Hot, Humid and Chalky Hands

The weather is hot and the air is sticky. Whether you’re doing pullups, deadlifts or kettlebell swings, you’re hands are a sweaty mess. The logical thing to do would be to bath your hands in chalk to soak up the sweat. BUT, that doesn’t work. All that does is makes a pasty mess. So what should you do?

Bring a towel. If your hands are wet, dry them off with a towel first. Then use some chalk, conservatively. Too much wet chalk is gooey and too much dry chalk is a recipe for ripped hands.

Take a look at the video below for the proper way to use chalk.

Hope it helps with getting more pullups, deadlifts and kettlebell swings!

150 Kettlebell Swings

Compare to Nov.10/11


91 thoughts on “Hot, Humid and Chalky Hands”

  1. mobility
    250m Row
    wu x 1
    strength – Front squats x 5
    135, 155, 185, 205×3

    WOD : 10 min cap
    150 KBS (53#)

    Time = 8:40

  2. mobility
    250m Row
    wu x 1
    strength – Front squats x 1
    35, 45, 65, 75, 85, 95, 110(F), 110(F), 105

    WOD : 10 min cap
    150 KBS (20#)
    left arm started to bother me change to 15 KBS
    broken to 25, 10, 11 drop weight, 54,25,25

    Time = 8:05
    cash out – arm stretch & roller

  3. mobility
    250m Row
    wu x 1
    strength – Cleans x 1

    WOD : 10 min cap
    150 KBS (20#)

    Time = 7:37

    Thanks for the Tips Pat!!

  4. mobility
    250m Row
    wu x 1
    strength – Push Jerks 3’s
    WOD : 10 min cap
    150 KBS (53#)

    Time = 9:40

    1:03 min longer but 20# more than Nov 10.

  5. Mobility
    250 m row
    Strength. Β Dead lift x3
    135 155 175 195 205

    WOD. 150 kb’s. 53/35. I did 45lbs


    Rob B

    1. oops, forgot my strength…
      Front squat x 5 75-85-95-100-100 (stayed there to work on form, elbows up and in)

  6. MOB
    250 m row
    WU X 1

    Front squats 1’s

    150 kbs @ 35# as Rx

    Time 6:03 Unbroken!!

    Love the 8:30 time slot..but now I’m really really late πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Unbroken?? You’re a machine! When I grow up I wanna be like Heather Steeves! πŸ™‚

    2. Im SO SORRY to have swared at you when you yelles TIME! … But really… I was just at like 70!! haha
      YOU’RE AMAZING!!! Thats crazy!! Good job Heather!! πŸ˜€

    3. i’ve said this before.. i’m amazed, oohh no i haven’t said it before cause i keep it to myself so you don’t get all high and mighty!! lol.. great job heather..

    4. Unbroken??? For Real???? That’s that “bitchy” streak comin’ out of you again Heather. AWESOME!

  7. Wow amazing Heather.
    250 m row
    WU X 1
    Strength X 1 Shpulder Press
    150 KBS (25 lb.)
    Time 8:28
    Last time I did this was Oct. 19/09. 100 @ 25 lb. and 50 @ 20 lb.
    PR of 5 lb.; for last 50 and PR of 1:27.

  8. Mobility
    250m row
    WU x 1

    Strength : Push Jerk 5 x 35-40-45-50-55

    – 150 Kettlebell (25lbs)
    Time 7min 50sec

    I started with 40, than 30, 30,15, 15 and 20

    It was a fun workout ! My fiance came today because our home was getting inspected and we had to leave. He said he was pretty impress and he is now thinking of joining in September πŸ˜€ Good job people !!

  9. Chantal, don’t let him wait. Catch him while he’s inspired and get him to join us now!

  10. Mobility
    250m Row
    Strength – Cleans x5
    65-75-75 (oops..added an extra round)-85-95-105 (PR 10#)
    150 Kettlebell 35#
    Time : 8:36 Rx

    First time Rx on a WOD! Someday I will do this unbroken like my hero Heather πŸ™‚

  11. Mob
    250 m Row
    WU x 1

    Cleans 3’s

    150 KBS (35 lbs)
    Time: 8:49 slower than last time but 10lbs heavier!! happy with that, I think I havent been this sore in a long time, mini murph and 150 kbs= painful hehe :)!!!

  12. Great job on the kettlebells everyone! Looks like another “Change for Change” candidate!

  13. Mob, 250m ROW, WUx1

    No strength, lost of lacrosse ball, roller and stretches for back.

    WOD: 150 KBS @ 35# = 9:45

    Cashout: More stretching…

    Man this was hard for me, my back doesnt love me right now. But I finished the sucker. Yay me!

  14. mobility
    800m run
    250m Row
    wu x 1
    strength – Cleans x 5
    115-135-155-175 (did not do 5th set)

    WOD : 10 min cap
    150 KBS (45#)

    Time = DNF – completed 130

    I did the first 37 with 53# and changed to 45#

    I did this one under 8 mins with 40# last Nov. I didn’t use my hips enough and should have stuck to 40#.

