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I hope for a lot of things.

I’m hoping that you will all love our new space.

I’m hoping that you’ll attain many new personal records.

I’m hoping that CrossFit Moncton will grow to new heights.

I’m hoping our community will flourish.


Three rounds of:
75 pound Power snatch
Box jump, 24″ box
75 pound Thruster
Chest to bar Pull-ups

“Hope” has the same format as Fight Gone Bad. In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the athlete/s must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each rep.

Compare to June 9/12

Welcome home
Welcome home

126 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. Could you please cancel my 6am class, one of the kids is sick and I won’t make it in on time. Thanks!

  2. Vanessa Champion


    Fight gone bad style (3 rounds 1min each movement)
    Power snatch 35#
    Box jump 18″
    Thrusters 35#
    C2B pull ups black band

    Score: 152

    Awesome first class 🙂 looking forward to more WOD’s in this location

  3. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Burgener WU + quick DU’s tabata

    WOD: “Hope”
    Three rounds of:
    75 pound Power snatch
    Box jump, 24″ box
    75 pound Thruster
    Chest to bar Pull-ups (red band)

    Score: 170

  4. Mob
    WU x 1
    Group WU

    -Power snatch @ 55
    -Box Jump 24″
    -Thrusters @ 55
    -Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups (Strict)

    Score 164

    The new place looks great! Congrats on a job well done!

  5. Mobility + WU x1
    Group WU

    WOD: “Hope”

    Three rounds of:
    Power snatch @35#
    Box jump, 20″ box
    Thruster @35#
    Chest to bar Pull-ups (green band)

    Total: 195

    Cashout: Group photo

    What an awesome location! Thank you so much Kevin and Joanna 🙂

  6. WU x1 and Gym Tour!
    Group WU – 74 doubles

    1 min per station, 3 rounds:
    -Power snatch @ 55#
    -Box Jump 21″
    -Thrusters @ 55#
    -Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups – black
    Rest 1 min

    Started (consciously) at Box Jumps. 173 reps

  7. New box looks fantastic! Congrats to Kevin & Jo for pulling it off in a relatively short time and to everyone who volunteered and helped get things done!
    Honestly it’s the nicest CrossFit gym I have seen in a long time!

  8. WU x 1
    Burgener WU + quick DU’s tabata

    WOD: “Hope”
    Three rounds of:
    75 pound Power snatch
    Box jump, 24″ box
    75 pound Thruster
    Chest to bar Pull-ups

    Score: 178

    So space-a-licious. Congrats Kevin and Jo on the new location.

  9. Mob+wu
    Group WU bergner + skipping
    Station Practice

    Three rounds of:
    75 pound Power snatch
    Box jump, 24″ box
    75 pound Thruster
    Chest to bar Pull-ups ( jumping c2b )

    152 reps everything rx except pullups

    Cashout Group Picture.

    Great first workout 8:30 class!

  10. Big congrats on the new location Kevin and Jo it looks awesome. The space is unbelievable!
    Wu x 1
    Group Burgener Wu, and tabata du’s
    Wod: Hope!
    3 rounds with 1 minute break between rounds
    Started with box jumps
    Box jumps @ 24
    Thrusters @ 75
    Power snatch @ 75lbs
    Rx’d : 223
    Wow very hard one to get any kind of pace, second set of burpees I almost puked… Lol
    Been very congested lately and I couldn’t breathe hardly at all once it started, even the C2b’s felt hard for me this morning and that isn’t usually the case. So I Hope next time I can do better! 🙂
    Great first Wod to celebrate the new gym and christen it with some sweat this morning!!
    Great job 6 amer’s, and great class Kevin!

    1. Wicked score Shane! Its a cardio killer for sure. I finished the WOD over an hour ago, and I’m still sweating like crazy.

