Hold on

This workout is called ‘Hold On’. It’s appropriately named for a few reasons.

Hold on – to the bar for as long as you can.

Hold on – to the memory of our friend Marc Hebert.

Hold on – to each other, for we are strong as a community.

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other” – Audrey Hepburn

With one partner working at a time, complete 150 pullups.

For every time someone comes off the bar, split up 20 Hang Power Cleans (165/100# or 70%)

For you Marc
For you Marc

64 thoughts on “Hold on”

  1. Mobility
    WU x1 (15 reps)
    Plus 47 burpees for Heidi’ s birthday

    Strenght: push press: 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 (Γ—5 reps)
    Wod: hold on
    Partnered with Chantal

    Time: 18:19 @ 35#

    Nice sharing the bar with Kelly and Jackie and nice partnering with you Chantal for the wod!
    Thanks for a great class Amanda and Patrick!

    1. Ohhh no I totally forgot it was her birthday! Sorry to miss them burpees. Happy burpees Heidi!!!

  2. Mobility
    WU x 1 (15 reps)
    47 birthday burpees – Hope you have a wonderful day Heidi!

    Strength: Push Press – thanks for sharing the bar Ginette and Jackie
    5 x 45, 50, 55, 60, 70

    WOD: Hold On – Partnered with Jackie C
    With one partner working at a time, complete 150 pullups (green band)
    For every time someone comes off the bar, split up 20 Hang Power Cleans (165/100# or 70%) @55#

    Completed 141 pullups at 20 minute cap.
    Great work Jackie, you were an awesome partner πŸ™‚

    Well done 6 amer’s and thanks Patrick and Amanda!

  3. Mobility

    WU – 47 birthday burpees (Thanks Heidi)

    Practice Butterflies -Still stuck at 5 and I think I pulled my bicep πŸ™

    WOD: “Hold on“

    150 pull ups as a team
    20 hang cleans as a team every time you come off the bar

    No partner for me cause Shane wasn’t there to carry the load.

    Did pullups and 10 cleans @ 165 each time I let go of the bar

    RX’d – Did 75 pullups in 14:50 and kept going to 85 pullups in 20 minutes. The last set of cleans were brutal.

    round 1 – 30
    round 2 – 15
    round 3 – 16
    round 4 – 14
    round 5 – 10

    Great working with all the MCF peeps. Welcome to our home.

    1. Sorry bud! I seen this posted this. Morning and kind of wished I had been in the 6am class… Great work on it solo!

  4. Mobility
    WU x 1 15 reps

    Strenght: Push press

    5 x 65-75-85-95- & 3 x 105 – 2 x 105 – 1 x 105

    WOD: Hold On!

    – With 1 partner (Glenda) complete 150 pull ups) double blue for first 50 then single blue
    – every time someone comes off the bar 20 hang power cleans @ 75 lbs & 55 lbs

    Time 18:36

    Pull ups

    F = 50
    G = 30
    F = 10
    G = 20
    F = 12
    G = 16
    F = 10
    G = 2

  5. thanks again for allowing us the priviledge of working out with you. it is so nice to see how welcoming each of you are. i had a real pleasure working out with some long time friends, i missed thata.
    got to do the WOD with a new friend, Josh. awesome work buddy it was a pleasure to meet you. excellent determination.
    Thanks for the push Marc, i heard you everytime i wanted off that bar! thanks for giving me the extra reps.
    this is one tough wod and is a mental game just as much as physical.
    Also Amanda and Patrick, wow, great job coaching , you guys really work well together, maybe you should become a couple, oops, too late, that already happened. thnaks for the coaching tips and motivation!!
    this is going to be one tough day for all cross fitters, dig into your inner strength and you will be able to handle this.

  6. ‘Hold’ On with a great partner, Amber. you rocked this workout! very nice to meet you and share a bar together this morning.

    102 pull ups completed in time cap

    i tried really hard to match the new pull us PR you helped me get on Monday Marc, but was one rep shy at 20.

    thanks so much again to CFM for opening your doors to us.

    thanks very much to Marie-Noelle for the wonderful tips and keen coaching eye, and enthusiasm this morning. you are a wonderful woman and i wish you all the best in your new adventures!

    1. It was a pleasure meeting and working out with you Krista. My heart goes out to all of you. My thighs are purple and in pain from the HPC. I definetly need to work on technique. Thank you Krista for encouraging me and Marie-No for being such an amazing coach.

  7. WOD – hold on

    Partnered with Leon – great teamwork!! πŸ™‚

    Score: 100 @ 75

    Thanks Amanda for keeping an eye on my form!!

