Hero Month

Welcome to the beginning of Hero Month. CrossFit was originally intended for Police/Fire/Military personnel. Due to the nature of their jobs, they do not know what challenges they will face on any given day. So training for the unknown (CrossFit) seems like a good fit.

Every August, we honor those that have served and died in the line of duty. Some of them are fellow Canadians, with our first young Hero of the month coming from Fredericton.

These workouts are not easy (nor should they be). If you think about the struggles that these men and women went through, it might give you some extra strength to push through.


Six rounds for time of:
50 Squats
25 Ring dips

Canadian Forces Private Colin Wilmot, 24, of Fredericton, New Brunswick, assigned to the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (2 PPCLI) Battle Group, based out of Edmonton, Alberta, died on July 6, 2008 from wounds suffered when an explosive device detonated near him in the Panjwali District of Afghanistan.

Compare to Aug.31/12


68 thoughts on “Hero Month”

  1. Mobility
    WU x 2 (12reps)
    Strength: push press: 25, 30, 35, 45 (×5)

    WOD: Wilmot
    6 rounds of:
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips (Scaled to paralette dips)

    20 minute cap
    Completed 4 full rounds plus 35 squats or 335 reps!

    Great job 6amer’s

  2. Valerie Arseneau

    WU x 2 + 2 min of skipping
    Strength: push jerks
    5x 55-60-65 Stopped there as my left shoulder was being stupid.

    WOD: Wilmot
    6 rounds of:
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips (Red band for round 1 and blue for the rest)
    Time : 19:35

    I have a soft spots for hero WODs because I have a RCMP for a dad and a Military that served in Afghanistan as a boyfriend. I use them as a motivation to finish these WODs.

    1. Valerie Arseneau

      isn… bad english there! Last sentence should be “they are my motivation” and not that I am using them lol.

  3. WOD: WIlmot
    50 air squats (first 3 sets unbroken)
    25 ring dips (blue band)

    Time: 16:55
    Thanks for all the tips Marie-No, most ring dips I have ever done in a WOD, still lots of room for practice. Great job 6am crew! 🙂

  4. Mobility
    WU x 2 (12 reps)
    2 mins of skipping
    No strength (stretching)

    WOD: Wilmot
    6 rounds of:
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips (scaled to paralette dips)

    Time: 17:35

    Cashout: Standing quad stretch

    Great class Marie-No. Good job 6 a.m. crew 🙂

  5. Strength Shoulder Press x 3

    WOD: Wilmot
    6 rounds of:
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips (did first 20 in my first round with no band, then switched to skinny purple band)

    DNF: 432 reps, had 12 ring dips left.

    Oh my I’m sore! Vacation detox in full effect lol

  6. Mob
    WU x 2 (12 reps) + 2 min rowing

    Strength – Back Squat x 5


    WOD – Wilmot

    6 Rounds:

    50 Air Squats
    25 Paralette Dips

    Score – 4 Rounds + 11 Squats = 311

  7. Mobility
    Wu x 2 @ 12 reps + 2 min skipping (du’s)
    Strength : push jerk at 135 to work on form, still can’t quite get the right feeling for these.. 🙁
    Wod : Wilmot
    6 rounds
    50 squats
    25 ring dips
    Rx’d : 13.10
    Really liked this one, very glad I foam rolled last night after Kelly!!
    Great work 6 amer’s!
    Great class Marie!! As always 🙂

  8. Vanessa Champion

    WUx2 (12reps) +2 min skip

    Strength: overhead squat

    WOD: Wilmont
    6 rounds of: 50 air squats & 25 ring dips
    Scaled to paralette dips

    Completed 5 rounds and 42 squats
    Total of 417 reps

    First unfinished Cross Fit WOD since starting in June

  9. 400m Run
    WU x 2 (12 reps) + 2 min of skipping
    Strength: Shoulder Press x 5

    500m Row

    WOD: Wilmot
    6 rounds of: (time cap 20 minutes)
    50 Air squats
    25 Ring dips (blue band)

    Completed 4 rounds plus 11 dips
    Total: 361

    Thanks for coaching Marie-Noelle.

