Here it is…15.1

Regular classes – you’re rowing for 10 minutes today for total meters. Enjoy!

If you’re registered for the Open, your workout is 15.1.

Workout 15.1
Complete as many rounds as possible in 9 minutes of:
15 toes-to-bars
115-lb. deadlifts, 10 reps
115-lb. snatches, 5 reps

Workout 15.1a
6 minutes to find 1-rep-max clean and jerk

Perform both workouts on a 15-minute clock, start Workout 15.1a immediately after finishing 15.1.

All athletes and judges – please watch this video before arriving at the gym.

If you plan on scaling, just let your judge know before the workout begins.

HEAT LIST for 15.1


69 thoughts on “Here it is…15.1”

    1. Me too – I have been checking the website way too much 🙂 Good luck everyone who is competing tonight. It is going to be a great time. Try not to be nervous – it is just another WOD with the support of all your CFM peeps.

  1. – Mob
    – WUx1

    15.1 Rx = 87 rounds (also 115# is now my max snatch…)
    15.1a = 165# (matched clean PR, jerk PR, and new combined C&J PR)

    Yay 🙂

  2. Can I just say I love everyone at our gym?!?!? ❤️
    15.1 was amazing at the gym tonight. If you weren’t there, get there next week!!
    Congrats on all the PR’s and hard work tonight.

    185 reps
    Clean and jerk 105#. 5# PR!

    1. Came back to say what an awesome night it was tonight – we have an amazing, supportive group! Also, thanks to my super awesome judge, Tara R 🙂 especially for getting me all organized when I had no game plan for 15.1a

  3. 15.1
    Rx 41

    130 (5# PR! Clean felt good, jerk was ‘iffy’)

    Great night tonight! I literally love this place, it makes me happy! 🙂

    1. I watched you eek out that last jerk as time was running down. It was awesome & your lifts looked great. OLY is paying off. Congrats on the PR.

  4. 15.1

    Rx 116 reps
    120# C&J I was bummed, I loaded the plates wrong and it got in my head…

    Really fun night! Lots of PRs, thanks Kevin and Jo!

  5. First off…that was SO MUCH FUN! CFM has THE best people & there is no one better to complete my first ever Open with 🙂

    15.1 as Rx 98 reps
    51.1a) 135# …pr! before tonight my theoretical 1RM was around 125# but I hadn’t tried putting it together. I’m happy I started at 125# but I got over ambitious going from 135 to 145# and that led to 3 failed attempts at 145#…couldn’t get extended over head but man what a rush!!

    Congrats to everyone on tonight, it was an amazing effort all around and lots of PRs!! Thanks to all the judges and of course Kevin and Joanna for making it all possible!

    Bring on 15.2!!!

    1. Thank you ladies!
      It dawned on me this morning that 145# was a big pr for my clean regardless…so that’s very exciting!!

  6. 15.1 Scaled

    15 Knee Raises
    10 Dead Lifts 55#
    5 Ground to Over head (I did C & J) 55#

    180 Reps

    15.1(a) Clean & Jerks @ 105#

  7. Well that was fun! I have no voice left.

    15.1 Rx’d
    152 reps

    Stuck with my pace and reached my goal.

    247# (made the money lift)


    That was a hella-awesome night. So many inspiring people. Can’t wait until 15.2!

  8. Wow! Lots of PR’s tonight! Great work everyone!
    15.1 – scaled 210 reps

    15.1 a – 105# (back to my pre-baby 1RM Yay!!!)

    Thanks Judge Tara! You were so encouraging! Very well organized as always Kevin and Jo! Thanks!

  9. Had a great time tonight, everyone did awesome. Congrats to everyone!!!
    Wod was 153 reps
    Lift was 205.
    Shoulder wouldn’t allow anymore!

  10. WOD Rx
    15.1 = 114 reps

    15.1a = 215# matched PR
    did 205-215(f)-215

    Great atmosphere, everyone gave it their all, great night at CFM!

  11. 15.1 Scaled= 151 reps

    15.1a= 95# (25# PR)

    Such a wonderful night. So much effort. i was truly inspired by every single one of you.

    Tonight was a CrossFit miracle for me, so if it’s okay with everyone, I think I’ll just call it a night and end my Open experience on a high note

  12. 15.1 Scaled
    Score: 163 reps

    15.1 A C&J
    Score: 180# (matched PR)

    I had been thinking about this all day and thought there was no way I could come close to my max after the grip killing WOD. What a pleasant surprise! It wasn’t pretty by all means but it made me happy.
    Thank you Amanda for the push in the WOD!
    I can’t wait for next week 🙂

    1. My brain exploded when you PUSH PRESSED 180# !

      Had a lot of fun at the gym with you tonight, great job!!

  13. 15.1 RX’ed
    Went for it! Got all 15 toes to bar!!! I wasn’t sure if I could get 1 and I have never done them in a workout. Also never tried for max t2b, so 15 is thrilling!!!

    Total reps 25 (no way I can snatch 75# yet, so I stopped there, but reached beyond my goal!)

    15.1a C&J – 105# (15# PR!!!) Thanks for the push Vanessa!

    I am so impressed with everyone who competed! There was not one person who did not look proud with what they did! Lots of PR’s lots of amazing people!

  14. I thought I posted my result here last night? I can’t find it.

    15.1 rx’d: 105 reps
    15.1a: 130#. Not a PR, but I was happy with it.

    So much fun last night, I’m so proud of everyone!!

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