Hold it

One partner works, while the other holds the sandbag
Alternate as needed
100 Pushups
Sandbag Plank
100 Pullups
Sandbag Squat Hold
100 Situps
Sandbag Hollow Hold
100 Burpees
Sandbag OH Hold

Compare to Nov.18/17


4 thoughts on “Hold it”

  1. wod with Karen:

    Rx for her and slight modification for me, wall sit instead of sb squat hold. Back is feeling pretty good! First time doing pullups since before my injury.

  2. OG WOD

    5 Rounds

    12 Push Press
    15 Ab mat sit ups
    500m Row


    Thanks for creating this one Amanda!

    10am Class

    Partnered with Elba

    Ring rows instead of pull ups

    Time – 24:55

    Thanks for doing most of the work at the end Elba! 🙂

  3. OG

    Bench Press x5
    95-110-130-135-150 x 13 > could have kept going but thought 10 or 12 was the max


    5 Rounds

    12 Push Press @ 75#
    15 Ab mat sit ups
    500m Row


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