Hit it and flip it

Tabata Hammer Strikes

50 Tire Flips (team of 3 on the big sucker)


3 thoughts on “Hit it and flip it”

  1. Beauty pic…had a drop-in today at Spark CrossFit in Phoenix, AZ – 38C at 9AM

    Partner WOD – 20 Rounds – 35min

    200m Run – hardest part in the heat on black asphalt
    8 Snatches – 75#
    6 Burpee over Bar – did 3 for last 3 rounds

    4 full rounds before overheating
    3 rounds with 3 burpees
    + 200m run

  2. Well today was a super fun day of fitness!
    In OG today a group of us decided to do a rucking version of the Deck of Death..
    30 minute cap
    Hearts – 8 counts
    Diamonds – Flutterkicks (4 count)
    Spades – Ruck swings
    Clubs – Step ups
    Aces – Dumpster Run
    Jokers – Shrimpies and share a pun
    Jeana, Tara, Roxanne and Kevin joined me.. Kim and Amanda did their own versions… Kevin actually finished the 5 cards in his deck after the time ran out..
    I managed Jeana:
    64 – 8 counts 17 – Lunges
    66 – Ruck swings 34 – Ruck swings
    62 – Step ups 40 – Step ups
    9 – Flutter kicks 22 – Flutter kicks
    3 Dumpster runs 3 – Dumpster runs
    I also managed to tell 2 puns!
    Thanks guys!

    Then super fun 10 am class with coach Ron
    Tabata Hammer Strikes
    50 Tire Flips
    Roxanne and Derek and I flipped the water filled smaller tire..

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