*This week, all T2B and K2E will be strict (no kipping).

Ten rounds of:
Run 150 meters
7 Chest to bar pull-ups
7 Front Squats (135/95# or 60%)

*30 min cap

Compare to Aug.4/11


115 thoughts on “HOPPER VIDEO!!”

  1. 6am WOD…what??!! Lovely to see the morning peeps today.

    10 rounds
    150m row
    7 pull-ups (med)
    7 front squats 55#
    7 push-ups (on rings from knees)


    Last year I had 9 RX rounds in 29:something.
    Great video as always Patrick πŸ™‚

  2. Fantastic video Patrick. I’ll have to plan my vacation around the Hopper next year.

    WU x 2
    10 front squats @ 35lbs
    10 pullups with blue & purple bands
    10 soulder press @ 35lbs
    Samson stretch

    Practice: handstand against the wall…had to overcome some nerves! Thanks for the help Mario and whoever it was that grabbed my other leg. Ha!

    32 Birthday Burpees for Glenda. Have a great day today Glenda!

    WOD: Bulger
    10 rounds 30 min timecap

    7 Chest to bar (green band)
    7 front squats @ 35 lbs
    7 hand release pushups

    Time: 24:20

    Just had to keep going on this one. Had Kelly in my sights the whole time giving me a good push.

    Cashout: couch stretch

  3. Valerie Arseneau

    10 rounds
    150m run
    7 Chest to bar pull-ups (w/ small red band)
    7 front squats 65#
    7 pike push-ups

    29:20 something.

    After 2 weeks off Crossfit, I come back to a 10rds WOD. Legs were ok as I did lots of frisbee during that 2 week but upper body was not up to par. Those chest to bar and pike push ups were though!

    Nice to see y’all again! I missed my 6AM wods!

  4. Mobility
    WU -10 front squats
    -10 pull ups (strict)
    -10 shoulder press
    -10 Burpees
    -Samson Stretch
    Times x 2

    Practice Hand Stands ( tricky)

    WOD: “Bulger”
    10 rounds Time cap 30 min
    -Run 150M
    -7 chest to bar pull ups (strict blue band)
    -7 front squats (70lbs)
    -7 HSPU (Toes on 24″ Box)

    Total: 8 rounds & 3 Push ups in 30 minutes

  5. Mobility
    WU x 2: 10 Front Squats
    10 Pull-ups
    10 Shoulder Press
    Samson Stretch

    32 birthday burpees – Happy Birthday Glenda!

    Group handstand practice – so happy to have done a handstand. Thanks Mario πŸ™‚

    WOD: Bulger *30 min cap

    Ten rounds of:
    Run 150 meters
    7 Chest to bar pull-ups (started with blue band, switched to green)
    7 Front Squats @ 40#
    7 HSPUs (scaled to hand release push-ups)

    Time: 23:59

    Cashout: Couch stretch

    Great work 6 am’ers!

    Wicked video Patrick!

  6. Bulger Rx’d

    9 rounds + 2 F.Squats @ 30 min cap

    Last time, I got 7 rounds in 27:14. I did 7 rounds in 22:16 this time. Pretty happy that PR.

    *Future self – C2B and FS were unbroken. Squat clean the first rep. HSPU – get better at them.

  7. Patrick, your videos are always awesome. This one stung a bit as I was not able to attend, but but you always seem to capture the intensity and energy and everything that makes the Hopper special.

  8. Mob
    WU x 2 of:
    — 10 Front Squats
    — 10 Pull-ups
    — 10 Shoulder Press
    — Samson Stretch
    Loved the warmup, nice change!

    3 min DU practice. Made 3 unbroken so something to build on.

    WOD: “Bulger”
    10 rounds of:
    — Run 150 meters
    — 7 Chest-to-Bar pullups
    — 7 Front Squats @ 105#
    — 7 HSPU w/ abmat & 10# plate (next time control your descent so you do not pile-drive yourself)
    TIME: 28:15

    Next time Mr. Future Me: HSPU Rx and some more weight for the front squats. My first goal was to finish and now I think I have a good baseline for next time. C2B pullups felt good(?).
    Couldn’t muster a single air guitar riff.

