Have you noticed?

It’s Ladies Month at CrossFit Moncton…in case you’ve been living under a rock. Every July, we participate in many of the CrossFit.com’s named workouts. These workouts are rough and tough. Doing any of these as “Rx’d” is a very distant goal for many. Extra rest days may be needed. Never underestimate a WOD. Check out the video below on the story of Fran (one of the most infamous ladies in the CrossFit nation).


30 Snatches for time

Compare to June 26/12

(Video is Not Safe For Work)


131 thoughts on “Have you noticed?”

  1. Valerie Arseneau

    Isabel @ 45#


    I like Isabel! She’s much more fun than that some of the other girls… lol

    Felt I was slow or went too light but legs were not letting me go faster without compromising form.

      1. It’s like the “slap bet” from “How I met your Mother.” The antipication is what kills me.

    1. Valérie Arseneau

      I just noticed that the last time I did this, it was 3:21 with 35#.

      Hazzah for PR!

  2. Mobility
    Row 350m

    Group mobility + Burgener WU

    1×95-95 (didn’t feel great)
    4×90 (felt great)

    WOD: Isabel @ 75#
    Time: 3:15

    Last year, I did 5:44 at 55#. I also failed at 75# multiple last year during the strength, and I just did the workout at 75# so I’m pretty happy with that! 🙂

  3. Row 350ish m

    Group mob + Burgener WU – happy for the mobility, after yesterday’s sprints my everything hurted!

    Power snatch practice
    3×45, 3×55, 3×65, 3×75, 2×80, 1×80, 3×75

    Isabel @ 75# – 2:45, 6 seconds PR and 10# more. Happy!

  4. WOD: Isabel
    30 snatches @ 60#
    Time: 2:46

    I liked this class. Lots of mobility and teaching/practicing. Good job everyone!

  5. Group mob + Burgener WU

    Power snatch practice
    3×95, 4×115, 3×125, 3×135

    WOD @ 110 = 4:36

    Happy I decided not to go with 115# but not happy how form started to really fall apart.

  6. Shawn Johnson

    Row 350m

    Group mobility + Burgener WU

    Snatch x5
    60-70-80-90-95 (95s were messy, not jumping low enough with heavier weight)

    WOD: Isabel @ 85#
    Time: 4:42

  7. Great video!
    “…I thought that anything that left you flat on your back looking up at the sky, asking what the @#$% happened to me, deserved a female’s name….”

  8. Mobility
    Row: 350 m
    Group Mobility + Burgener WU

    WOD: Isabel @25
    Time: 3:47 ???? (i think)

    Great class this morning and loved the video!

  9. Power Snatch

    4:29 Rx’d (PR!)

    Broke into 3 sets of 10. Middle set was slow.

    1. reps 10 to 20 was a blur to me, I can’t even recall how they were broken up (if they were) or what was going through my head in that time.

  10. Mobility
    Row 350m
    Group mobility and Burgener Wu
    Practice power snatch to 135
    Still not comfortable with my snatch!! (haha)
    Wod @ 115
    Could have went faster maybe with fresh legs, yesterday was a little hard on the quads. Everytime I would pocket the bar it was hurting. Then my quads would tighten up and made it hard to drive the bar up.. All in all fun Wod really liked this one, next time try it rx maybe..

    1. At 2:44 I would say you probably should have done RX. Still probably would have been close to sub 4 min.

  11. Mobility
    350m row

    Group mobility (ouch) and Burgener WU

    Snatch practice

    Isabel 50#

  12. Mobility with the terrible lacrosse ball

    Power Snatch for strength. Technique feels solid until I reach 65lbs. Thanks for the tips, Jo!

    WOD @ 55lbs

    Last time I used 50lbs and it took me 4:30. Yahoo for progress!
    Cash out – Cora’s with Jo. 🙂

  13. Mob
    Row 350m
    Group mob. And burgner WU

    Wod @ 95#
    20# and 33sec PR

  14. Baby Isabel
    30 1 arm Dumbbell snatches 20#

    1:59 (10 right, 10 left, 5 right, 5 left)

    1. “Baby Isabel”…that has a nice ring to it 🙂

      So happy to see you (and all the CFM Mommies-to-be) working out. These little ones are going to be born with hook-grips and little baby muscles. 🙂

  15. While we’re working our way through some Crossfit ladies, maybe we’ll get to see the “Baby Lydia” wod from the fundraiser last fall 🙂 (As opposed to “Dirty Lydia” who makes Eva look kind…)

  16. De-load Week Session #1:

    Mob / Row 350m

    Group Mobility
    Group Burgener

    — Wrist/Forearm Mobility Work

    — 10 x 50# Med. Ball Cleans
    — AMRAP 3 min Double Unders: 35
    — 10 x 50# Med. Ball Cleans

    No bars, no timing, but it felt good to get out and do some light work.

