Hopper Recap

I cannot thank the volunteers enough! We had close to 85 people working behind the scenes to ensure the event ran smoothly. And it went off without a hitch. So again, you have my deepest appreciation for all your hard work.

Athletes – all 240 of you – did awesome! In my opinion, this was one of the best Hopper WODs to be drawn, and you all crushed it. I’m very proud of all the CrossFit Moncton members for stepping up and showing the Maritimes what we’re made of.

Joanna – couldn’t have done it without you. You kept me sane and you helped run a tight event. Thank you.

It started with 60 people, and it grew to 240 in 5 years. This is one of the largest CrossFit events in all of Canada. Let’s keep the momentum going and host an even bigger and better Hopper Event next year!

(In case you missed it, here are the final results)

5 rounds
400m Sandbag Run
25 Air Squats


5 thoughts on “Hopper Recap”

  1. Mobility
    WU x 1
    185m Row (broke the rower)
    2000m row Time 8:53
    23 Birthday burpees (Daphne)
    5 minutes skipping

    WOD – 5 rounds
    400m Sandbag Run 40#
    25 Air Squats

    Time: 20:45

    Thanks, Ron for coaching and Gerry for running with me on my last 400m.

  2. @home (4pm) … back rehab session + WOD

    – Mobility + 10 Down-Ups
    – Hamstring Stretch – 5x30s each leg, alt.
    – Bridge + Leg Extend – 5×10 reps, alt.
    – Plank: Accumulate as much time in 5 min = 4:50 PR (unbroken PR 3:30)
    – Floor Back Arm Swings 5×10 reps @ 25# (plate)

    Volume – EMOTM Knees-2-Elbows, strict/bar
    10-10-6-7-6 = 39


    Floor Press 115#
    Air Squats

    Rest 1 min

    – Front Squats 95#
    – Push-Ups

    = 10:48 (done first part in 3:40)

  3. WOD @ home

    2k Run – 14:45

    Pretty tired after the long day yesterday.

    Thanks Kevin and Jo for another awesome Hopper event. Also, thanks Terry and Christine for hosting the after party. Yesterday was another amazing day with all the CFM members.

  4. WU
    Mobility x1
    5 minute skipping (practiced DU’s)


    WOD: 5 Rounds
    400m run with sandbag
    25 air squats

    Time: 21:24

    I actually enjoyed this one…very weird!

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