  10. Mobility
    WU x 2 (12reps)

    Strength:Push Press x 5

    Foam rolling

    50 air squats
    25 ring dips (with blue band)

    4 rounds + 10 dips
    360 reps

  11. MOB
    WUx2 (12 reps each)
    2 minutes of skipping

    Strength: back squat

    5×45, 50, 55, 60 65

    Hero WOD: Wilmot
    6 rounds (time cap 20 min)
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips (scaled to paralette dips)

    Completed 4 rounds and 43 squats = 343

    Legs were complaining before we started from “Kelly”. Today’s prescription lots of water and good food as well as stretching.

  12. mobility x wu 2
    overhead squat

    6 rounds of
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips

    20 min cap 5 rounds 2 ring dips rx

    completed the whole work out in 32:02

  13. This was a comment on the main site back when it was originally posted.

    To whom this may concern,

    In 2008 I had the honour of serving with Colin Wilmot in the province of Kandahar, Afghanistan and it is with mixed feelings of deep regret and much pride that I am requesting he be remembered with his own WOD. I am requesting that the memory of such a warrior serve as motivation to others just as he remains a huge motivation in the lives of those who knew him. On July 6th 2008 Colin was killed by an improvised explosive device during a nightime foot patrol in the Panjwai district of Kandahar province. Colin was a medic from 1 Canadian Field Ambulance, attached as Platoon Medic to the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry (2 PPCLI) Battle Group. He is survived by his fiancée, Laura, father Eric, and his sister Kathleen.

    Colin embodied the ethos of Crossfit not in the way in which he died but more so in the way in which he chose to live his life . His eulogy, read at the task force memorial, explains that “ He was passionate about being fit as he believed his body would take him into everywhere he needed to go.”

    Colin was not originally slated for this rotation but was eager to serve. He made it clearly known to the Regimental Sergeant Major that he was eager to get on this tour. “He told me he would give it his all… and he did.” – Chief Warrant Officer Chris Kaye, 1 Canadian Field Ambulance Regimental Sergeant Major.

    “Throughout the evacuation process, our soldiers and medical personnel fought hard, just as Private Wilmot often did, to save the life of their patient. Sadly, his injuries were too extensive to save him.”
    – General Denis Thompson, Task Force Afghanistan Commander.

    Heroes do exist. Colin is one of them.

    1. I was with someone for a long time that is military and was posted in Moncton. There are many heroes here in town and many we have lost. I love that you have created a month of workouts to honour these brave men and women – they have and still do give a lot for us.

  14. Really nice. I grew up in a military family and can appreciate these words. Hero week-another amazing initiative at CrossFit. So respectful and lovely.

  15. Vacation WOD at the Belleville Crossfit:

    WUP x 3:
    sampson stretch
    10 O/H Squat
    10 Sit-ups
    10 Pullups (skinny red band)
    10 Lateral dips

    Strength – shoulder press x 3
    45, 50, 55, 60, 65 (x1 and then I failed 3 more attempts), 60 x 3

    1000 m row (time was 5:04 for the row)
    60 O/H Lunge (with a 25 lbs weight)
    50 KB swing (25 lbs)
    40 H/R pushups
    30 Box jumps (20 inch)
    20 Burpees
    10 Clean and Jerks (65 lbs)

    Time = 21:37

  16. Heather Colleen

    WUx2 (12reps) + 2 min skip

    Strength: Push Jerk x5

    WOD: Wilmot

    6 rounds:
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips (Scaled to paralette dips)

    Completed 5 rounds and 40 squats
    Total of 415 reps

    First time I’ve done paralettes since start of March, and they hurt. A lot. Having them show up on a Hero WOD was the best motivation I could’ve asked for.

