Hopper Trailer

5k Run

Compare to May 20/11

Check out the teaser video from Patrick Arseneau.


136 thoughts on “Hopper Trailer”

  1. WUx1 (Thanks Old School Equipment for new rings!!)

    WOD: run 5k

    Time: 24:57

    Darn it! I didn’t get a PR ( 24:54 last run), if I wouldn’t have gone up the wrong street ( I had to turn around and go back) I would have done it. haha next time 🙂

  2. wu x 1
    3K + 2 corners @ 20:01

    couch stretch, figure 4, calf stretch

    Mark & Krista: wow!!!!

  3. WU x 1
    5K run -> 21:07 PR of 1:04
    Great running with you Krista. You took me out of my comfort zone. Good job 7am crew. Awesome sprint at the end guys and girls.

  4. 5K Run – 26:46
    PR of 1:25 from previous 28:11. When I ran my first 5K in April/10 my time was 35:28..I think I’ve improved a little bit 🙂

  5. GREAT TEASER!!!!! WOW Pat — Youre awesome!!!
    Thanks for the New RINGS OldSchool Equipment!!!!

    Strength: Power Cleans at 70% x 3 sets of 10 (115#)

    Max Pull-ups: 27 (PR) – Then tried again and got 30 (PR)
    MAX Push-UPs – 51 (PR)

    Great way to start the weeek!!! Lots of smiles during the 7:00am class – awesome job with PRs everywhere!!!!

    1. 5k time : 22:16

      50 burpees for time: 1:54 (Kevin said at least 10 I didn’t get full arm extension) so I’ll try this again sometime!!

      Enjoy ur week gang!!!

      1. Johnny, you were on a WOD role this a.m. It must be the “Timmy’s” that give you that extra energy before the gym.

  6. wu x1

    5km run

    PR of 46 seconds from nov 2, 2010
    Great running with you too Marc! Having you to pace with definitely made me push harder, I was happy to have you as my running buddy this go around like in November. You got me fair and square this time, how about a best two out of three some time? 🙂

    Awesome running 7 am crew!! Loads of smiles and PRs!

  7. wu x1

    Run 5 Km – DNF (lower back pain did 2 loops of the 5Km)

    Time – 23:11 (over 3Km)

    cash out – couch stretch, figure 4, calf stretch

  8. WU x 1

    5K run: 26:15

    Was hoping for under 30 min so very happy.
    p.s. Thanks Kevin for the tip about leaning forward

  9. Wu

    str 3RM Thruster


    feel like I could get 215 soon

    21-15-9 for time of

    225lb deadlifts
    OH walking lunge 45lbs
    hand raise push ups

    5:25 – hard to keep motivated alone ha gatta get used to it

  10. Tested out a new wod.

    3k run with 3 burpees on the minute.

    14:58 (with 42 burpees in total)

    1. oohh, nasty! not to put ideas in your twisted self, but i’ve seen one that if i remember correctly was a 3 (or maybe 5) km run with 50 squats on every 5th minute. i’m pretty sure it as an Eva T wod.

  11. 5 km = 41:46
    100 sittups
    50 back extensions

    Walked for the first few minutes..started @ slow paste, finish really strong 😉

  12. 5 km run: 23:22 (Well not quite 5 km. Jamie and I went up Elizabeth as opposed to going around Elizabeth!!) Oh well, I know now for next time!!!

    Did a 5 km row with Sonia.

    Great job 3:15 and 4:15 p.m. crew!!!

      1. thats what i was thinking – ugg! i’d do almost anything to get out of a 5k row! and to do it voluntarily?! AND after a 5k run!?

  13. 1rst Official Crossfit Workout 🙂

    WU X1
    5K 28:51

    I’m very happy with my time. The people there are awesome!!! Very encouraging. I’m already addicted. Looking forward to the next class!

    1. Thanks everyone! That heat was brutal!!!
      Francis: Thanks for the push at the end man! It was fun running with ya!

      1. I think this could be a direct shot at my lack of posting lately. I will try to step up my game.

  14. MOB
    WU X 1
    5 km run
    Time: 36:30 (PR by 11:07 mins from Aug 25/10) so I’m pretty happy…even finishing last! Great job everyone, and thanks for all the cheering on the last leg – you guys are really loud.

    Great video Pat – you’ve really captured the excitement!

      1. i third that and motion Heather to wear the PR crown until someone else can knock over 11 minutes off ANY wod! congratulations!

    1. Thanks and you too! I can’t believe you were even here for a 5k after the Hopper. Well done!

  15. WU x 1
    *did 5 pullups without bands and 5 with the smallest band*

    5k run -> 24:27
    Cashout: Figure 4, Couch stretch and Calf stretch

    Great job on the trailer Pat! Looks awesome. I am REALLY bummed I missed the Hopper now…..next year 😉

    1. Nice run Lora. And you absolutely need to Hopper next year. Even as a volunteer the day was amazing; so much energy you could feel the whole gym buzz so you have to be in it next year!

    1. Should have been Hopper this year…next year for sure! Maybe we can have and “all Heather’s” heat! Or how about a “mixed masters”?!

  16. CFWU x 1

    5 Km run

    Time — 27:40

    No PR today — 20 seconds slower. I have to try and set a faster pace at the beginning of the run. Great job Gabe and Denis, thanks for the water bottle assistance Jeff and Rob.

  17. WUx1

    5km Run

    Time –>24:58

    I was 51 seconds faster on May 20th, so no PR today, running was good, pace was good.

    Great job Marcel and Denis!

  18. 5km Run —> 25:59

    Best time this year … but 31 seconds slower than my PR. I’m pretty happy with that considering the heat. It was great running with Rob and Vincent until they took off at the end and I couldn’t keep up. Nice work guys! Legs felt great but I got super dry at the end. I wonder how I would have done in the morning class.

  19. 5 km run
    Time = 27:31
    PR by 1:05
    Really happy with that, as I ran the 5k in May & did not PR it.
    Lots of fast times & PR’s today. Congrats to all.

  20. WU X 1 minus pull ups (at home)

    WOD: Super Scaled 2KM run

    Clocked a 5k only completed 2k pain in lower back
    No PR never did a 2k before 🙁

    1. Actually, doesn’t that make today’s time a PR…after all it’s your best time so far!

    2. You just ran a 2 k 🙂 Fan freaking tastic!!!!!!! Cheyenne you rock and impress every time 😀 Yay for doing things you’ve never done before 🙂

    3. I’m thrilled for your push-up. I swear #2, and #3 and all the rest will get easier now that you know you can do it!! Hockey mother’s unite! This summer push ups…next summer Hopper!

  21. WU x 1

    5 km run, 22:45

    Welcome to Crossfit Eric, great to meet ya bud. Johnny G….thanks for the coaching for the last stretch of the run, definately helped keep my time down. See ya tomorrow folks!

  22. WU x 1

    5 K run – 30:00 on the dot..

    When I go for runs i never run a certain distance, I just go for a certain amount of time..so really not sure if this is good for me or not so good. But I felt like I pushed myself and kept a good steady pace the whole way through! pretty happy with it. Next time I’ll have to get under 30 minutes 🙂

  23. Great Teaser Video. Showed the peeps at work how I spent my Saturday. They thought I was nuts, lol.
    Thanks again for the fun – thank goodness I did not have to do the 5K – I would have just curled up in a corner.

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