Hands up

30-20-10 reps
Overhead Lunges (45/25#)
Push Press (95/65 or 60%)
C2B Pullups

This one has your arms overhead from start to finish. Be efficient. Lock your arms out on the lunges. Drive through your hips on the push press. Kip like hell on the pullups. Save your shoulders. If you’re inefficient, this wod will be more slow and painful than it needs to be.

Brad is focussed.
Brad is focussed.

77 thoughts on “Hands up”

  1. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    WUx2 (Wall balls instead of squats @10#)

    Strength : OHS
    5x 40-40-45-50-55F
    Last rep of last set was a fail but its still a PR! W00p!

    30-20-10 reps
    Overhead Lunges (25#)
    Push Press (45#)
    C2B Pullups with blue band

    This was a though one! Push press is not my best lift… thankfully I am good at lunges so I was able to finish in the time cap thanks to that!

    Nice lil race Kelly πŸ™‚

  2. Mobility

    Strength: Deadliftsx5 (yay, my favorite πŸ˜€ )
    75 105 125 145 165
    Wasn’t able to finish these off last time due to time, so no weight increase, but these felt pretty good! Definitely getting heavy though! Thank you for the coaching Marie-Noelle, the final sets actually felt easier than the first ones. πŸ™‚

    30-20-10 reps
    Overhead Lunges (25#)
    Push Press (75#)
    C2B Pullups (Pullups. First round with blue band, last 2 with green band)

    Time: 14:32

    Very intense WOD. I switched to green band pullups for my second round, as it was getting obvious blue wasn’t going to happen in the time limit (maybe in 20 minutes).

    Great job 6AM crew.

  3. WU x2

    Strength Snatch
    75×5 – 95×3 – 115×3 – 125×3 – 130×3 – 135×4

    WOD Rx = 13:47
    Push Press were not as efficient as they could have been. It’s one thing to do a movement during strength but another when adding speed and reps. I was pretty gassed and took way to many breaks.

    Awesome finish Adam and Matt(I believe is his name)

  4. Floor Press x2

    WOD rx’d

    Tough one on the grip and shoulders. Thanks for the class Lora!

    1. I can’t believe how FAST you got to the C2B’s in the first round! Nice job Coach. Great time! πŸ™‚

  5. m x1 + wu x2 (swithch wall balls for squats 8 lb)

    Strength – shoulder press
    40-45-50-55-60 – but only did 3 of last set:(

    WOD “Hands Up”
    30-20-10 in 15 minutes

    lunges – no weight
    push press @ 45lbs
    ring rows

    Time 11:39

  6. Mob
    Wu x 2 14# (wall balls for squats)

    Strength clean (did them as power… Should have done them as squat

  7. Wu x 2 with wall balls 14# 9′

    Snatch x 3
    65-70-75 and back down to 65-65 to practice on landing lowwwww

    30-20-10 of
    OH Lunges 25#
    Push press 65#
    C2B pullups with black band


    1. Great work this morning Josh. I totally underestimated you today. You worked hard for that “Rx” by your name πŸ™‚

  8. mob
    wu x2 (swithch wall balls for squats 10 lb)

    Strength – deadlift
    5x 85-95-105-110-115 (30# PR, thanks kevin)
    great sharing the bar with you heather!

    WOD β€œHands Up”
    30-20-10 in 15 minutes

    lunges – no weight (first time doing lunges)
    push press @ 45lbs
    ring rows

    this was very tough for me and didnt think i was going to finish but i surprised myself.

    Time 12:46

  9. mobility

    OHS 1s
    135-155-165-170-180-185-195-200 PR!

    WOD “Hands Up”

    Time: 11:40 RX

    Great coming to the noon class today great job everyone!

    1. great race man…for those first half dozen or so lunges…..Sir Lance-lifta-lot..slayer of all things CrossFit-i-us

    2. congrats on your massive OHS PR, very impressive! You’re a friggin crossfit machine!

    shoulder press 45,55,65,70,75 x5
    WOD lunges @ 10#
    push press @55#
    chest(ish) to bar witht he uber big yeller band

    13:29 with lots of heavy panting…….ladies.
    great first wod back with a great crew at the nooner……really didn’t miss that camera πŸ™‚ great coachin Kev

    1. oooh! I will be happy to see the pic! I hope it’s on tomorrow’s post. πŸ™‚

    2. Welcome back. Maybe you should have spent the hour putting a civic number on your house.…. πŸ˜‰

  11. What fun noon class. I was happy to see McDavid come through the door. Yeah. All my evening buddies were at the noon class.
    Mob Wu x2 20 wallballs @ 8lbs. 10 @10lbs.

    Back Squat 5 reps @ 35 40 55 60 65
    Hands up
    WOD: 30 20 10
    10lb overhead lunges
    PushPress @35lbs
    Pull ups with med yellow band
    Time: 12:00

    Best laugh I have had all week. Lance and I were neck and neck. Ok he was Rx, but hell I will leave that part of the story out. He stopped for a water break after the 30 set..and I said to myself see ya Lance and kept going on the 20 lunges. The race was on lol….I am pathetic.

    1. You are not pathetic. You are hilarious! Now stop dippin’ into the med supply at work, k? Wait….on second thought….

  12. OHS 3 sec pause
    65 X 3
    65 X 3
    75 X 5
    85 X 4

    wod #45, #95, green band, then green and purple
    1 round and 16 pull ups
    tough for me this one, glad it was over

    1. I was very impressed with your work (and form) on the pause OHS’s this morning. Well done πŸ™‚

  13. Mobility
    Wu x2 (wall balls. Instead of squats and c2b Pullups)


    OHS x 5
    45-65-85-105 (2 and then 3)

    Wod :
    Over head lunges 45#
    Push press 95#
    Chest to bar pull ups

    2rds and 4 lunges.