    1. So happy that you are recovering well and back to doing the WODs “un-modified” again. Hope you aren’t too sore tomorrow 🙂

  17. WUx2 (12 reps)
    2min Skipping

    Strength – Push Press x3

    WOD “Wilmot”
    3 rounds + 8 ring Dips (Used Orange band)
    Total–>283 reps

    Great job morning crew!

  18. mob
    wux3 5reps

    Front Squat

    WOD Wilmot
    50 airsquats
    25 Ring Dips Scale1 – 3 rounds blue band 3 rounds parellet dips
    Time: 18:33
    What a week this has been so far.

  19. WU x 1
    2 min skipping
    Wod (with red band)
    375 reps

  20. Mobility
    Warm-up x3 (5reps)

    Strength: Deadlift

    70,80,90,100,110 x5

    WOD: Wilmot
    6 rounds:
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips (With Blue Band)

    Time: 17:52

    Great Job 5:45 Class!!

  21. Mobility
    Warm Up

    Got in a little late so I skipped the strength

    “Wilmot” Rx’d: 1 rep short of finishing in the 20 minute time cap

    LOVED this WOD!

    Good job everybody!!

  22. Mobility
    WUx3 (5 Reps)




    4 Rounds 19 Ring Dips (Small Purple Band)

  23. Mobility
    Warm-up x3 (5reps)

    Foam Roll Thursday

    WOD: Wilmot
    6 rounds:
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips (With Blue Band)

    Time: 19:21

    Booya beat ya CC!! lol

  24. Mobility
    Warm-up x3 (5reps)

    Strength: Front Squats

    95-135-155-185 – ran outta time

    WOD: Wilmot
    6 rounds:
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips (With skinny red band)

    DNF – 5 Rounds + 6 dips

    Woah this was a another tough wod this week! Very humbling to use the band but still very effective!

  25. WOD: 17:48

    Scaled to 4 rounds, 1st round no band. Other 3 used small purple band

    I was slow on the squats. I’m struggling lately with not pushing myself enough. I’m working on it..

  26. mobility.. lots of it! lol

    Wu x 2 ( I don’t read too good! )

    practice butterfly pullups as time was too short for strength..

    5 rounds + 33 squats

    started with intentions of going RX.. got two rounds in and quickly realized wuzn’t gonna happen! lol.. so added small red band at that point!

  27. WU x 3 (5 reps)

    Push Jerk x 5
    135 – 145 – 135 – 145
    Going to dial the weight way back and work on technique. Wasn’t happy with how they felt today and I have been struggling with them for a couple rotations now.

    6 rounds:
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips

    Did 2.5 rounds with Rx Ring Dips but tweaked my gimpy wrist and promptly switched to parallettes. A very tough WOD and I only hope I did it some justice.

    TIME: 19.27

  28. Mobility

    Front Squats x5
    65, 115, 135 (Ran out of time)

    6 rounds
    50 squats
    25 Ring dips (scaled to paralette dips)

    Time: 17:18

  29. Wu x 2

    Practice butterfly pull-ups.
    Still 5 and then lose rythem.

    800m run

    Wod: “Wilmot”

    5 rounds & 33 squats RX’d.

  30. Mobility
    WU x 3 (5 reps)

    Strength- Back squat x 5 50-60-65-70-75

    WOD Wilmot
    6 rounds
    50 squats
    25 dips
    Scaled to 4 rounds and paralette dips
    Time 19:59
    Cash out- took the kids for a walk through mapleton park, lots of stretching and water.

  31. Mobility
    WU x 3 (5 reps)

    WOD: “Wilmot”
    6 rounds of:
    50 air squats
    25 ring dips(Blue Band)

    20 minute cap
    Completed 5 full rounds plus 45 squats for 420

  32. Mob
    Wux3 @ 5 reps
    Strength: Push Jerks to 85

    Wod: Wilmot
    4 rounds of
    50 air squats
    25 paralette dips

    time: 18:20
    Would of been so much faster if i hadn’t of done 3 rounds of 50 dips! Thanks to my sister for catching that

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