  11. I just want to send a round of golf claps to the members who after great amounts of dedication and efforts went beyond their comfort zones and participated in the “legs for literacy” events yesterday. I couldn’t be a happier coach while reading all the updates on Facebook yesterday! Hard work really paid off, and we all knew you could fulfil these goals you guys set out for yourselves! I know it’s not Friday, but my question of the week (not just for those who ran but to all CFM members) is: what are some short term goals you guys have?! (Doesn’t have to be fitness related)

    1. Valérie Arseneau

      Its a little more of a longer term then short term but I do want to do more running. Chris and I found some aventure marathons that simply look amazing! Ex: Great Wall of China Marathon, South Africa Safari Marathon and Bagan Temple Marathon. These have been added to our bucket list.

      On a more short term goal, get out of debt… and do a Mucle Up.

    2. I want to improve my 5K time. I’ve never finished one in under 40 mins, so my goal is to finish one in 38 minutes. 😀

      I’m going to be training (in a more committed way) for the Resolution Run 5K coming up on Jan 1!

      1. There are SO many CrossFit related ones I want to accomplish, but that means I need to focus on them!

        – box jumps = get up to 20″ box
        – skipping = seriously, it’s not THAT hard is it? I’m just making it harder than it is!
        – pull ups = I fear the band situation and cling to my rings for ring rows. But I need to stop that!

      1. I feel like if I tried to do a #100 snatch, my arms would snap off at the elbows, like a Mrs. Potato head.

  12. Mob / Group Burg
    Skipping Tabata (managed 5 unbroken DUs, not a PR but it’s been a loooong time)

    WOD: “Hope”

    Three rounds of of 1 min stations of::
    — Burpees
    — Clean & Jerk @ 75# (wrist = no power snatch lifts)
    — Box Jump @ 24″
    — Thrusters @ 75#
    — Chest to Bar Pull-ups
    — Rest

    Score: 191

    — Kept weight at 75# but subbed Clean & Jerks instead of Snatches due to wrist.
    — Box Jumps saved me score-wise. Disappointed Thrusters felt the same at the new gym.
    — Started 1 min later than everyone else as I was admiring the carpentry in the new washrooms when Kevin yelled “Go!”

  13. Mobility
    Warm up x1
    Skipping Tabata warm up
    Wod: Hope:
    -power snatch#35
    -box jumps
    -pull ups (green)

    Score 158

    Awesome location….many new memories to be formed!!!!!
    Great class Kevin!

  14. Can’t wait to do my first wod at the new gym! Wow, opened for the first day on Joanna’s birthday! Happy Birthday Joanna!!!

  15. Mob Wu x1
    Tour….awesome place!
    Group Wu
    WOD: Hope 3 rounds minute at each station. One minute rest in between. Started with

    Thrusters 35lbs
    C2B thick yellow band
    Power Snatches at 35lbs
    Box Jumps at 18in

    Total reps: 167
    I really like Wods like this. When you get tired at one station, it is time to change to the next anyway.
    I loved the new place ( even though I was out of sorts with all my OCD routines!)
    Congrats Kevin and Joanna ( and Happy Birthday).

  16. Heather Colleen

    Happy birthday, Joanna!! 🙂

    New box, new determination, new commitment to posting my WODs online. It’s interesting, feeling like you can’t hide your successes and failures – hugely inspiring and humbling all at the same time.



    Power snatch 55#
    Box jump 20″
    Thrusters 55#
    C2B pull ups green & pink

    Score: 167

    Can’t think of a better way to christen the new box. (I will *eventually* learn new routines…right??)

  17. m+wu
    WOD – Hope
    power snatch @ 35lb (lots of trouble today with the squat, so way to shallow)
    box jump @ 12″
    thruster @ 35lb (weight could have been heavier…but again trouble with squat)
    ring rows

    Total 188

    Note to Kevin …remember this is coming from a person who HATES new things and avoids change in routine…I love the new box….I don’t know how you guys pulled that off in that period of time but AMAZING job !!!

  18. First…there will be gushing….

    I’ve been in to the new gym and have seen pics of various stages of set up, but when I walked in today, it just blew me away with how awesome it all looked when it was completely pulled together.

