Hope you live in a bungalow

400 Walking Lunges

Compare to Dec.14/10

Chris nailing the doubles

78 thoughts on “Hope you live in a bungalow”

  1. WUx2
    Push Press x 5

    Walking Lunges
    Scaled AMRAP 10 minutes
    Still use my arms to get back up after lunge and concentrated on knee to ground but was not always touching.

    It was amazing to see everyone push through hard one. Strong 6am Crossfitters this morning!

  2. WU x2
    Foam roller/stick/lacrosse ball instead of strength

    400 Walking Lunges
    10:37 – no PR last time was 10:10

    SO glad we bought a house with stairs…..Great job AM peeps!

  3. WU x 2

    Deadlift 3’s

    WOD AMRAP 10 min

    Great Job Everyone!! I only did 163 and it was quite of WOD I cant imagine all of you doing 400~~ 🙂

  4. WU x 2
    push press 5RM 80lbs
    WOD: 18:58!

    Last time did 315 in 15 minutes… I was a few lunges off at 15 minutes this morning but already had tired legs from 6 ultimate frisbee games this weekend… still walking… can’t promise tomorrow!
    Good job everyone!

  5. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Push Press x 1

    WOD – 400 Walking Lunges
    Time: 13:18 PR by 12 secs

    Couch Stretch
    800m Run

    1. Still don’t know how you did that run at the end!! There must be some kind of bonus points for that 🙂 I could barely stand for the first 5 minutes after the WOD.

  6. WU x 2
    OHS 1’s
    45-55-65-75-85PR…went for 90F

    WOD 400 Walking Lunges

    18 :39…..1st time doing as Rx’d

    Walking like a Jelly fish!

  7. WU X 2
    Strength (3’s) Push Press
    AMRAP in 10 min. of walking lunges
    202 lunges PR of 32 reps. Very happy! First time wearing skins, Maybe it helped.

  8. WU X2

    Strength: started with Push Jerks, but felt pain in the right shoulder when bring the weight back down (this actually started last week). Decided I was better not make it worse.
    Jeff gave me a stretch to try with the ball and kettlebell (ouch!) (Will continue to do that one at home too)

    WOD: ALL 400 walking lunges!!!
    TIME: 19:07

    Wasn’t sure about doing 400 – but when I got to the 10 min mark, knew I had alot more to give. Glad I did it as RX’d 🙂 … but WOW, what a weird feeling when I stopped – jelly legs!!
    (In December I did just over 200 in 10 min.)

    GOOD LUCK to everyone tomorrow in your attempts to get out of bed, walk…. oh, and hopefully avoid stairs… etc! 😉

  9. WU x 2
    After days of work, I finally completed knees to elbows (on rings) for the first time.
    Even better: I had 3!

    Shoulder press x 3

    400 walking lunges
    Scaled AMRAP 10 min
    182 and happy with that

    Now I have to go for a roller blade ride with my dog… this is gonna be interresting!

  10. Consecutive Handstand Pushups (strict):
    Two sets with 5 or 10 minutes rest between —> 20 – 21 (PR by 1) 🙂

    400 Walking Lunges —> 12:55 (Exact same time as Dec 14th)

  11. Mobility
    WUx2 (with toes through rings instead of situps)

    Strength: OHS (x1)
    Thanks for the coaching Gabrielle 🙂

    400 walking lunges
    Time = 11:03

    Cashout: couch stretch each leg and toe-grabs (x3) or whatever those things are called…

    Holy jello legs. Gonna sleep on the main floor tonight.

    1. You are very welcome Lora! Your form was solid and you looked like you have it in you to lift way more weight on that OHS 🙂

  12. WU x 2
    Strenght Push Press – 3’s

    400 walking lunges

    Time: 19:14

    Huge PR! When I did this a little less than 2 yrs ago (Nov. 2009) I did AMRAP 15 mins and only got to 205 and I remember thinking that I would never be able to do 400 of them! Glad I did it 😀

  13. Wu x 2

    Strength: Worked on Power Snatch

    WOD: 400 lunges

    Time: 15:49

    Last time 16:16

    PR 17 seconds. Not much of a PR, but I’ll take it. Lunges are a definite goat for me…need to work on them for sure.

  14. CFWU x 2

    Shoulder Press x 1 75-95-115-125-135F

    WOD – 400 walking lunges

    Time: 15:52

    No PR today (15:19) third time doing this WOD, so I know what pain lies ahead…Great job 6:30 crew.

  15. WU x2

    Strength: Practice Cleans
    Today’s strength session focused solely on form and technique.

    Wooden Staff x 10
    15# Bar x 15
    35# Bar x 15

    WOD: 400 Walking Lunges
    Time = 11:18

    Couch Stretch

    This was an intense workout … great work everyone!

    Thank you very much for all of the help tonight Gabrielle … I really appreciate your patience with me while breaking down the Cleans!

  16. WU x2

    Strength: front squat x3

    WOD: 400 Walking lunges

    T = 22:00 I think, forgot to write it down

    I had a hard time with this WOD…I had a few “I’ve fallen and can’t get up moments” but I got’er done 🙂 LOL, thanks to all for the push at the end.

  17. MOB
    WU X 2 (pullups on purple band) + toes thru rings
    Shoulder Press 5’s
    45-55-65-75-80 (PR for 5’s)

    400 lunges
    Time 18:17

    Dec 14/10 did 192 in 10 minutes. Set out to get all 400 today and really happy it didn’t take any longer than it did! Great job 4:15 class – lots of determination in the room!

  18. wu x 2
    Push Press 10’s


    time= 18:08

    Stretching in between 50 reps helped a lot… So far my thoughts this was way better than yesterday WOD …:) Great job 5:30!

    Thanks Gabrielle for all the great tips; your a great coach! 🙂

  19. What a tough workout you all did today!! And you all did it like true champions: pushing through the pain until the very end and some of you were even cracking some jokes and smiling along the way 🙂 So proud of all of you! Remember to drink lots of water and nourish your bodies properly…

    Chris G.and Steph G. – it’s always a pleasure to help out in any way I can!

    It’s my job as a trainer to be there for all of you as best I can (though I will honestly say I love working with you guys so much it doesn’t ever feel like “work”) I appreciate the kind words I often get, but I hope you all know I’m very open to constructive feedback on ways I can improve as a trainer also.

    I wish you all a good night! 🙂

  20. WU mobility plus 1 hour hike with dogs

    Time 14:28 PR 🙂 now let’s see if adequate stretching, plenty of water and good nutrition can keep me walking straight over the next week!

  21. WU x 2

    Push Press 3â€ēs

    400 Lunges
    T= 21:18

    Great Job Everyone!! I only did 163 and it was quite of WOD I cant imagine all of you doing 400~~

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