Hands and Feet

Skill – Handstand Holds/Walks

Run 1 mile
Rest 5 min
Run 1 mile

Score is total time.

Compare to June 10/14

Thinking about tomorrow's workout
Thinking about tomorrow’s workout

19 thoughts on “Hands and Feet”

    1. It’s not a jumping picture. And you can’t see her face. It’s like the perfect picture.

  1. Just thought I would post a quick note for those who may not be regular users Facebook (yes, we still exist) or haven’t been in to the gym this week to see the note on the board. Marcel & I are hosting a Post-Hopper party at our house on Saturday night. Address is 102 Summerhill Drive. Come by anytime after 6 p.m. Wei’ll have the BBQ on if you want to bring your supper for the grill.

  2. Mob and WUx1 plus 400m jog
    Handstand hold practice
    Time: 1:10, then 25 secs.
    Run 1 mile
    Rest 5 min.
    Run 1 mile
    Time: 23:35
    Thanks for sticking together Laura!! Great job today 🙂 Thanks Mario!! Missed your coaching!!!

  3. Mob + WUx1 + 400m jog

    Handstand hold practice: 1:30, 1:00

    Run 1 mile
    Rest 5 min.
    Run 1 mile

    Time: 23:36

    Thanks Mario!

  4. Shawn Johnson

    Handstand walk – 75ft. 10ft PR!

    Run 1 mile (8:21)
    Rest 5 min.
    Run 1 mile (8:18)
    Time: 21:39 (23:15 last year)

  5. WOD: 22:39
    (8:40 & 8:59)

    24 second PR from last summer! I’ll take that!

    Fun nooner, thanks Kevin

  6. Handstand hold(first time) Getting up was the first step then when I did I held 10 sec, 20 sec, 30sec, 40sec, 40sec.
    Run 1 mile
    Rest 5 min
    Run1 mile
    most I’ve ever run. I kept steading pace & controlled breathing & surprised myself at how it keeps getting easier each week.

  7. Mob
    WU x1
    400m run

    Group mob

    Handstand practise

    Run 1 Mile (11.42)
    Rest 5 mins
    Run 1 Mile (13.25)
    Time: 29.27(PR of 19 secs)

  8. Went to open gym at 5 and did the running WOD
    Don’t known time first was 12:23 and clock was timed out at 30 when I got back from the second for who knows how long.
    One day I will be ok at running since I keep doing it.
    I have never done this before but my 3k felt better then today

  9. wux1 = 400m run
    practice handstands

    – Run 1 mile (8:45)
    – Rest 5 minutes
    – Run 1 mile (9:23)

    * Score is total time

    Time: 23:08
    no PR did 21:57 last year

  10. Went to open gym at 5:00 p.m. Did some mobility & then todays WOD

    Run 1 mile
    Rest 5 Minutes
    Run 1 mile

    Finished 1st run at 9:04
    Finished 2nd run at 23:39

    Both runs were very difficult for me today. Legs felt fine, but my lungs & cardio were toast. Lots of room for improvement.

  11. Heather Touchie

    I must practice handstands more!


    Run 1 Mile = 8:58

    Rest 5 Min

    Run 1 Mile = 9:33

    Total time: 23:33

    That’s a 1:30 PR on my last mile run!

    Thanks Amanda!!

  12. Skill – Handstand Holds/Walks- will practice in warm up

    Run 1 mile( 10:00)
    Rest 5 min
    Run 1 mile ( 10:21) Thanks Shane for coming with me!

    Score is total time. 25:21

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