had 12 BJ’s left at the 40 min. time cap

    No PR, but just coming off a big camping weekend of over indulgences and little sleep, I’ll take just finishing it for today.

    Big welcome back to Ginette. The 6 a.m. crew have missed you. You sure picked a doozie to come back to.

  17. Heather Colleen

    WOD Rx: 34:56

    2013 I did 4 rounds with a 4# wall ball…and hated this workout that had all the things I was terrible at.

    Today: These are now some of my favourite movements (besides skipping), I started with a plan, stuck to the plan, and didn’t touch the 10# security ball I had “just in case.”

    Thanks, Charming for the late night strategizing last night, thanks Lisa and Terri-Lynn for the extra push at the end.

    Related: does anyone have any tips or tricks for exercise-induced headaches?

    1. Massage therapy worked for me. If I start to feel them now I spend a lot of time with a Lax ball between the shoulder blades and rolling out my traps. There is also a stretch I do to loosen the muscles between my shoulders which works quite well.

  18. Kelly

    5 Rounds

    400 m run
    30 Wall Balls scaled to 14#
    30 Box Jumps 24″

    Had 15 box jumps left at the cap. Broke wall balls & box jumps into 8-8-8-6 reps with 5 to 10 sec rest.

  19. WOD: Kelly Rx
    Time: 32:10
    PR of 1:32/6#
    Did this last summer with 8# WB in 33:42

    I was looking forward to another go at this and it was a lot more torture then I remembered haha, box jumps were the hardest part for me. I blame a case of the mondays 😉

    Great work today everyone, thanks Mario!

  20. I feel like the blurb about not taking too many breaks was aimed at me…lol…just a hunch!! 🙂

      1. Yes of course…probably won’t change…I just like taking breaks!!! Bahaha

  21. mob wux1+400 m run
    WOD Kelly
    5 round
    400 m run
    30 wall ball 16#
    30 box jump 20 in
    time 35:33
    first time doing 5 round

  22. WU x 1

    “Kelly” as Rx’d
    32:52 … 35 sec off my PR time, but given my diet, wobbly pop consumption and lack of CrossFit the past two weeks I am pretty happy with that.

    Managed to get all Wall Balls except for round for in sets of 10. Mario’s tip of coming in and doing 10 right away helped. Box Jumps were more awkward today than I expected but mostly rebounded 5 with a rest on top of the box.

    Thanks for the push at the end Ron!
    Great class Coach Mario!

  23. WU x 1 + 400m Run

    “Kelly” (scaled)
    3 rounds
    — 400m Run
    — 30 Wall Balls @ 8#/10′
    — 30 Box Jumps @ 24″
    Time: 21:51


  24. Today I joined the 4pm class..
    5 rounds for time
    Run 400m ( I rowed 500m)
    30 wall balls 12#
    30 box jumps 20″ (orange box)
    Time cap 40min
    I managed 4rounds, rowing and 10 wall balls..
    Because my legs do not like wall balls, I chose follow Kevin’s advice and do 5 at a time.. I am happy with my time, I didn’t take to many breaks, and when I did it was just long enough to walk away and to walk back again..
    I liked this wod.. A great physical challenge, but mostly mental!
    I could have stopped at 4 rounds, but I didn’t want to give myself the ‘out’..
    Thanks Mario!

  25. WOD

    400m run
    30 WB 12lbs @10ft
    30 box jumps @12″

    3 rds= 26:30 decided to do only 3 rds, I felt horrible the entire time, I’ll do better next time :S Kelly kicked my ass!!

  26. Mob
    WU x1
    400m run

    ‘KELLY’ 40 min cap
    5 rounds
    -400m run
    -30 wall balls(#10)
    -30 boxjumps(18″ & step-ups Achilles swollen no jumping)

    Time: 4 rounds and 28 WB’s at 40 min

    Was so hard in the heat and after a weekend of little sleep and poor eating and drinking. Glad I tried it though.

  27. Amanda Harding

    WU x1
    400m run

    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball # 6
    30 Box jump 12″
    Time 35:30

  28. “Kelly”
    5 rounds
    400m Run
    30 Wall ball 8# @ 10′
    30 Box jump 20″

    *40 min time cap

    Did 2 rounds + 3 box jumps in 27:45 . First time I had to drop out of a workout….jet lagged from 7 hour flight…should have waited another day

    Will def try this one again!

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