    Thanks for the cheers to keep me moving. Was a fun noon class.

    1. You were in the home stretch Jeremy. This is yours next time. Congrats on doing it Rx.

  14. Mob
    WU X 2 (wall balls @ 8 # instead of squats)
    Did 5 pull ups w/black band….one more than yesterday!

    Strength – Push Press X 5

    WOD – Hands Up

    30-20-10 reps of:

    Lunges ( scaled, no overhead )
    Push Press @ 25 #
    Ring Rows

    Time 12:20

    Now I get to sit in the car for 12 hours tonight.. to Ottawa I go…..gonna be a funny walkin’ day tomorrow!!

  15. WU x 2 sub wallballs 14# @ 10′

    Strength Shoulder Press x 1
    Haven’t done 1’s in forever, thought I’d like to try it for this rotation.

    65-70-75-80-85 (5# PR)

    WOD Rx

    time= 13:39

    This was tough. First round was brutal..thought I’d never get through those pullups. Corinna you are so strong, I like when you’re in my class..I know I won’t catch you, but it helps me push!

    Fun class.

  16. Mobility
    Wu x 2 wall balls instead of ohs, weighted Pullups
    Strength squat cleans
    95/ 145/ 185 out of time, these are actually starting to feel good instead of awkward…
    Wod (Hands up)
    45# overhead lunges
    95# push press
    Everything except the oh lunges felt hard this morning!!
    Rx’d 10.40
    Great class Marie, good work 6 am er’s.

  17. Mob
    WU x2

    β€œHands Up”

    lunges – 10lbs
    push press @ 45lbs
    ring rows


    Good Job 4:15pm class πŸ™‚

  18. Mob Wu x 2 Wall balls instead of squats, weighted situps 25#

    Cleans x 5
    Thanks for the tips Jeff

    Wod “Hands Up” Rx DNF 10 C2B away. I did them anyway.
    Push presses were slow and hard. The first rounded lasted forever!

  19. WUx1
    48 bday burpees, happy bday Marcel!

    Strength : deadliftsx5

    WOD Rx
    30-20-10 reps
    Overhead Lunges (45#)
    Push Press (95#)
    C2B Pullups

    DNF – 15 C2B away from completing 2 rounds

  20. mob wux2 wall ball instead squat
    strength clean
    95×5 115×5 125×5 135x5145x5 150×3
    overhead lunge 45#
    push press 95#
    chest to bar
    scale pull up
    time 12:11

  21. WU X 1 (knee pain started in the second round of warmup)
    Lacross ball

    Strength : OHS x5
    25-35-45(only did one before knee pain returned)

    30-20-10 reps
    Overhead Lunges (45#)
    Push Press (70#)
    C2B Pullups (green band)

    DNF – made it 7 pullups into the round of 20)

    800m run

    Not everyday can be great.……. thanks for coaching Jeff.

  22. Wu x 1

    Dead lift x 5
    225,315,335,355,365 (10# pr)

    Wod: hands up
    Lunges @ 45
    Push press @ 95
    Chest to bar pull ups


    1. Time: 11:30

      Not RX as apparently I can’t count. Thanks Kevin for keeping count for me.

      Did 28 push press and 26 pull-ups round 1 and 19 pull-ups second round. Round 3 was good so I guess counting to 10 is not a problem.

  23. wu x 2 20lb wall ball instead of ohs

    Strength: Clean x 5

    WOD Hands up
    30-20-10 reps
    overhead lunge (#10) first time with weight
    Push Press (#65)
    C2B green band 1st round and 16 in second round. switched to pullups to finish 2 round and 7 in third round

    DNF short 3 pullups

    Hard one today but enjoyed the nooner workout.

  24. WU x 2 Wall Balls instead of squats

    Push Press x 3

    95 105 115 125 145


    OH Lunges — Did OHS x 45 lb
    Push Press 95 lb
    Chest to bar pull ups

    DNF under the 15 min cap

    Finished the 20 pull ups.

    Thanks for all the B-Day burpees tonight 5:45 crew!

  25. Supervising a high school glow in the dark dance! Good times!!
    WOD : RX

    Super happy with this time!

    Thanks Jeff for coaching!

    1. Great time, Corinna. We should do a glow in the dark WOD some evening.….lol.

  26. mob
    48 birthday burpees – Happy Bday Marcel!

    20 T2R

    WOD – Hands Up
    30-20-10 reps
    Overhead Lunges (25#)
    Push Press (60#)
    C2B Pullups with green band


    That was a hard wod… my hands felt paralyzed holding the plate over head on the second round! lol

  27. WUx1
    48 bday burpees, happy bday Marcel!

    Strength : deadliftsx5

    WOD Rx
    30-20-10 reps
    Overhead Lunges (45#)
    Push Press (95#)
    C2B Pullups

    DNF – 2 C2B left!!

  28. mob
    lots of foam rolling on IT band.. felt much better after..

    wod RX

    lunges @ 45
    push press @95


    really ended up liking this wod, when i thought i’d hate it on paper! πŸ™‚

  29. First time posting on the site.Getting a little paranoid about loosing my book, so here goes…

    WU x2 (wall ball for squats with 8 and 14lbs balls)

    Strength: Deadlifts 5x 95-105-115-125-135


    lunges (10lbs – should have tried with 25lbs as they felt slightly “easy”)
    push press (55lbs)
    pull ups (blue and purple band)


    Thanks Jeff for the tips on the deadlifts and my ‘snaky’ push-up!

    1. nice to see you posting on here.. you will find also that you can easily look back when wods are repeated to see how you did and therefore know the number you have to beat!!

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