  8. Very appreciative of being able to continue to WOD on this tough week. Thanks CFM ! Today, my wife Lise and I partnered up for the WOD.

    47 Birthday Burpees…great part (& unexpected) of the Warmup !

    WOD w/Lise – HOLD ON
    Finished under cap at 17:14 (My wife is crazy pullup woman !!!)
    The hands – they are still a burning right now !

    Seems there was a bit of extra energy being felt for the last 5 or 6 minutes !

    Thanks again CFM/Kevin !

  9. Warmup
    Cleans (3) up to 115. Ran out of time

    WOD with Scott the Animal!
    127 pull-ups in 20 minutes

    Round 1 – 21
    Round 2 – 15
    …and I am unsure of the rest.
    Great energy in the box this morning! Nice WODing with some old and new faces.

  10. Mobility
    WU x 1 @ 15 reps

    Strength: Clean x5


    WOD: Hold On!

    – With 1 partner (Blake) complete 150 pull ups)
    – every time someone comes off the bar 20 hang power cleans @ 100

    We completed 98 Pullups at the 20min mark.

    That was a fun bloody mess. I guess I’m not looking after my callouses as well as I thought. Great workout Blake!

    1. That was a fun bloody mess. I guess I’m not looking after my callouses as well as I thought.
      My sentiments exactly.

  11. Mobility
    WU x 1 @ 15 reps

    Strength: Clean x5


    WOD: Hold On!

    – With 1 partner (Anthony) complete 150 pull ups
    – every time someone comes off the bar 20 hang power cleans @ 85

    We completed 126 Pullups at the 20min mark.

    Second workout – Back after 4 months.. This was intense.
    Anthony carried us in the pullups I could only pump out about 10 each time..

    I can now barely keep my arms straight..

  12. Mob / WU x 1 (15)

    Power Cleans x 5
    135 – 145 – 155 – 165

    Partner WOD with Shawn:
    “Hold On”
    150 Pullups
    — 20 HPC (@140#) Penalty for each time you come off the bar

    98 reps at the cap.
    Cleans were just too heavy for me today. Should have scaled back further based on how I was feeling today, but we never stopped working until the cap!
    Thanks to Coach Marie-No for keeping my form in check!

    Shawn, you really impressed me with your pullups! You were a real workhorse!

    Fun WOD.

  13. Mobility
    WU x 1 (15 reps)

    Strength: Power Cleans x 5
    65-75-85-90-95 (last set was not unbroken, got 3 then fought to get the last 2)

    “Hold On”
    Partnered with Daphne for this one
    With 1 partner at a time, complete 150 pullups (20min cap)
    When you come off the bar, complete 20 Hang Power Cleans (80#)
    I used the blue band for pullups

    D – 14

    Total – 73 (We said 63 at the time of the WOD, but going back through my notes found a calculation error.

    Good job Daphne! You rocked the Cleans, I really struggled with them.

  14. Mobility
    WU x 1 (15 reps)

    Strength: Power Cleans x 5

    β€œHold On”
    Partnered with Pete for this one
    With 1 partner at a time, complete 150 pullups (20min cap)
    When you come off the bar, complete 20 Hang Power Cleans (80#)
    I used the green band for pullups

    Total – 92

    Thank you for all the coaching with my cleans Marie-Noelle.

    Great partner, Pete!

  15. Great morning!
    strength was push press, shared the bar with Dan and Scott it was awesome @ 95lb x5 and continued Wod with Tracy and she did a few extra rrows so we finished wod at the 20min mark with 156 pullups ,great job Tracy, enjoyed this WOD today

  16. Mob

    Foam rolled again thanks to Michel

    Partner with Robyn
    117 reps
    Green band/ 50lb
    That was harder than I thought… My arms were killing me. Great job Robyn

    Thanks Ron & 5:45 class

    1. You were great, Jackie! Thanks for being my partner! I have noodle arms right now and don’t know how I don’t have an assistant typing this for me. πŸ˜›

  17. WU x 1

    Push Press x 5

    81 Pull ups…in 8 rounds between the 2 of us. I started with pink band and moved to next band up in my 3rd round.

    I partnered with Shannon from Maritime CrossFit. Shannon, you did great, but I’m afraid I let you down on both the pull ups & HPC. HPC were much much tougher than I thought they’d be. My grip & forearms were toast.

    Thanks to everyone for all the BIrthday burpees & wishes.

    1. ohhh….and the HPC were at 80#….I seriously wanted to drop the weight after the second round!