    What struck me most, though, was how Kevin beamed about it on the tour! The countless hours of planning and hard work are SO evident – and everything done with great care, thoughtfulness, and true joy!

    I may have cried a little and mentally clapped my hands at seeing all the details! CFM 4.0 (1 = playground, 2 = Rideout, 3 = Alcock, 4 = Baig Blvd., right?) is AH-MAY-ZING!

    Excellent work, you guys! 🙂

    Now then…

    WU x 1
    Group WU

    WOD: “Hope”

    Three rounds of:


    75 pound Power snatch >>> Scaled to 35#

    Box jump, 24″ box >>> Step ups on 12″ box. I jumped a few times but still don’t trust myself on box jumps.

    75 pound Thruster >>> 35#

    Chest to bar Pull-ups >>> Ring Rows

    Wow, scaled the cr#p out of that!! But felt sufficiently DONE by the end of the 3rd round, so it’s all good, in a sense. 🙂

    SCORE: 145

  19. WOD rx’d: 145 reps

    Wow, that was quite an hour at the gym today!! I love, love, love the new gym. It’s beautiful, thank you. I feel like we’ve hit the big leagues 🙂 And holy crap that was quite a wod. I can say I liked it now that I’m home. 🙂

    And wow I love the new 35# bars!!

    1. Kevin, my hope for you today is that your beautiful new gym is all you dreamed it would be. It has certainly surpassed my expectations!

      1. Dammit, post fail again. Snatches were my downfall and I CAN’T believe I’m sayingthis but the burpees were the break in this wod. Has hell frozen over?

  20. WU x 2
    Burgener WU + quick single under tabata

    WOD: “Hope”
    Three rounds of:
    75 pound Power snatch
    Box jump, 24″ box
    75 pound Thruster
    Chest to bar Pull-ups

    Score: 158 Rx
    The new gym is friggin awesome! Congrats Kevin and Joanna!

  21. Kevin and Jo I know how much work you have put in this new box and it is amazing! Nice work! I’m very thankful because you do all this for us. Not because you have to, but because you want to.


    Mobility and WUx1

    Burgener WU

    Double Unders

    WOD Rx’d: 181 reps.

      1. Oops, iPhone post fail. Thanks for your help with my score sheet mishap. I’m happy to have you back at the gym full time. 🙂

  22. Great first workout at the new gym! Love the new space! Congratulations Kevin and Jo!

    WU x 1
    Escorted tour of the facility 🙂
    Group Burgener x 2
    4 rounds Tabata Double Unders
    Practice movements at each station of “Hope”

    WOD “Hope”
    Burpees ———————–16,15,14
    Power Snatch @ 55# ——–24,18,16
    Box Jumps @ 20″ ———— 20,18,14
    Thrusters @ 55# ————-19,11,11
    C2B Pullups ——————- 8,6,7

    Total = 217 Rx

    Boo! 1 rep less than last time. If I had only known, maybe I could have squeezed out one more. Was fighting dizziness bad – not sure it was from the workout, the paint/mat fumes or the excitement. LOL!

    Started on Power Snatch this time. Last time started on Box Jumps.

    Great work 5:45 crew! Jam packed class but we still had tons of room! 🙂

    1. I don’t think you are allowed to get 217 reps (at Rx no less) and say “boo”.

    2. And Happy Birthday Joanna! You got a new gym for your birthday. That’s going to be tough to beat next year 😀

    3. Before I started this WOD…I thought “Lora will get more snatches in one round than I will get in three.” Hehe.


    4. If that’s what you do when you aren’t feeling well, I can’t imagine what you would do with perfect conditions. Great score!

  23. love the new gym
    mob wux1
    tour the new gym
    group wu


    power snatch 75#
    box jump 24 in
    thruster 75#
    C2B (scale pull up)

    total= 185

  24. Warmup

    Hope rx’d

    Burpees – 19. 16. 15
    Power snatch – 9. 8. 7.
    BJ – 27. 29. 26.
    Thrusters – 21. 18. 16
    C2B – 17. 11. 10

    TOTAL – 249

    Liked this WOD more than fight gone bad.
    Love the new gym. So happy for the Woods. Kevin, your dream is one of my favourite success stories.

