Home Sweet Home

It’s good to be home!

First, the thank you’s! Huge thanks to everyone who contributed financially. Sonia and I appreciated it to no end. It really shows how much of a supportive community CrossFit Moncton has. I’m still in shock.

Big thanks to all of you who made comments on the site or Facebook. We read every single one of them. Some even brought tears to our eyes. You have no idea how much it helped us. Your words of encouragement carried us through the toughest parts of the workouts when we felt like giving up.

The last day of workouts were brutal. The double under/burpee wod was short, but you quickly lost your breath from the altitude. I mentioned it before, but the elevation played a huge part over the course of the weekend. My goal for that workout was under 5min and I snagged it at 4:56.

The final workout looked fun on paper, but it quickly became not fun. The tire flips were great, and jumping through them added a different element. The clean and jerks were much harder than expected, especially the last round of 12. And running felt impossible. After the flips, jumping and cleans & jerks, your legs didn’t want to move quickly – they wanted to stay perfectly still. When watching the first heats, I wondered why they were going so slow. After my first lap, I knew exactly why. Anyway, I wanted under 15min and managed to get 13:59. It was a hard workout, but probably my favorite of the weekend.

I’m extremely grateful for having been able to compete at the national level. It was an experience I will never forget. Being able to see the next level of fitness and training will only help to push me further. It was very humbling, but I know what I need to do to take it up a notch.

The rest is going to be a bunch of random thoughts I jotted down over the weekend. Please excuse the erratic musings.

Sonia is one of the fittest women in the Maritimes. I am thrilled, proud and honored to be her coach. The only way she got to her current level was through commitment, dedication and discipline. She treats her training like a job – something she shouldn’t miss. And because of her adherence to her training program and nutrition, she was able to compete at Regionals. It was unreal to be able to see her push herself to a new extreme.

Don’t think you could ever get to that level? Bullshit! We watched Patsy, Rheja and Ian, all over the age of 50, compete in the Masters Division, with Patsy qualifying for the Worlds!! Anybody, any age, any where can do it. But you have to have the will, determination and drive to want it.

Ok, that rant is over. Next, I was able to see the results of the some of the best coaches in the world. They hold their athletes to strict guidelines and do not allow room for sloppiness. Standards are set extremely high for their clients and they are relentless in upholding them. Jason from CrossFit Fredericton was unable to complete a workout within the time cap, but his coaches encouraged him to finish the workout on the side, even though the clock had stopped. Talk about an inspiration! Members of CrossFit Moncton…buckle up!

Also, starting tomorrow, all debts (med ball runs, burpees for the ‘C’ word, etc) are due before the warm-up begins, rain or shine. This will apply to any debts that are accumulated from here on.

For those that have been members for a while, you may have noticed that the programming for the last month was a little different, and more challenging. New moves and new styles of workouts. Expect more of that. June will be juicy!

You pay of a lot of money for quality coaching, and that is what you will receive. I’m going to place you in uncomfortable situations, and you will persevere…everyone does. I will give you everything I have if you promise to do the same for me. Treat your training with discipline and you will reap the rewards. Never give up, leave everything on the line, and like magic, life gets easier.

WOD – 4th workout from the Regionals

4 rounds for time of:
35 Wall balls
20 Pullups

(15min time cap)

65 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Welcome back Kevin & Sonia!

    CFWU x 2

    Strength x 5 Back Squat (should have been front…OOPS!)

    105-115-125-130-140 (evidently too light since it is my front squat weight)


    4 rounds

    35 wall balls
    20 pull ups

    15 minute time limit

    3 rounds + 15 wall balls

    Great job am Crew!

  2. Welcome back kevin, sonia and joanna!


    Press x1
    45(5)-50-55-60-75-80 (PR)
    thanks for the tips kevin, next time i’ll try to be faster on the draw

    4x 35 wall balls (#14), 20 pull ups (with a twist)
    15 minute cap

    3 rounds + 21 wall balls

    well, you promised some new challenges and we got one already today. those pull ups were tougher and even though i heard ‘nope’, ‘doesn’t count’, ‘nope’ more than a few times i still don’t hold it against you somehow! 🙂

  3. Deadlifts – 5RM

    (19# basketball)
    3 Rounds + 35 WB + 5 PU

    I wanted to finish this so Kevin kept the time for me.
    Finished at 16:00.

    Great depth Marcel! 😉
    Welcome back guys! It was a great morning!

  4. Welcome back Kevin & Sonia!

    I have to cancel my 5:30 today so there is a spot open.

