Holiday WOD

5 rounds
15 Burpees
50 Double Unders

Compare to Jan.3/11

Val locks out her dips
Val locks out her dips

51 thoughts on “Holiday WOD”

  1. Kinda fitting that my week and a half hiatus is immediately followed by Burpees. Kev, was that your idea?? 🙂

    1. Did this in January 2011 and scored a time of 10:12. I’ll take that 2 minute pr. 🙂
      Fun race, Mario!

  2. Valérie Arseneau

    400m run + WU x3
    Hung out upside down with Gillyon aka some HSPU practice

    WOD 15:38

    I still have work to do on the DU. Had a hard time doing more than 10 to 12 in a row.

  3. Mob/WU

    WOD Rx = 8:12 (PR from 17:06… last time scaled to 20 DUs + 90 singles per round)

    Thanks for the race Gillyon! You really pushed me through this one. You had the lead pretty much all the way.

    Good work everyone!! Nice vibe in the box today!

  4. mobility
    Wux2 500m row


    Time: 9:01 RX

    Mini Wod with Joey and Jen

    3 Rounds
    20 Squat Jumps
    20 KBS #53

    Time: 3:57

    Great workout today everyone. Nice doing the extra wod with you two today it was awesome 😀 now its time for a rest day.

  5. WU x 1

    Foam roll on quads and Lacrosse Ball on shoulders.

    Holiday WOD

    5 Rounds:

    15 burpees
    50 double under’s

    Time:8:10 I was chasing your time Mario and Gillyon! I was so excited that in my last round of double’s I tripped at least three times in my rope at the darn start. Your times definitely made me bust my ass today….smiles…

    Jan/11: Time: 10:21

    PR: 2:11

    Body needs a few rest days this week.

    Thanks Marie- Noelle for the feedback on my burpees.

    Great energy in the box today. Fun to see so many people giving their all!

    Welcome Glenda to your first class!

    1. Wow Corinna, that’s crazy fast! Incredible!
      I was dead even with you on those first burpees….then you started skipping…
      Once I learn to do DUs (at current rate probably 2016)…LOOK OUT!

  6. Mob, Wu x 3 500 m row
    Practiced Du’s
    Holiday WOD:
    5 rounds
    15 Burpees
    150 singles
    I thought I was the Cat’s A– that I did 5 rounds lol. I only fell apart once. It was when Corinna screamed time at 8:10! The wind left my sails at that moment lol.
    It was great working out with some buddies I had not seen lately. Fun feel to the place today. Thanks Marie Noelle.
    Welcome Glenda to your first WOD.

  7. This was tough… I still feel shaky!

    Mob/400m Run/WUX3
    Foam Rolling

    5 Rounds – 15 Burpees/150 SU

    14:35 (I think…Marie-Noelle had me down at 13:35 but I remember seeing the clock at 14 for some reason)

  8. Mob + 400m Run

    Practiced, HSPU, Bar MU, DU’s and did 6 Reps of stict 40# Pull Ups.

    WOD as Rx’d

    Was determined to finish before the time cap but could not have done it without the push from everyone.
    Thanks. You’re all awesome!!

    What was I thinking to do this right after with Chris and Trent.
    Mini Wod with Joey and Jen

    3 Rounds
    20 Squat Jumps
    20 KBS #53

    Time–> 6:06

    Great work today CFM!

  9. mobility
    Wux2 400m run


    Time: 10:52 RX

    Mini Wod with Gabe and Trent

    3 Rounds
    20 Squat Jumps
    20 KBS #53

    Time: 3:48

  10. Mobility + 500 m row

    WU x 3

    Lacrosse ball stretching.

    WOD with singles

    Time: 14:21

  11. Mobility/500m row/WUx3
    Worked on some skipping a bit, and foam rolled my calves

    WOD – 15 burpees + 150 SUs

    Finished 4 full rounds in exactly 20 minutes!

  12. wu x3
    400 m jog

    HSPU progression with negatives.

    Wod Rx with 20lbs vest
    time 12:14

    Something left:
    20 jumping squats
    20 kbs 53#
    time 4:49

  13. 500m Row / WU x 3

    Skipping Practice

    Holiday WOD:
    5 rounds
    — 15 Burpees
    — 50 Singles (scaled to 150 singles…so slow!)

    A little difficult with my wrist brace but managed to get a decent workout in for sure. Had to pass on the “something left” as I am still trying to balance working out and getting over this damn cold.

    Good work everyone!

    1. Oh yeah, managed 8,9 and 11 unbroken butterfly pull-ups in the warm-ups. Starting to come together.

  14. Mobility
    400m Run
    WU x 3

    Skipping Practice

    Holiday WOD:
    5 rounds
    – 15 Burpees
    – 50 Doubles (scaled to 150 singles)

    800m Run

    Thanks for all the encouragement everyone. Thank you for coaching Marie-Noelle.

  15. WU x 3
    500 m row

    5 rounds: 15 burpees / 50 DU’s
    Time = 12:47

    Tough one after a long weekend.

    Welcome to CrossFit Glenda. I was so excited to see you. You killed this & finishing ALL 5 rounds on your very first WOD….gold star for you 🙂

  16. Wu x 3
    500m row

    Wod: 5 rounds
    15 burpees
    50 double unders


    Doubles all the way, but I’m pretty sure I cut my rope to short; holding the handles at the very end helped but left a blister on my palm

  17. Great work everyone today! Welcome to Crossfit Moncton Glenda! Way to go on your first wod!

    Mobility + warmup x2 (strict pull ups)
    Football program
    Modified holiday wod (wrist was sore 🙁 )
    5 rds:
    16 jump over box 20″
    50 du (first 3 sets unbroken)
    5:40 min – Fran cough…

  18. Mobility
    500m row
    WU x 3

    5 Rounds:
    15 Burpees
    150 Singles

    Time: 15:30

    Mini Extra Wod with Joey and Lance
    3 Rounds
    20 Squat Jumps
    20 KBS #35

    Time: 5 Something…..Have mercy. I shouldn’t have eaten all that cake over the weekend. Fun day! Thanks for the persuasion you guys for the extra push!

  19. Heather Colleen

    400m run
    WU x 3

    5 Rounds:
    15 Burpees (1 arm)
    150 Singles

    Time: 13:52

  20. Mobility
    Wu x 3 + 400m run
    No strength worked on false grip and weighted Pullups
    15 burpees
    50 du’s
    Wod rx’d (13.54) du’s were there then gone. Tried my best to keep up with gillyon but that wasn’t happening.. Lol

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