Heavy Lifting

Rack Jerks

Games WOD 12.1 was announced and it’s AMRAP 7 min of burpees. Every single one of you can do this wod, so get registered! http://games.crossfit.com/ You have until 7:30pm tonight.

Swimming practice?

39 thoughts on “Heavy Lifting”

  1. WU x 1
    Rack Jerk Progressions

    Strength Rack Jerks

    35×5, 40×3, 45×3, 50x2x 55×2, 60×1, 65×1, 70×1, 75×1, 80×1, 85×1, 85×1

    I like this lift a lot! Fun class..great work Leesa!

    and yay for BURPEES!!!!

  2. WU x 1

    Rack Jerk Progressions

    Strength Rack Jerks
    35×5, 40×3, 45×3, 50x2x 55×2, 60×1, 65×1, 70×1, 75×1, 80×1, 85 F

    Great working with you Maria Great Job! You made those look easy 🙂

  3. WU x 1

    Rack Jerk Progressions

    Strength Rack Jerks… up to 155#
    Kevin, thanks for the coaching, much appreciated.

  4. We can all do burpees – some of us not as well as others – by some of us I mean me. However, I will do my best. Sign up everyone.

  5. Hey guys!

    This year I decided to have a little fun with the 2012 Crossfit Games and set a goal for myself regarding my standing in the Eastern Canada region. This includes a “bet”, if you will. Just to add some extra motivation to the whole thing.

    Last year I finished 280th out of 350 athletes (I think) in the Canada East region, putting me around the 80% percentile of the standings. This year, my goal is to try and finish at the 70% percentile (i.e. if 1000 athletes register in our region, I will want to finish 700th or better).

    Now the fun part, if I DO NOT reach this goal after the Canada East final standings are announced, for the next 2 weeks (or at least 6 WODs) after the last of the Open WODs, I will wear the silliest, ugliest and/or most colorful shorts/t-shirts when I come in to workout at CF Moncton (keeping it appropriate, of course). I am not kidding. Totally serious. I showed Kevin some of the articles of clothing.

    So if you sign up and do better then me, there will be a greater chance to see me at the gym in silly workout clothes. Maybe even in a dress over my Skins gear. This should bring an extra level of friendly competition. If anyone would like to join me in setting a goal for themselves and some kind of “punishement” for not reaching it, the more the merrier.

    See you saturday! 😀 (Hurray for burpees!)

    1. We’re only 4 away from 50… I think you should dress up like this for the games WOD if we reach 50 😀

      1. No thanks. I’ll stick to my performance bet… which I have no idea if I will succeed or not. But I will try my hardest.

    2. So.. Let’s get this straight, if you fail at your quest.. the rest of us get punished by having to watch you do wods in a dress? Lol.. I’ll be cheering like a mofo to encourage you to do well, in fact I’ll throw any competition that we are close in to move you up one place!! Lol.. Just kidding, good luck Mario and everyone else from our family at xfit Moncton!!

    3. I like what your thinking, goal setting is huge for me, but as it’s my first time I have no idea what percentile I have a chance to make. I will consult Kevin on this. Not sure about the silly clothes for me though, I think I might donate to the charity I support, Make A Wish if I don’t reach my goal.

  6. WU x 1

    Rack Jerk Progressions

    Strength Rack Jerks- #90

    Good luck to everyone with the burpees on Saturday 🙂 You will rock it!

      1. All the best on your Burpees tonight guys!! I had planned on being there for your WOD but won’t make it. You guys will do awesome! 🙂

  7. Rack jerk to 145#
    first time doing these, glad I did them as they always looked intimidating to me.
    Managed 2 muscle ups back to back, but not consecutive.

  8. Rack Jerk

    45×5, 55×3, 65×3, 75×2, 85×2, 85×1, 85×1, 85×1, 95×1, 95×1, 100×1, 105(F), 105×1 😀

    Thanks for the help cleaning my bar gentlemen.

  9. WU x 1 (subbed in KBS @ 35# and 5x Muscle-Up progressions)

    Practice: Double-Unders

    Rack Jerk Progression
    45×5, 65×5, 85×5, 95×3, 105×3,115×2, 125×1, 125×1, 135×1
    Feet weren’t spacing properly… went back to 95# and switched feet, worked on form for remainder. Finished with a 130 x 3.

    5 x MU-progressions w/ purple band

  10. Well I tried the the games wod tonight and kinda disappointed in myself. Got 68. I’ll try again Saturday.

    Thanks for the cheering and counting Mario.

  11. Burpees done!

    It wasn’t as awful as I was expecting it to be.

    My advice for everyone is to set your goal really high, I think I had mine set too low and as a result I left the gym feeling like I could have done a bit better.

    BUT, am happy with my result (I got 73) and feel like I’ve come a long way since I started because although they were a little slow, I didn’t take any breaks and well, that’s a PR for me – haha. I learned tonight that I’m better at burpees than I thought, and that I need to work harder on them during the regular WOD’s than I have been. I think I’ve been scared of them. 🙂

    Thank you so much Jo, I was happy to have you judging/coaching me!

    And thanks to you all for cheering for me!

  12. Squat to 175

    Rack Jerks
    45×5 65×5 75×5 85×2 95×2 105×1 115×1 125×1 130×1 135×1 PR 🙂 140Fx2

    Great job on the burpees tonight Pat, Amanda and Nancy!

  13. Rack Jerks:

    45 x5
    55 x 3
    65 x 3
    75 x 2
    85 x 2
    95 x 1
    105 x 1
    115 – F
    110 x 1…..finally, after failing it a bunch of times. It’s all in the technique. Really enjoyed doing this lift.

    Saturday is gonna be fuuuunnnnn 🙂

  14. WU x 1

    Rack Jerks –

    65 x 3, 85 x 3, 95 x 3, 115 x 2, 135 x 2, 145 x 1, 155 x 1, 165 x 1, 170F, 170 x 1, 175 F

    Really enjoyed working on rack jerks tonight. Matched my push jerk PR 🙂

  15. WU x 2

    Rack Jerks –
    45×5 – 55×5 – 65×5 – 75×5 – 85×2 – 95×2 – 105×1 – 105×1 – 115×1 – 115×1 – 125×1 – 130F -130F – 130F – 130×1 – 130×1 BW! 😀

    I was determined tonight…LOL

    Thanks Kev and Jo for the great coaching!

  16. wu x 1
    Rack Jer Progression
    5 x 35#, 3×45#, 3×55#, 2×65#, 2×75#, 1X85#
    Had to stop, pain in foot and ankle

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