  17. Mobility
    group warm up
    WOD Isabel @85# : 2:57

    I chickened out of 95#. Maybe next time Isabel…

  18. Mobility
    350m row + 800m run
    Group mobility and burgener

    Snatch practice – (x3) 35-45-55-45 (form was poopy at 55)

    Isabel @ 45


    800m run

  19. Mobility
    Group WU & Mobility

    Power Snatch


    WOD ” Isabel”

    Time: 3:08 RX

    Last time was 3:55 with #95 think i got a little PR 😛

  20. Mobility
    350m row
    400m jog
    Group mobility and burgener

    Snatch practice

    WOD – Isabel @ 75

    Time – 4:11

  21. Mob
    350m row

    Group mobility
    Burgener warm up

    Snatch practice x 2

    WOD: “Isabelle”

    30 snatches @ 115#


    1 mile run

  22. Mobility
    350m Row

    Group warmup and mobility
    Burgener warmup

    Power Snatch X 2


    WOD – Isabelle @ 115#

    Time – 3:43

    20# PR over June/2012 but 1 min and 3 second slower

  23. Mobility

    350 m Row

    Group mobility, foam rolling, lacrosse ball fun.

    Power Snatch

    45 x 2
    65 x 2
    75 x 2
    85 x 2
    95 x 2
    105 x 2
    115 x 2

    Isabel @ 95 lb

    2:53 PR by 48 seconds

  24. Mob
    350 m row

    Group mobility
    Group snatch practice with Leslie 🙂

    WOD – Isabel @ 35#
    Time : 1:56

    Normally I would have gone higher (maybe around 50#) but I went to give blood at lunch time and they told me not to lift anything heavy or do any intense physical activity (eehhh.. isn’t that pretty much the definition of Crossfit?!?) for 6 hrs or ideally until tomorrow. I waited 6 hours to the minute then compromised with a lighter weight… but glad it was a short one cuz I wouldn’t have been able to handle one of those long 35 min + ones from last week.

    I also learned what donkey kicking means and that it’s got no place in the gym 😉

  25. Heather Colleen

    350m Row
    400m Jog

    Group Mobility
    Bergener WU – went overhead with both arms!!!! So excited! And not stupid enough to try it with a bar – take that, ego monster!!

    Power Snatch Practice x5 – dumbbell 1 arm

    15-20-25-30-35 (2)

    WOD: Isabel #25 dumbbell


    I think next time I’ll try #30 (if I’m still using the 1 arm)…the threat of 100 burpees for >5 minutes was just too scary.

  26. Isabel @ 55#: 2:46.

    Wanted to try same weight as last summer to see if I had improved. 1:15 seconds faster! Happy!

  27. Heather & Julia

    Glad for the group mob (I need someone to come to my house daily and make me do this. I usually can only think of one or two of them at home)

    Snatch practice 20# – 80# x 2

    Isabel @ 65

    Time: 2:53 (last time 2:51 @ 55#)

    So happy to do a wod that I didn’t have to modify for an injury!!

  28. Wu. 350 m row
    Group wu
    WOD. “Isabel”
    30 snatches for time (135/95). Did 95lbs
    Rob Brydges

  29. Mobility
    WU x 1
    350 m row
    Group warm up and burgener

    Snatch x 2
    65-85-95-105-135-145-155-165 (×1didnt commit to the second one I think I could have had it if I didnt bail out of it)

    WOD : isabel @ 115#

    Time: 2:56
    1 Mile cash out.

    Fun class Corinna !
    Love the snatch.

  30. Mobility
    Row 350m

    Group mobility + Burgener WU


    WOD: Isabel @ 35#
    Time: 1:58

    Run 800 m

    I know, I know should have gone heavier but not great at this lift and didn’t want to do 100 burpees.. haha

    Great class Corinna! Loved all the mobility, as painful as it was but I know it helps!

  31. lots and lots of mob.. great WU overall for this wod.

    wod @ 115 was thinking rx but can’t find any record of me doing this before ( besides at the games as a burpee sandwich!) so decided on 115

    Thanks for counting Jeff L and great job 6:45

    1. Great choice on the weight and awesome time. Rx for sure on your next Isabel encounter. 🙂

  32. Mobility
    Row 350m

    Group mobility + Burgener WU


    WOD: Isabel @ 35#
    Time: 2:40

    2xRun 800 m

    Could have gone higher weight, but I find this movement awkward. We need to do more snatches!!! 🙂

    Great 5:45 class Corinna

    1. Good job and great job on the run. Next time we will do 4 loops. Then just 21 more and it will be the same as the Marathon. 😉

  33. Mobility
    Row 350m
    Group mobility + Burgener WU

    snatch practice
    2x 45-75-95-105-115

    WOD “Isabel”

    30 snatches @ #105

    Time: 3:28 49 sec and 5# PR over last year

  34. mob
    row 350m 1:11.9
    Group warm up/mobility
    Group Strength
    45×2, 65×2,85×2, 105×2
    30 Power Snatch #95
    Time 2:31
    Thanks for he push Jeremy. I will have to go heavier next time. I to love the Snatch;)

  35. Mobility
    Power snatch practice (x3)

    WOD “Isabel” @ 75#
    Time = 2:42

    Did it in June 2012 with the same weight a time of 5:12…. so a PR of 2:30 🙂
    My goal was to get sub 3:00 before going up in weight, so next time I will try it at 80 or 85#.

  36. Wod Isabel at 30lbs
    Should have gone higher. I am such a chicken shit lol. Last year 25lbs with a 3:07 time.
    Thanks Corinna for the great mob and snatch wu. I almost like this lift.

  37. Mob
    Row 350M
    Group Mobility and WU
    Isabel @ #35 – 2:09 Next time I will go heavier.
    Great class Corinna!

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