  25. Hope
    Power Snatch (55#)
    Box jumps
    Thrusters (55#)
    C2B Pullups – Blue band
    Total: 181

    Congrats to Kevin and Joanna! Love the new space. Your hard work has payed off. Kevin, it was so fun to see how excited you were this morning! I agree with Gillyon, a favourite success story for sure! 🙂

    1. Well done Tania! I predict that you will be Rx on all movements the next time this one comes around. 🙂

      1. A girl can only dream Lora lol. I feel like I keep taking one step forward and then two steps back. Today was big for me b/c for the first time since September, I was able to use the blue band again in a WOD. Small victories! I need to start getting to the box earlier to start working on my goats!

  26. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group Burgener x 2
    4 rounds Tabata Double Unders (Completed 20)
    Practice movements at each station of “Hope”

    WOD “Hope”
    Burpees ———————–11,9,10
    Power Snatch @ 75# ——–10,7,7 (started here)
    Box Jumps @ 24″ ———— 15,15,12
    Thrusters @ 75# ————-10,4,3
    C2B Pullups ——————- 9,5,6 (green)

    Total = 133

    Thank you guys for the beautiful new gym!

    Happy Birthday, Joanna!!!

  27. Mob
    Group wu
    Wod: hope
    Burpees 13-10-8
    Power snatch #75 14-9-7
    Box jumps 24″ 15-11-11
    Thrusters #75 11-10-11
    C2B (red band) 18-15-13

    Group picture for cashout and practiced no band C2B

  28. Valerie Arseneau

    Mob + WUx1
    Burgener x2
    5 rounds tabata DU/single. Knee didnt like this.

    WOD – Hope

    Thrusters @35#
    C2B pullups (small red band)
    Power snatch 35#
    Box jump 20”

    Score 213.

    Think I left my box and sneakers at the gym… can’t find it lol.

  29. Mobility
    Group WU
    4 Rounds Tabata Double Unders = 174

    WOD: “Hope”

    Burpees 13-13-14

    Snatch @35# 20-16-17

    Box Jump 16-15-15

    Thrusters @55# 11-8-9

    C2B Jumping Pull Ups 9-8-7

    Total Reps : 191

    Great Class love the new place!!!

  30. Mobility

    Group WU

    Tabata Triple Unders

    got a few then kept trying to string them together didn’t go to well but there coming.


    Burpees 22-20-20
    Snatches 19-12-12
    Box Jumps 24-25-23
    Thrusters 18-14-14
    C2B 14-12-8

    Total= 257 RX

    Last year did this less then 2 weeks after joining and got 180 and it was scaled pretty happy with the PR :D. Great WOD for the first night at the new gym.

  31. Hope Rx
    last time 219

    started on C2B
    24″ box

    happy with this as haven’t worked out much over last 6 weeks or so, felt great after, love HOPE!

  32. WU x 1
    Burgener WU + quick DU’s tabata

    WOD: “Hope”

    Three rounds of:

    75 pound Power snatch scaled to 55# dur to shoulder
    Box jump, 24″ box
    75 pound Thruster 55#
    Chest to bar Pull-ups

    Started at box jumps

    Total 175

    Congratulations Kevin & Joanna the new box looks awesome, thanks for all your hard work; it’s sure come a long way since Rideout Street. Also, happy birthday Jo hope you had a special day.

  33. MOB
    WU x 1
    Group WU

    WOD: Hope

    Burpees 6, 5, 4
    Power Snatch 35# 7, 6, 6
    Box Jump (grey box) 8, 7, 7
    Thruster 35# 8, 7, 6
    Ring Rows 20, 19, 17
    Total: 123

    What a great space! The Box is fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your members.

