Happy New Year!

Change for Change is tomorrow. $5 to switch up your workout. 

What an awesome year! 2012 was filled with lots of big changes and tons of new members. And most of them have been referrals from current members. So thank you to all of you for spreading the good word. CrossFit Moncton continues to develop an outstanding community of people because of you.

Thanks to the training staff for their constant support and coaching. So lucky to have all of you!

We’ve seen a lot of changes at the gym and you can certainly expect more to come in 2013.

And finally, some fun facts from 2012…

Searches for CFM – over 17,700
Total views – 520,000
Most visited post – June 17/12 (Take a look around)
Most commented post – Aug.2/12 (No singles)
Most clicked photo – Swim Wod
Largest referrer – Facebook
Top commenter – Lora (3097 comments)

Here’s to a healthy and successful 2013!


54 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

    1. Even the #2-5 commenters COMBINED couldn’t beat her.

      2 – Blake – 843 COMMENTS
      3 – Eric N. – 791 COMMENTS
      4 – Amanda – 755 COMMENTS
      5 – Gillyon – 615 COMMENTS

      (Total – 3004)

  1. Wod
    12 days of Christmas Rx
    Chris is a great counter and motivator, terrible time keeper. Haha no worries buddy. thanks for doing the wod with me.
    Thanks Corinna for opening the gym!

    1. Nice time….err….I mean great job Darsey! LOL Gotta love the timer flubs (Sorry Chris! It happens to all of us!)

  2. WOD “12 Days of CrossFit” as Rx’d

    — 1 Pullup
    — 2 Pushups
    — 3 Tuck Jumps
    — 4 Ring Dips
    — 5 Golden Squats
    — 6 Burpees
    — 7 Lunges
    — 8 Mountain Climbers
    — 9 Good Mornings
    — 10 Box Jumps
    — 11 Situps
    — 12 Wall Balls

    TIME: 14:45

    Thanks to Lance for keeping time and counting reps!

  3. WOD “12 Days of CrossFit” as Rx’d

    – 1 Pullup
    – 2 Pushups
    – 3 Tuck Jumps
    – 4 Ring Dips
    – 5 Golden Squats
    – 6 Burpees
    – 7 Lunges
    – 8 Mountain Climbers
    – 9 Good Mornings
    – 10 Box Jumps
    – 11 Situps
    – 12 Wall Balls

    TIME: 13:06

    Darcy is a great counter, motivator and TIME KEEPER, so sorry I forgot to start the clock for you man! You did a great job on the wod anyways!

  4. “2,4,6,8 What do you appreciate”

    AMRAP 3 mins
    2 power cleans 45#
    4 front squats 45#
    6 KBS 35#
    8 wall balls 10#
    rest 1 minute
    6 Rounds

    Reps 203 – 5 Rounds only – had to stop hip was bothering me too much

    Thanks Corinna!!

    1. Well done Sarah. Sorry your hip is bothering you. Kudos to you for listening to your body and stopping at 5 rounds.

    2. It was great being in the same class today. It had been awhile. Great work on the 10 pound wall ball.

  5. Did this one to keep Blake company, first WOD after 12 days of crap eatin, crap sleeping and too much damn work! 🙂 felt great to get back into it today, hoping to keep the volume of work under control in the new year and get xfit back on the top of my list again..

    WU x 1

    1 pullup
    2 pushup
    3 tuckjump
    4 dip
    5 squats
    6 burpees
    7 lunges
    8 mountain climbers
    9 good morning
    10 box jump
    11 situps
    12 wallballs

    16:34 lots of room for improvement as the first wod of the year! 🙂

    1. Nice job on this one Jeff! The last few weeks of all work and no crossfit have been tough on you. Great way to start off 2013. 🙂

  6. mobility

    12 Days of christmas

    – 1 Pullup
    – 2 Pushups
    – 3 Tuck Jumps
    – 4 Ring Dips
    – 5 Golden Squats
    – 6 Burpees
    – 7 Lunges
    – 8 Mountain Climbers
    – 9 Good Mornings
    – 10 Box Jumps
    – 11 Situps
    – 12 Wall Balls

    TIme 14:25

    Thanks for counting for me Darsey very helpful. Last time i did this was 2009 took me 23:36 ill take a 9:11 PR 😀 couldn’t be happier with this. Thanks for opening the gym today Corinna.

    1. I expected nothing less than a wicked PR for you on this one, Lance! Your progress in 2012 was nothing short of incredible. Keep up the hard work! 🙂

  7. Mobility
    WU x 1
    More mobility with lacrosse ball – pec, lev scap,triceps,forearms

    WOD as Rx (with some of my FAVOURITE things! Thanks coach Corinna!)
    AMRAP in 3 min of
    2 power cleans @95#
    4 front squats
    6 KBS @ 35#
    8 wall balls @ 14# 10′
    Rest 1 min
    Complete 6 rounds
    Total = 312

    This WOD was AWESOME and HORRIBLE at the same time. Loved the movements, but got so gassed! After the first round I knew it was going to be an ass-kicker! Great way to start off 2013! Thanks Corinna!

    Also, thanks to Mike (our visitor from Petawawa) for the push! Great doing this WOD with you. 🙂

    1. great score on this one, knew when you started that it was “your” kind of wod where you just close your eyes and plunge forward.. awesome job!

    2. 312 great work….you did those wallballs to perfection.
      Congrats on top commenter. We appreciate your support.

      1. Haha….thanks Blake! Even the mid-WOD snarl? Was that impressive too? LOL! (I’m afraid my “I’m confused” look is a lot like my “I’m pissed” look!)

  8. Thanks to Lora for destroying me after I thought I could eek a small lead in round 1… 🙂 great to see Jeff and Blake bust ass too, good job guys! Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer on the next visit out East! Thanks to Corinna for coaching and opening the gym!!

    Reps: 279

    Mike and Jenn (from out in Petawawa)

  9. Mob wux1
    Worked on cleans and front squats.
    WOD 2-4-6-8 what do you appreciate. Scaled big time
    Cleans 35lbs
    Front Squats 35lbs
    KBS 25lbs
    Wallballs 6lbs for first 5 rounds and 10lbs for the six round.
    Thanks Corinna. I really enjoyed the work out.

  10. Mob
    WU x1
    Back Squat x5

    2 Power Cleans 35#
    4 Front Squat 35#
    6 KBS 20#
    8 Wall Balls (round 1 and 6 were 6#, rounds 2-3-4-5 were 10#)
    Score: 223

    That was tough but I enjoyed it….not the 10 # wall balls, because someone *cough Stacey cough* ” stole” my 6# one. There is a big difference between the 10 and the 6…wow…

    Thanks Corinna for opening the gym!

  11. WOD
    2 Power Cleans #55
    4 Front Squats #55
    6 KBS #25
    8 Wall Balls #10
    Score: 297

    Thanks Corinna for opening the gym and the good coaching!

  12. WOD: 2,4,6,8 ” What do you appreciate?” @ RX

    AMRAP 3 minutes

    2 Power Cleans @ 95lbs
    4 Front Squats @ 95 lbs
    6 KBS @ 35lbs
    8 Wall Balls @ 14 lbs

    Rest 1 minute

    6 Rounds

    Total Reps: 292

    I loved this WOD!

    What an awesome way to start the New Year. Slept in until 10, spent a few hours coaching at my second home, aka CFM, and then had a late evening walk with Laura and the dogs at Mapleton Park walking through awesome trails with our headlamps. A day well lived! I have a lot to appreciate.

    Great work to everyone today!

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