  9. Mobility
    Wu 10 Front Squats/ 10 Pullups/ 10 shoulder press/ Samson stretch x 2
    32 birthday burpees (happy birthday Glenda)
    Strength practice a handstand.. Balance sucks
    Wod: Bulger
    10 rounds for time
    150m run
    7 C2B Pullups
    7 front squats @ 135#
    7 HSPU
    Rx: 25.19
    Fun Wod, was very nervous going into it. Wasn’t sure if the shoulders would hold up for 10 rounds.
    Great work 6 amer’s! Great coaching super Mario!

    1. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

      Once again, you blew this out of the water! Great to be back so I can see you kill WODs. Always impressive!

  10. 10 rounds- 30 minute cap
    150m run
    7 C2B pullups (1st time blue band in WOD)
    7 front squat (75lbs)
    7 pike push-ups (1st time in WOD)

    I did 8 rounds exactly πŸ™‚

  11. Mobility
    WU x2
    Practice handstands
    WOD Bulger
    10 rounds
    150m run
    7 C2B Pull-ups (blue and black bands)
    7 Front Squats 95#
    7 Pike Push-ups
    30 min time cap

    I managed 9 rounds + 2 C2B in the 30 mins. So close.

  12. Mob
    WU x 2:
    10 Front Squats
    10 Pullups
    10 Shoulder Press
    10 Burpees (had a hard time with these with my calf still being tight from pulling it last week)
    Samson Stretch

    WOD: Bulger

    30 Min Time Cap

    Row 200M
    7 Ring Rows
    7 Front Squat @ 40#
    7 Pike Pushups (first. time. ever)

    Completed 8 Rounds + 7 Ring Rows

    Great to be back after almost a week off with a pulled calf muscle – was starting to get down because of not being at the gym, then I wasn’t eating right for the week!

    Lesson learned : CrossFit + Eating Right = Happy Julie

  13. Heather Colleen

    AMAZING job on the video, Patrick. You captured the energy, community, and FUN of the day perfectly!

    WU x 2
    10 front squats 35#
    10 strict pullups with green & purple bands
    10 shoulder press 35#
    10 burpees
    Samson stretch

    Handstand practice: only got one and my shoulder did NOT like it. Time to get the compression bands and break up some scar tissue.

    WOD: Bulger
    10 rounds

    7 Chest to bar (green + pink)
    7 front squats #55 (dropped 5# from my 60% to work on form…still need more work on consistency during the WOD)
    7 hand release pushups (UGH.)

    Time: 25:46 I think?

    Thanks for all your coaching today, Marie!!

  14. Patrick, I really enjoyed the video…owhat a fun day.

    M x1
    WU x 2 of:
    10 front squats (15 bar/35 bar)
    10 pullups (ring rows)
    10 shoulder press (15 bar/35 bar)
    10 burpess
    Samson stretch

    WOD – Bulger
    10 rounds of:
    150 m run
    7 c2b (scaled to ring rows)
    7 front squat @60% (55lb)
    7 hspu (scaled to HR push up)

    Time 26:56

  15. Mobility
    WU x 2:
    10 Front Squats
    10 Pullups
    10 Shoulder Press
    10 Burpees

    WOD: Bulger

    30 Min Time Cap

    150m Run
    7 Chest to Bar (Beige Band)
    7 Front Squat @ 110#
    7 Pike Pushups (first time doing these)

    Completed 8 Rounds + 6 C2B at the time cap.

    Thanks for coaching, Marie-Noelle.

  16. Mobility
    WU x 2:
    10 Front Squats
    10 Pullups (5 + 2 green band only, remainder black band)
    10 Shoulder Press
    10 Burpees

    Group handstand practice – first time I’ve ever been upside down! It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty, but thanks Kevin, it was an awesome experience!

    WOD: Bulger (30min cap)

    150m Run
    7 Pullup (Black Band – tried to get chest to bar on as many as possible the first couple rounds)
    7 Front Squat 65#
    7 Hand release pushups

    Scaled to 7 rounds
    Time – 25:26

  17. Mobility
    WU x 2:
    10 front squat
    10 pull-ups
    10 shoulder press
    10 Burpees

    WOD: Bulger
    10 rounds
    150m run
    7 chest-to-bar pull-ups (green + purple)
    7 front squat 60#
    7 hand release push-ups

    Time: 28:57

    Happy I finished. Felt tired during warm-up, had a bad eating weekend. During WOD felt good, took minimal breaks, front squats were slowest part.

    Awesome video Patrick! So wish I could’ve done it this year, but alas, I had a wedding to attend…next year!