  34. WU x 1
    Burgener WU + quick DU’s tabata

    WOD: “Hope”
    Three rounds of: 1 min each
    Power snatch 55#
    Box jump, 24″ box
    Thruster 55#
    Chest to bar Pull-ups blue band

    Score: 170

  35. WOD: Hope RX

    Thrusters @ 55lbs: 25-20-18

    C2B: 12-9-10

    Burpees: 13-13-11

    Power [email protected]: 15-12-11

    [email protected] 24′: 14-12-11 A little birdie encouraged me to do 24′ instead of the 20′..No rebounding on the 24′ for sure…

    Total: 206

    I love love love this WOD! I love love love the new gym!

    Good work everyone and Happy Birthday Joanna!

  36. WOD – Hope

    Burpees 10-8-7
    Power Snatches 75# 12-9-11
    Box Jumps 24″ 7-8-6
    Thrusters 75# 13-12-11
    C2B Pullups = Pullups w/ Black Band 13-10-10

    Started with Pullups and score was 147

    Last time I got 170 but did 20″ Box Jumps and Ring Rows. Started at Box Jumps last time.

    Amazing job Kevin and Jo on the new box. You guys put lots of energy and time into preparing it and I’m sure there was a little blood in there at some point 🙂

    1. You know Kevin….of course there was blood. LOL

      Nice job on the WOD tonight. You are making great progress 🙂

  37. WOD: Hope

    Rx’d: 176 Started at Power Snatch.

    Man the gym looks really nice!! Awesome job Kevin and Joanna.

  38. WUx1

    Group WU

    WOS “Hope” as Rx’d

    Total–> 184 reps

    What a great way to start at the new box! Congrats Kevin and Joanna!

    Great work 5:45 crew!

  39. Hope”

    Three rounds of:
    C2B pull ups = Pink Band: 12-10-8
    Burpees: 15-9-10
    Power snatch @ 55#: 7-7-6
    Box jump @ 20″:14-12-10
    Thruster @ 55#:12-11-13

    Score = 156

    The 1st of many at the new gym. Congrats to Kevin & Joanna.

  40. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group tour

    Burgener WU
    Tabata DU (5 rounds)

    Snatch @ 35#
    Box jumps @ 20″
    Thrusters @ 55#
    C2B (green band)

    Score: 146

    Love the new space. Congrats Kevin and Joanna!

  41. Mobility

    Burgener WU
    Tabata WU (5 rounds – 137 singles)

    WOD – Hope
    Snatch 35#
    Box Jump 20″
    Thrusters 55#
    Pullups black band

    Score – 151

    This WOD was killer, but I really enjoyed it! And the new gym is amazing!

  42. Mob+wu
    Group WU bergner + skipping
    Station Practice

    Three rounds
    WOD “Hope”
    Burpees ———————21,15,15
    Power Snatch @ 75# ——–9,8,8
    Box Jumps @ 24″ ———— 14,10,11
    Thrusters @ 75# ————-10,8,8
    Ring Rows ——————- 21,19,22

    199 reps everything rx except pullups

    Cashout Group Picture. Special Kevin forearm muscle torture. Thanks Kevin

    Love the new gym!

  43. Mob
    Group WU
    Tabata jump rope (mostly singles with a few doubles & double attempts)
    Station practice

    WOD: Hope
    Three rounds…
    – C2B Pullups (yellow band) 20, 13, 12
    – Burpees 10, 10, 9
    – Snatch 8, 5, 6 –> 55#
    – Box Jump 13, 11, 13 –> 20″
    – Thruster 10, 7, 9 –> 55#

    Total: 156

  44. Group WU bergner + Skipping
    Station practice

    WOD: “Hope”

    Two rounds of:
    Burpees (11,8)
    35 pound Power snatch (4,3)
    Box jump, little box (9,9)
    35 pound Thruster (5,4)
    Ring rows (13,10)
    *(Every station 1 minute)*

    Total : 76 (two rounds)

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