    1. great effort frankie.. and this sport is a constant learning curve, you would never know unless you try.. awesome job!

    2. Nice work Frankie. I’m sure you would have had it if you had used 45# throughout. πŸ™‚

  15. Mario Arseneau

    I wouldn’t say “DNF”, you just reached the time cap. Kinda switching a workout “for time” into an AMRAP. Good job man!!

  16. Wu x 1
    250m row
    Strength: back squat
    95,105,115,125,155 (meant to do 145. Oops)

    WOD: 150 kb swings (53#)
    Time: 8:23

    Yay, my first RX’d WOD!!

    Thanks to Jo for pointing out that some of my swings had droopy bells. Lol

    Thanks Lora for the commentary on my squats. I love the feedback, especially when it is good. Hehe

    1. Yay for Rx! Congrats!

      Your squats looked solid tonight…even the last set with your miscalculated weight.. *wink*

      1. I know. It already is an obsession. I find myself always wanting to try but usually come to my senses right before the workout.

  17. mobility
    250m Row
    wu x 1
    strength – Shoulder Press 35-40-45-50-50

    WOD : 10 min cap
    150 KBS (30#)

    40 unbroken, then by 10

    Time = 7:13

    Arm stretches

  18. MOB
    250 m row – 58 sec.
    WU X 1

    Back Squats x5

    150 kbs @ 30

    149!!!!!!!!!! SHOOT!! lol

    That chalk video is SO FUNNY!! Nice disaperaing move coach!! hahaha
    But WOW!! Heather!! How the hell did you do this unbroken??!! If I wouldn’t of stop at like 50 to chalk, that KB would of fly far far away…lol

    Awesome job morning crew! I think I might get used to this… I like the fact that its WAAAAAYYYYY less hot in the AM !! lol
    Kevin dosen’t want to let me bring a floor fan so… πŸ˜€

  19. mobility
    250m Row
    wu x 1
    strength – Front squats 135-155-175-185

    WOD : 10 min cap
    150 KBS (50#)

    Time = 8:11

    Very sore and tired today.. worked all night and still sore from Mini Murph πŸ™‚

    1. Nice job on the front squats Chris.

      I’m still feeling “mini Murph” too. Great time on the WOD in spite of the soreness and fatigue.

    2. nice job chris.. and when you say you worked all night? doesn’t that mean you slept all day? lol.. you should have been well rested! πŸ™‚

  20. mob
    OHS x 5
    20,25,30,35,40,45,50 pr slowly getting these.. less weird now then when i first tried them πŸ™‚
    WOD @ 40#
    7:57 did 80 unbroken, then 20, 10,10,20,10 … WOW.. forearms may explode. Good job everyone and nice reflexes Lance. that got a little squirrely there for a second.

  21. Went to MCF today and did ” The Chief”

    3 minute AMRAP
    3 cleans @ 95 lbs
    6 pushups
    9 squats

    Rest 1 minute and complete : 5 rounds

    Total Score: 380

    Push ups were tough! This is an awesome WOD!

    Tonight at CFM:

    150 kbs @ 35lbs


    Time: 6: 10

    Last time: 5:54

    1. You’re nuts! 2 WODs in one day (and one of them “The Chief”)!? Great results on both of them! I had a tough time holding on to the KB for 75 reps…way to go with your first 100 unbroken!

  22. 250m Row
    WU X 1

    Strength – Shoulder Press X 5


    WOD – 150 KB swings @ 40#

    Time – 7:25

  23. Mobility
    250m row
    WU x 1

    Strength: Push jerk (x5)
    Nice sharing a bar with you tonight Lance and Jack.

    WOD as Rx’d
    150 KBS @ 35#

    Time = 6:02

    First 75 were unbroken, then the rest were very, very broken!

    Great work 6:45 crew!

    1. at a time like that, I can’t imagine that they were “very very broken” at all. That’s a great time.

    2. awesome time Lora, knew you and corinna would have a good go at this one standing right next to each other! πŸ™‚

  24. WU x 1 + 250 m row

    Rolled on foam roller & ball today instead of strength. My body needed much more than lifting heavy weights.

    WOD @ 35#
    Time = 8:48
    No PR today…:28 seconds slower than last time. No surprise, Mini Murph did me in big time this week and everything is slow & painful it seems.

    First 50 unbroken and then many many breaks thereafter.

  25. changed class at last minute so i could do fundamentals tonight, so had to rush through WU and mob..
    250M row.. 42.2 (which i was corrected that it shouldn’t be race pace, thanks jo but it was just a leisurely pace! lol

    Wod rx
    50 unbroken then did 10s all the way in.. grip killa!!

    nice pace going beside me Jeff L..

  26. practiced hspus instead of strength, was able to put a couple kipping ones together at the end with no plates

    Wod rx 6:03

  27. MOB
    Row 250m

    Strength: Back Squats x 5

    WOD: @ 45#
    Time: 8:14
    Holy Hell! My wrists and grip are still dead!
    Great Work 6:45

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