Hopper Video!

25 Virtual Shovels

Then 3 rounds of:
25 Box Jumps
15 Pushups

Finish with 25 Virtual Shovels

Check out the video made by Patrick Arseneau! Awesome production and really captures the event well.


38 thoughts on “Hopper Video!”

  1. I love the video Patrick! One of my favourite parts is when it goes into slow motion and the music starts to fade and the the heavier music starts and it speeds up again. So cool!! You did a phenomenal job. 😀

  2. Wow great video Patrick. And a great event.
    It was a lot of fun being around other xfiters last weekend. My legs on the otherhand would disagree.
    Would it be ok if I posted this video on my site??? I know my crew has been eager to see Patrick’s creation.

    Ps…virtual shovelling is evil!

  3. Excellent video Patrick – it captures the driven, almost frantic pace of the event.

    Kevin, I will be unable to attend my 6:30 class, something has come up.


  4. Patrick Arseneau

    Thanks everyone, the reals stars are the people IN the video!

    Mike J, post the video as you wish, please attach my name to it.

  5. Great job on the video Pat, wow!!!

    And I shall agree with Mike, virtual shovelling is evil!!!!

    Strength 5×5
    Push press at 95lb (didn’t feel all that good, thought after a week or so off that my shoulder would be feeling better, not so much)

    25 virtual Shovel (45+25)
    3 rounds : 25 box jumps, 15 push ups (box jumps were hurting too, a beginning of achille’s tendonitis that I also thought would go away while on vacation arrgghhh)
    25 virtual shovel

    Time: 10:13

    Well, I think I’m getting old… shoulder pain, achille’s pain, biceps on the right arm won’t extend geez!!!! 😉 but hey, no pain no gain I still love Crossfit hehehe!

  6. olé wow !Great job on the video Pat ! C’est pas mal Bon 🙂 It was nice Watching the event and see how much everyone was AMAZING! and also I would like to say a ”GROS MERCI” to all the cheerleaders it really help me to push myself harder and get that leg killer WOD done:):) It was really fun and I`m really looking foward next year event! Great job everyone 😀

  7. wu x2
    Good mornings
    95×3 115×3 135×3 155×3 165×3
    wod 6:34
    First wod as perscribed in along time, shoulder still feeling good.

    1. Wow, great time on that wod Darrell, impressive.. good thing I wasn’t in your class hehehe!!!

  8. Fantastic Video Pat!
    As much fun as I had in Cape Breton over the weekend, watching that really really made me wish I’d been able to go. Congrats to everyone who kicked ass and took names at last weekends hopper!

  9. Just watched the video!! Amazing job Patrick! My heart was actually beating faster just watching it and remembering … You sure caught the “pulse” of the day! The ending is the best, so funny! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Push Jerk 1 RM: 65-85-95-105(split)-105(f)-didn’t have time to try more

    WOD: wod @ 45+25–> 15:15 min
    Yuk! I remember now why we have a snowblower!

  11. WU x3
    Strength: Deadlifts x5
    105-115-130-160 (ran out of time for my last rep)

    25 Virtual Shovels #15
    3 Rounds of:
    25 Box Jumps
    15 Push-ups (knees)
    25 Virtual Shovels #15


    My neighbour plows our driveway in the winter…and I’ve never loved him more! 🙂

  12. Deadlift 5RM –> 135-185-225-265-285 (tied 5RM PR)

    Deadlift are feeling good now, 2 weeks ago I had a hard time doing them!

    WOD w/ 95# –> 7:04

    Great race Marc! I could see you in the corner of my eye! You were really fast on that shoveling dude!

  13. Great job on the video Pat. I really like the beginning….the quiet shots with the slower music to start are awesome….music by Muse??? Marcel & I are debating this. Let me know!

  14. CFWUx3

    Push Jerk x3

    WOD: Virtual Shovelling Suck Fest

    Time: 11:52 Terrible. Virtual Shovelling is officially on my goat list.

  15. CFWU x 2 + 400m med ball run
    Front squat 1’s
    135-155-185-205PR-215PR of 20lbs.
    WOD @ 45+45#
    time 6:15
    When realizing after the hopper the amount of punishment a body can take, I push way more during the WOD. Thanks Kevin the Bas$%*?*d
    Nice race Pierre and nice to meet you ‘cheating’ Shawn 😀

  16. CFWUx3

    STRENGHT 3RM Shoulder Press
    100(3) – 110(3) – 120(2) – 120(3) – 130(x) – 125(1)

    WOD (shovel 45+35#)
    time – 11:01

    I now hate shoveling.

    But I like Patrick’s video. A lot!

  17. Very professional job on the video Patrick,could watch it over and over!
    Captures the hurt and the fun!

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