Heavy lifting

Box News:
-CrossFit Moncton does Glow-Bowling – April 16 7:30-8:30pm. Sign up on the whiteboard.
-T-shirt order! There’s some samples for Men and Women in the warm-up room. All shirts/tanks are $25. Please put your name and size.

Clean and Jerk (that’s a full squat and into a split)
Build up to a heavy double

AMRAP in 5 minutes

Heather P
Heather P

16 thoughts on “Heavy lifting”

  1. Squat c&j 2r
    35-55-65-75-80-85-90-95 (thanks for the tips Shane)

    Amtap plank in 5 min
    Total 4:20
    (30sec break after 2:30 and 10 sec break after another 1:00)

  2. Coaches – I’m signed up for 6 pm class and 7 pm open gym but have a client coming in at 230 and depending on what they need I may not make it, please don’t make me do burpees!

  3. C&J heavy double
    up to 95# then I noticed I sprained my finger somehow? Oops 🙂

    5 min plank unbroken

    Thanks for the class Mario!

  4. Squat Clean and Jerk – Build to a heavy double

    35, 40, 45, 55, 60, 60, 60 (stayed here, still not feeling 100%)

    Amtap plank in 5 min
    Total 4:30
    (3 min, 30sec break, 1:30 min)

    Smallish but awesome class! Thanks for the coaching Shane.

  5. C&J x2

    55-75-85-85-95-85-85-95-95 Felt good to lift again!

    5 Min Planks = Very broken today lol

  6. OG


    Squats cleans
    85-105# x3
    125-145-165-175-185# x1

    Felt great to work up in weight, first time getting close to a max clean in months!!

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