Hero WOD

6 rounds for time:
25 Pull-ups
10 Front-rack lunge (75/55#)
25 Push-ups
10 Front-rack lunge (75/55#)

*40 min cap

Break it up before you need to!

Our recent Prep Course grads

9 thoughts on “Hero WOD”

  1. Open gym

    Beat swings
    Pull ups
    Good for 1 at a time need to work on controlling the kip and body swing

    3 sets 25 sit ups and pushups

    1m run time 9:16

    walk for 15 sec still getting cramps left calf.  4th run of the year need more fluids.

  2. Group WU & Mob

    The HERO WOD

    6 rounds for time:
    25 Pull-ups (Ring Row)
    10 Front-rack lunge (25#)
    25 Push-ups (from 30″ box)
    10 Front-rack lunge (25#)

    Time: 33:13

    Thanks Mario!!

  3. Open gym
    Partner wod with Amanda

    3 rounds
    20 D ball over shoulder 50#
    80m Farmer carry (each) 50#
    30 burpees

    23ish, didn’t officially time, will next time!

    Amanda to go lighter next time to speed up farmer carries

  4. Open gym:
    Kind of tagged on to Heather and Amanda.

    3 rounds
    10 Wall Balls @10# – 9′
    80m Farmer carry – 40#
    15 burpees
    Time: 18ish. Clock stopped before I was done.

  5. Biked to and from as a pre warmup.

    Open Gym

    WUx1 + Crossover Symmetry

    Oly Class homework

    3 sets of 10 DB Press

    4 sets of 10 High Box Jumps
    30-34-38-40 (used the new toys)

    Accumulate 4 in a plank. 2:30 then 1:30

    also old Oly homework

    3×10 Superman with 2 sec hold

    3×10 Box Step ups – 30in

    50 Russian twist 25#

    Great work OG peeps!

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