    Congratulations Jane & Guy for the new addition to your family 🙂

  5. Home sweet home it is!!!
    Thank you so much to everyone. Your words of encouragement and support meant a lot to us, and believe me I needed them this past weekend. Like Kevin said, it was a whole new level there and many times I just wanted to quit. I’ll be very honest about the weekend. I was disappointed and was scared you’d be too, because I know you all had high expectations of me. I was hoping to finish mid pack but I forgot a few things about crossfit and I did let things get to me. One, I let myself down by being almost defeated before even getting there. When I found out the wods, I got stressed, scared, wanted to throw up and cry (for real… took everything not to, and thank god I was at work keeping busy). Then, I forgot that part of Crossfit is to expect the unexpected, from weather, to late start on my run, to small spaces, no warmups, to no air. Thinking back now, I’m not as dissappointed of my results, I gave absolutely everything I had (believe me) and finished all the wods. I’ve never suffered so much through a wod. It was the biggest challenge I’ve ever been through, both physically and mentally. I broke down, I wasn’t the positive me like I’m usually, I was exhausted, depleted and defeated, that I’m still disappointed in, that I let myself feel that way instead of facing these challenges head on. This was a huge learning experience, and now I see it was a great one too. What I got from it, new inspirations, new goals. I will never give up and will walk with my head held high.
    Kevin and Joanna thousand thank you!!! You guys were my strength through the whole weekend, couldn’t have done it without you. Kevin you got me to where I am! You believed in me, you pushed me through the past few months, you didn’t let me give up and you were proud of me no matter what. Thank you, you’re the best.

    I’m glad to be back and watch out wods, I’m coming!!!!

    1. Sonia, you are the epitome of the type of women I admire: strong, intelligent, humble, kind and charitable – you could never disappoint because we know you always give it your all! We are proud of your accomplishments and to train with you at Crossfit Moncton 🙂

    2. I know exacly how you feel. I felt the same in Fredericton! But you learned from it, and it’s the right thing to do! Being outside the confort zone is not always fun!! We are so pound of you and it’s a privilege to workout with the 39th fittest woman in CANADA!!! YAY!!!

    3. Sonia, hold your head up high. You did amazing! I am proud to say that I workout with one of the top fittest women in Canada. We all know what it is like to be hit with a WOD that seems impossible…let alone a weekend filled with them. You did not disappoint anyone…you inspired us all. 🙂

    4. We’d never be disappointed in you Sonia, and you have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments in Calgary. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, as they say. What a great experience. Way to go girl!

    5. We’re so proud of you Sonia! It takes a lot of courage to face your fears and ignore your exhaustion to complete all the wods. You are the 39th strongest female athlete in Canada; that is an AMAZING accomplishment. And now you know exactly what to train for next year.

    6. You have nothing to be disappointed about. You have a bunch of people here that look up to you. I can’t wait to work out with you again.

    7. Sonia, I don’t know you well but this post choked me up. I only had the privilege of watching you in Fredericton and you were inspiring there as it was. Your effort out west was SO impressive and inspiring. GREAT job. 🙂

  6. Congrats to both of you for this excellent performance!! It can only get better from here for next time!!

    Can’t wait to be back, hopefully for a few weeks in early July, then back in August for good!!

  7. A huge CONGRATS to Sonia and Kevin! Even with the the late start and last minute heat changes you pulled up your socks and went out there and kicked some serious ass!!!

    Sonia, you hid your feelings well – and despite how you were feeling you went out there and gave it all you had! Be proud of your fight and grow from this experience. 🙂 You were AWESOME!!

    oh – and thanks for the green bracelet. 😉

  8. WU x2
    Strength – Back Squat x5
    70-80-90-100-110 (PR for reps)

    4 Rounds
    35 WallBalls 14#
    20 Pull-ups
    3 + 6pull-ups

    That felt impossible to finish in 15 mins..i can only imagine how rough it was with the altitude challenge thrown in. So proud of you both for doing so great!

  9. Welcome back Kevin & Sonia, great job out there!!

    I was wondering if I could switch my 6h30pm tomorrow for 6h00am instead. Might be joining the morning crew for a little while. Thanks!

  10. Congratulations Kevin and Sonia. Jeff had a bunch of us over last night and we saw you guys performing a few times.

    Must have been awesome working out with the elite CrossFitters from across Canada.

    1. Amanda CF PEI

      I echo Mike’s sentiments it was awesome to see the video, wish that we could have been there to watch it in person 🙂

  11. Chantal theriault

    Welcome back Kevin & Sonia! Congrats on your acomplishments 🙂 I`m proud of you two !!

    CFWU x 2

    Strength (front Squat) 5x



    4 rounds

    35 wall balls (used the 16 pound med ball)
    20 pull ups

    15 minute time limit

    2rounds + 13 pushups

    Good job this morning everyone !!

    Hey Girls, I`m hosting a Lia Sophia’s jewelery party next Thursday (June 10) if you`re interest in attending just send me a e-mail at [email protected] and I’ll send you all the info.. Looking forward a fun girls night (no men allowed ):) 🙂

  12. Kevin,

    I will make my triumphant return tonight.
    Can you cancel my 6:30 as I took a spot at 5:30?

  13. Welcome back Sonia and Kevin!

    Congratulations on your results from the Canada games!

    The posting by Kevin and Sonia have show me the hearts of two great persons. I got a chance to glimpse into what it takes to strive for lofty goals and the character and commitment it takes to achieve those goals.

    I’m very glad to be around people like this.

    Thank you for sharing with us all and for being good examples.