    2. No Heidi I don’t think you have anything to apologize for, you did great this morning.
      And I was enjoying your jubilation too much at making everyone do your birthday burpees that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday! Hope you had a nice day. πŸ™‚

  18. mob wux1
    47 birthday burpees (Heidi) I’ll get you next year
    strength power clean
    95×5 115×5 125×5
    hold on
    with 1 partner at a time complete 150 pull up
    when you come off the bar 20 hang power clean @115#
    partner Marc from MCF
    total -113 pull up

  19. Mob
    Power Clean 105, 115, 125 X2, 135
    WOD: Hold On.
    Was partnered with Adam, Awesome job man!
    94 pull-ups
    20 power cleans at 125
    Biggest test was grip strength, my hands are so gnarled up after that one. Tore open my left hand on one of the cleans, and had to drop to 75. needless to say efficiency on pull-ups severely declined after that as well, ( sorry Adam) Thanks a lot for taping my hand too Ron, I don’t think we would have even gotten to 94 with out it.On the up-side, at least from now on shaking my hand will be like shaking hands with an eagle πŸ˜€

    1. Might as well put mine here! This was a great workout, really brutal πŸ˜€


      Strength: Push Press
      65, 85, 95, 105, 115

      I used a blue band for the pullups, first set was something like 17 and it quickly went down from there! Needless to say we did a lot of HPC… πŸ˜›

      Nice working out with you C-Man. You made those pullups look easy even with a ripped hand!

  20. Mobility
    WUX1 15 reps
    Push Press 5 x (40, 45, 50, 55, 60)
    WOD: Hold on
    Partnered with Paula from MCF….she was awesome to wod with and we got 150 pullups in 19:43. Thanks Ron for making me switch to the blue band….shockingly green is now too easy….very excited about this!!

  21. Mobility
    wux1 (15 reps)

    Power cleans: (x5)55-65-75 (x4)85-(x2)90 – stopped, technique was awful!

    Hold on – (OMG!!)

    Partner with Jen. B…What a beast!

    115 reps at time cap (7 rounds of HPC @ 70#)

    My hands hurt! Ouch!

  22. WU x 1 (15 reps)

    Power Clean x 5

    135-145-155-155-165 (3)

    Hold On @ 135 lb partnered with Trent (Thanks for carrying my ass!)

    Trent 30-16-12-1

    Marcel 18-12-8

    Total – 97

    No grip left at all tough WOD.

    1. Save from Copy/Paste…

      Strength Power Cleans x 5

      145-155-165-175-185(pr 15) last rep with a jerk.

      Way to hang on to the HPC and push yourself Marcel.

  23. Mob
    WU x 1 (15 reps)

    Strength: push press 5’s

    WOD Hold On – with John

    Cleans at 75#
    Blue band

    Total: 122 reps

    My hands are wrecked! I may have to wear gloves tomorrow just to warm

  24. Heather Colleen

    WU x 1 (15 reps, no pushups)

    Strength: Power Clean x5
    50-60-70-80-85 <- no pr, lots of work on form

    WOD: Hold On

    Partnered with Lee

    A few miscommunications and a few no-reps, completed 147 (ish) by the 20 min time cap.

    *Future self, check book for further notes on this WOD.

  25. Would love to have done this Wod, but I still need the work on my oly lifts.
    Wu x 1 (15) reps
    Row 250
    Burgener with group
    Snatch (full squat)
    95/ 115/ 125
    Clean and Jerk
    135/ 155/ 165 thanks for the tips on the jerk Pat, felt much better
    Snatch balance (3 sec pause)
    95/ 115/ 125
    Great class Pat!

  26. 8:30 a.m.class…yikes is all I have to say!!!

    I teamed up with the awesome Rob Brydges for this tough WOD!

    128 pull-ups at the 20 minute time cap..

    105 lbs for HPC’S

    Rob and I did an equal amount of pull up’s.
    15 each and then 10 each until the very end and then I finished with 3 pull-ups

    We did our HPC’s in sets of 10 and then sets of 5.

    Tough WOD! I really enjoyed having you as my partner for this one Rob!

  27. Mob
    WU x 1 (15 reps)

    Strength: push press x5
    55 – 65 – 75 – 85 – 90
    – Only hit 1 rep @ 90, but that’s more than I’ve ever done before πŸ™‚

    WOD Hold On – with Heather S

    Cleans at 75#
    Ring rows

    Total: 122 reps

    Huge thanks to Heather, you rocked! Also, thanks to Marie-Noelle for the coaching!

  28. Mob & Wux1 @ 15 reps
    Strength: Cleans practiced form @ 65lbs
    Wod: Hold on

    Cleans @ 65lbs
    Ring rows
    Total: 140 reps.

    Huge kudos to my partner she rocked the pullups, and to Marie-No for the small corrections that lite up my light bulb! NOW i get it! lol

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