  18. WOD Bulger
    10 Rounds
    150m run
    7 chest to bar pull ups
    7 FSquats @ 80#
    7 HSPU w/abmat

    8 rounds in 30 min time cap. HSPU by far the hardest for me. I need to work on my kip. Great job 4:15! Nice job Heather with those 95# squats impressive!

  19. Mobility
    WU x 2:
    10 front squat (45#)
    10 pull-ups
    10 shoulder press (45#)
    10 Burpees
    Samson Stretch

    WOD: Bulger
    10 rounds
    150m run
    7 chest-to-bar pull-ups (Blue + Purple)
    7 front squat @ 80#
    7 Pike push-ups

    Time: 28m13s

    Very tough WOD, it really got good after the 5th round! I scaled the pullups a bit easier than usual because I knew they would be a sticking point, I hope to do this with just a purple or Rx next year!

    Great job 5:45 crew!

  20. mob wux2
    10 front squat
    10 pull up
    10 shoulder press
    32 birthday burpees happy birthday Glenda
    pratice hand stand
    wod Bulger
    150 m run
    7 chest to bar
    7 front squat @ 115#
    7pike push up
    time 29:47
    first time doing that much chest to bar without band

  21. WOD: Bulger

    Scaled to: 7 rounds, with 85#

    Time: 28:24

    RX next year.

    I liked this wod but I was wod’ing on an upset stomach from some almonds that I ate this afternoon. Boo.

  22. – MOB
    – WUx2 …
    – 10 Front Squats (45#)
    – 10 pull up (green band)
    – 10 shoulder press (45#)
    – Samson Stretch

    – Practice pike pushup (no str)

    WOD: Bulger, 10 rounds of…
    – Run 150m
    – 7 chest to bar (brown band) –> These were frickin’ hard, this is what slowed me down but glad I decided not to switch to black band πŸ™‚
    – 7 front squats @ 65#
    – 7 HR pushups

    8 rounds + 2 front squats.

    I absolutely loved this WOD!

  23. Another great video Patrick! I was disappointed to miss it this year. I’m there next year for sure. Thanks for capturing the day Patrick πŸ™‚

  24. Mobility Class

    10 Front Squats
    10 Strict pull ups
    10 Shoulder Press
    10 Burpees

    WOD ” Bulger”

    Time: 24:12 RX

    Couldn’t believe how good this went tonight first 5 rounds all unbroken after that broke up the C2B pullups. Front squats and HSPU were unbroken for the whole wod. WooHoo! Feeling on top of the world! Great job tonight everyone!

  25. WU x 2

    WOD:Bulger (scaled)
    Run 150m
    7 C2B pullups
    7 Front squats #135
    7 HR pushups

    total = 9 rounds + 75m run
    PR of 75m run + C2B pullups + 30# Front Squats

    last time, I completed 9 rounds in 28:58 with regular pullups and 105# front squats

  26. WOD: Bulger

    Everything RX except HSPU’S. I used abmat and 10lbs plate with 2X45 on each side.

    8 rounds + 2FS

    Tough WOD, but I loved every minute of it!

    Good work 5:45 p.m. crew!

  27. Mobility Class Thankx Jo!!


    -10 Front Squats (35#)
    -10 Pull Ups (Red Band)
    -10 Shoulder Press (45#)
    -Samson Stretch

    Handstand Practice as a Group!

    WOD: “Bulger”

    -Run 150m
    -7Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Red Band)
    -7Front Squats @65#
    -HSPU (Abmat + 10 # Plate)

    Time: 27:51

    Fun WOD Great Job Everyone!! Great Class Marie-Noel!

  28. Mobility

    WU -10 front squats
    -10 pull ups
    -10 shoulder press
    -10 Burpees
    -Samson Stretch
    Times x 2

    Practice Hand Stands

    WOD: β€œBulger”

    10 rounds Time cap 30 min
    -Run 150M
    -7 chest to bar pull ups
    -7 front squats 125 lbs
    -7 HSPU (On two 45# plates with ab mat & two 10#)

    6 rounds + 4 front squats

    Great WOD to start the week off with!

    Pat another awesome job on the video!

  29. Mob

    Wod: bulger
    150m run
    7 chest 2 bar green band
    7 front squat 110#
    7 Hspu 45#+ab mat
    Time: 25;48

    I enjoyed this one.