    I get a sense from Kevin’s posting that we’re about to experience a “ramping up”,
    this old man says ” Bring it.”

  14. Kevin, I would like to cancel my 5:30 and would love to take a 5:30 tomorrow…if one comes available. I went for a 3k run with one of my track students (grade8) and I had to push a bit harder than I anticipated…I am a bit dead. I think we did a 3k under 10 minutes…oufffff

  15. Welcome back you two!!! I always admire the drive you guys have when doing a workout. It is very inspiring to watch you push your bodies to the limit everytime. Your determination and strength are outrageous.

  16. Heather (Mum)

    Sonia and Kevin, We could and would never be disappointed in either of you. I know both of you would leave nothing behind. You give every Wod your best and all of Crossfit Moncton is so very proud of you both. Thank you to Joanna for taking care of them and cheering on behalf of all of us.

    Bring on the Hopper next.

  17. Warm Up x2

    Strength – Push Press X 1

    4 rounds of:
    35 Wall Balls
    20 pull ups (rings)

    3 rounds + 27 wall balls

  18. Push Press 1RM –> 95-115-135-15-165(f)-165

    It is still not a PR, but it is getting closer to my 175! I am still weak a bit from my shoulder injury I had for the last 2 months but it is getting really better!

    WOD –> 10:16

    That was a really good!

      1. Wow. After doing this WOD, that time is amazing Pierre. Oh and wow to Kevin and Sonia for their time on this at the nationals.

  19. warm up x2

    push press 1-1-1-1-1

    WOD: 3 rounds + 25 wallballs

  20. Warm up x 2
    Strength deadlift x 5
    105-115-125-135-145 (pr for reps, and it is my current pr for 1’s)

    4 rounds
    35 Wall Balls
    20 pull ups (rings)

    3 rounds + 11 wall balls

    I would like to welcome my squat box back, I missed you.

  21. WUx3

    Overhead Press

    4 rounds/15min limit:
    – 35 wall balls (20#)
    – 20 pull-ups (red)

    2 rounds + 35 wall balls + 6 pull-ups

    Good job everyone!!

  22. Warm Up x 2

    Back Squats x 1 Rep.

    WOD 4 Rounds in 15 minute time cap of:
    35 wall balls # 14
    20 Ring Dips (Green Band)

    3 Rounds + 35 wall balls + 18 ring dips

    I sooo wanted to finish this. So close, but my shoulders failed me for the last 2 dips. Ugg!

    Oh…then dropped the C-word, so 10 Burpees. Ugg! Ugg! (No mercy from Coach today, he’s on a mission!)

    Oh my aching shoulders. You know it’s bad when washing & drying your hair hurts:)

  23. CFWU x 2 (10 RRs, sit ups 15 x 2)

    Strength 5’s Front Squat

    65-75-95-115-125 (PR for weight and reps)

    WOD 4 rds in 15 min:
    35 wall balls (#6)
    20 p/u’s (sub push ups)
    Did first 30 push ups on toes, rest on knees

  24. CFWU x2

    Shoulder Pressx5
    65-95-105-115-125(Failed at 2 reps)

    WOD: 4 rounds
    35 Wall Balls
    20 Pull Ups

    Time: 14:40

  25. CFWU x 2
    Strength – OHS
    105×1 (PR) will go heavier next time but ran out of time
    WOD – 15:00 Just finished it.
    Good job 6:30

  26. Warm up x2

    Strength: Overhead Squat
    5x 10-15-20-30-35

    4 rounds of:
    35 wall balls
    20 pull-ups

    = 2 rounds + 15 wall balls (10#)

    Great job out west Kevin & Sonia, you really an inspiration.
    Kevin…I hope you never get tired of coaching, seems like you were born for it. 😀

    1. “you really” an inspiration. I should read what I’ve written before I click the submit button.

  27. CFWU x2
    Strength: Deadlifts x3

    WOD: 4 Rounds of
    35 Wall Balls (14#)
    20 Pull ups (Green)

    3 Rounds + 27 Wall Balls.

    After doing this wod, Kevin and Sonia, your times with an altitude handicap are truly impressive! 🙂

  28. CF x 2
    Push Press 5RM: 65-75-85-90-95

    WOD: 4 rounds of:
    35 Wall ball #14
    20 pullups

    2 rounds + asthma attack…the second in 4 days…not good 🙁
    Really frustrated that my body doesn’t cooperate!

  29. June 8,9,10 and 11 I have 415 classes booked, would love to go at 530 instead if anyone is interested…..Thanks

  30. warm up * 2

    Push Jerk 3 reps
    85/ 95/ 105/ 115 with 1 fail/ 95 technique improvement

    WOD in 4 rounds with 15 min.time
    35 wall balls
    20 pull ups

    3 sets wall ball + 6 pull ups

    this WOD looked a lot easier on the board!

  31. Warm Up x2
    Strength: Shoulder Press
    1×35, 1×45, 3×50, 1×55

    WOD: 4 Rounds of
    35 Wall Balls (14#)
    20 Pull ups

    2 Rounds + 35 Wall Balls + 15 Pull Ups

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