Hot Tamale

Reminder that there are no regular classes tomorrow. For Games athletes, the gym will be open starting at 4:30pm with the first heat starting at 5:30. And don’t forget the shoe sale tomorrow!

5 rounds
15 Lunges (95/65#)
30 Double Unders

Compare to Nov.8/12

Marie-No makes it to the muscle-ups
Marie-No makes it to the muscle-ups

46 thoughts on “Hot Tamale”

  1. Mobility

    Front squats 55×5, 85×5, 95×5, 105×5, 115×5

    5 Rounds
    15 Lunges (95#, 65#) scaled at 45#
    30 Double unders – 2 Rounds DU (60) and 3 Rounds Singles (270)

    Very tough after the front squats, had some shaky legs!

    1. Nice job, I expected everyone to slow down on the lunges but you kept plowing right through them

  2. Mobility
    WU X 1
    400m run

    Strength: Clean & Jerk Practice
    85(5)-110(5)-120(5)-125(3)-135(3) (20#PR)

    Toe to Bar Practice- Got my first toe to bar!!

  3. mobility
    wu x 1
    no strength – foam roller

    WOD : 5 rounds
    15 Lunges (20#)
    scale 90 singles
    Time = 8:59
    cash out – practice T2B = 0

    1. I did not see you practicing your T2B!! I would have helped you!
      Nice job on the wod this morning, your lunges were strong.

  4. mobility
    wu x 2
    no strength – foam roller

    WOD : 5 rounds
    15 Lunges (65#) drop the weight leg really sore from the back squats
    scale – 90 singles
    Time = 8:13

  5. Mobility

    Back Squats x5

    5 Rounds
    15 Lunges (95#, 65#) scaled at 45#
    30 Double unders – 1 Round DU (30) and 4 Rounds Singles (360)

    time 11:25

    Rough time with the double unders this morning!

  6. Heather Colleen

    Row 400m (1-handed rowing is getting WAY easier!)

    Push Press – Dumbbells

    5 Rounds
    15 Lunges 15# KB
    30 KBS 20#KBS

    Time 11:45

    Holy moly, I now have one floppy left arm… πŸ™‚

  7. M + WU x2
    4000 m run

    Strength deadlift

    WOD 5 rounds
    15 lunges (good mornings w/ 15 lb bar
    30 DU (90 singles)

    Time 8:21

  8. Mobility
    WU x1
    400m run
    Lacross ball work on my shoulders + trying to get the hang* of kipping
    Also tried to see if T2B is in my near future (like tomorrow). All signs point to no. I am taking this harder than I though I would.

    5 rounds
    15 lunges #65
    30 Double Unders

    Time: 12:07 PR of 1:05 from November.

    *pun intended

  9. mobilityΓ—1 + 400m row
    foam ball thursday lots if it πŸ™‚
    15 lunges (#65)
    30 DU
    5 rounds

    time -6:20

    good luck in games tomorrow have a nice long weekend

  10. We have 4 people doing the Games wod tonight at 5:15pm. I have 2 judges available now. Are there 2 more than can make it?

  11. Games WOD 13.4
    AMRAP in 7 min of:
    — 3 Clean & Jerks @ 135# / 3 Toes-to-Bar
    — 6 Clean & Jerks / 6 Toes-to-Bar
    — 9 Clean & Jerks / 9 Toes-to-Bar
    — 12 Clean & Jerks / 12 Toes-to-Bar
    … and on and on

    Score: 50 reps.

    Wow, 50 was my goal exactly. Ironically if I had 30 extra seconds I think I could have got to 60 easily as for some reason my Toes-to-Bar felt very smooth and solid. 135# was heavy for me, but I managed to push from the clean right into the jerk without the bar resting on my shoulders most of the time…everything else was slow though πŸ™
    Overall happy to get through it!

    Thanks Corinna for the judging and the encouragement!

  12. Mob + WUx1 + 400m Run

    Practice Double-Unders and Triple-Unders, managed to get a few, not linked.

    WOD (subbed lunges for burpees, save legs for tomorrow… that and I haven’t worked out in a week…)

    Time = 7:21

  13. Mob Wu Γ— 1 400m run/jog
    32 Birthday Burpees for Super Mario
    Practiced Du’s
    WOD: 5 rounds scaled for my tweaked lower back.
    15 lunges with no weight
    90 skips
    Time: 8:50
    Nice chatting with the evening class gang. I am appreciate very much that I can still work out while babying my lower back. I am feeling a little frustrated about it, but as long as you guys do not mind, I will try to be patient about it. My pride is taking a beating, but I am grateful for the fact I am still moving. Thanks Corinna for great coaching.

    1. it’s hard to slow down cause of injury, but as you say… the fact that you can keep moving is great not only for the moral but will also help you recover faster… as my mother in law says: “keep your chins up”!

  14. Mobility
    WU x 1
    400m run

    Practice T2B…thanks Kevin for the help. Managed to get some! Yay!

    Practice Clean to 95# for tomorrow. Did it, but its heavy….

  15. warm up

    practiced T2B… thanks to Kevin, I got a major breakthrough tonight… they actually are easy now… unbroken!! I still remember the first time I tried those a couple years ago… not a pretty sight…

    13.4: 48 reps
    glad I was able to get as many clean and jerks at that weight (5# off my 1rm for jerks)

    guess that’s what the game does… pushes you to do things you didn’t think you had in you… also helps to have someone pushing you all the way… thanks Kevin

    good luck to everyone tomorrow!

  16. hey kev im interested in the olycert in june can you txt or email me info if its full or not thanks

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