  30. Mob

    WU x 2 of:
    10 Front Squats
    10 Pull-ups
    10 Shoulder Press
    Samson Stretch

    Practiced pike push-up for the first time…not too bad

    WOD: β€œBulger” 10 rounds of:
    Run 150 meters
    7 Chest-to-Bar pullups (gr band)
    7 Front Squats @ 65#
    7 Pike push-up. Wasn’t sure if I would get em all but I got it!

    TIME: 28:08

    Great class Marie!

  31. Mobility
    WU X 2 of 10 reps – Front Squats, Pullups, Shoulder Press, Burpees, Samson

    WOD – Bulger with 30 min time cap

    10 rounds

    150m Run
    7 C2B pullups with black band (C2B on first 2 rounds)
    7 Front Squats @ 135#
    7 HSPU – scaled to HR pushups

    7 rounds in 27:32

    Stopped at 7 rounds because back was way too tight to push another round out.

  32. mob, lots o mob
    wu x 2

    bulger Rx This one scared me all day and as it turned out, I was correct to be scared! lol

    8 rounds plus 2 C2B

    all kidding aside, I really like the chipper style wods. Today was not a good HSPU day, maybe cause I haven’t done any since the last wod with them in it. And I believe I said then the same thing I”m going to say now, “gonna throw these into the WU mix a couple times a week so this doesn’t happen again!” lol.. to many shiny things to work on!

    1. Good work Jeff, gonna have to start doing your Mobility at home some to get a little extra gym time in!

  33. Mobility
    WU x 2 of:
    10 front squats @95#
    10 pullups
    10 shoulder press @ 45#
    10 burpees
    Samson stretch

    WOD “Bulger”
    10 rounds of:
    150 m run
    7 C2B
    7 front squats @95#
    7 HSPU (with 25# plate + abmat)

    9 rounds even at 30min cap

    Loved the running and the front squats. πŸ™‚
    C2B and HSPU? Not so much…

    Great work 6:45 crew!

  34. I figured I should probably start posted my results… Here goes my first post

    Mobility class
    50 burpees of Shame

    10 rounds:
    150 m run
    7 chest to bar
    7 front squats @ 80lbs
    7 hspu πŸ™‚
    Time: 25:38

  35. Mobility
    Wu x 2 of :
    10 front squats (95#)
    10 pull ups ( 10 c2b , 10 strict)
    10 shoulder press (95#)
    10 Burpees

    Wod 10 rds : 30 min time cap
    150 m run
    7 c2b
    7 front squat (135#)
    7 HSPU ( 3rds with ab mat and 45 then switched to Pike from the toes. I was pretty far from the box and 18″ box)

    7rds + 3 c2b pull ups.

    Thanks Marie-no great class. Good job everyone in 5.45

  36. Great video Patrick πŸ™‚ It is pretty amazing to see what everyone accomplished – need to be a part of it next year

  37. WU

    150 m run
    7 C2B – Pink band
    7 Front Squats @ 95#….freakin’ heavy!
    7 HSPU with Ab Mat + 10# plate for Round 1 & 2….added a 2nd 10# plate from round 3 on.

    Total 8 rounds @ 29:30

    Tough WOD. Front squats gave me grief tonight. Did them all unbroken, but jeez they were heavy. Preparing myself to clean the bar at the beginning of each round was a head game.

    Love these WODs with multiple movements & low reps.

    Patrick….love the Hopper Video. If I didn’t already do CrossFit, I’d be motivated to.

    1. With you on the 95# found myself saying “stop thinking about it and just lift the thing!” Good job Heidi. So wish I had Hspu in my arsenal!

  38. Mob
    Wu x 2
    10 front squats
    10 pull ups
    10 shoulder press
    10 burpees

    Wod: 30 min time cap
    150 m run
    7 c2b (blue and skinny purple)
    7 front squats (95#)
    7 Hspu (as pike push ups)

    8 rounds + 1 push up

    K, that was hard…
    Last time was 24:20 for 7 rounds, this time 23:01 but with pike push ups. I think push ups last time were actually from my knees BUT (and here’s the lesson du jour) I didn’t write in my book HOW I DID the PUSH UPs last time!!

    Sooooo, even if you think you’ll never get an Rx skill, always write detailed notes as to what you used/did/scaled. I know I I didn’t do pike push ups last time, so yay for that, but big reminder about accuracy in my journal

    1. Ugh!! Pike push-ups on black box.

      And thanks Marie No – big motivation in a small package πŸ™‚

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