Half way through April already


Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups

This is why I CrossFit...almost 70 years old with an 8 minute Fran
This is why I CrossFit...almost 70 years old with an 8 minute Fran

20 thoughts on “Half way through April already”

  1. A man after my own heart. It makes me want to continue – not that I had any doubts. I will be glad when I can breathe again and get back at it.

  2. CFE WOD (morning) on bike trainer:
    10 min warm up
    3 rounds of – 20sec on: 60 sec recovery, 20:50, 20:40, 20:30, 20:20, 20:10
    5 min cool down
    total- 30 min

    CF (afternoon)

    15 burpees

    Helen (mod)
    3 rounds of:
    50 walking lunges
    21 35# KB swings (all unbroken!!)
    12 pull ups
    time- 9:23 (PR from 13:28)

    L-Sit – 41 seconds
    HSPUs 5 x 5 with green and red bands

    felt really good today!

  3. I did a ‘goat’ version of Helen.

    Run 400m
    21 HSPUs (y+y)
    12 Pullups
    Run 400m
    15 HSPUs
    12 Pullups
    Run 400m
    9 HSPUs
    12 Pullups


    Shoulders are still a little sore from the Cert.

  4. warm up x2

    Deadlift: 1-105 1-115 1-125 1-145 1-165 PR!!

    WOD: Helen
    3 rounds of:
    – Run 400m
    – 21 KBS (1 pood)
    – 12 Pull up

    Time: 18:12 min

    The KBS after deadlift doesn’t feel so good!!

  5. 15 Burpees √

    Warm-up: Mobility; sit-ups; pull-ups (10 kipping); double unders

    3 Rounds of:

    50 Sit-ups
    400m backwards
    400m forwards
    50 lunges
    Time: 25:48
    Round 1 – 8:35
    Round 2 – 9:00
    Round 3 – 8:13
    I added lunges tonight (one of my goats) which slowed me down. I really like running backwards 🙂

  6. STRENGTH–> Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1

    WOD–>Modified ”Helen”

    400m run
    21 HSPU (y+y)
    12 pullups
    400m run
    15 HSPU
    12 Pullups
    400m run
    9 HSPU
    12 pullups

    Time: 16:47

    The run was hard because of my cold…still unable to breath good thru the nose. And the HSPU were kinda hard… but it’s good to work on weaknesses.

  7. a week off of crossfit …i felt it ;o)

    hey Heather… Jean Coutu has epson salt with eucalytus and menthol on sale …it helps to clear the respiratory tract …get some and take a nice long hot bath and you shall feel better 😉

  8. saludos de México asoleado, hacia fuera en el medio de en ninguna parte. Solamente persona blanca, y solamente una quién no tiene ningún español. Alegre ver que lo hago al sitio aunque i´m no en el país.

  9. Thanks Krista!!

    Sean- Don’t you ever post your time??

    Joel- You speak spanish???? Hope you having a good time!!

  10. yeah sean – why don’t you post your times?
    MC – credit is given where credit is due
    joel – what other tricks are up your sleeves? what the hell did you say?
    jeanette – where are you?!

  11. Jeanette - In France

    Salut de Poitiers!

    Krista, I’m having a hard time checking my regular email account. If you have to reach me use my hotmail address ([email protected]).

    My two days in Paris were wild. I haven’t slept more than 2hrs at a time since NYC (Sunday) so needless to say there have been no CF workous for me. This week should be a little more calm and I’ll be hitting the ÉnerGym with my sis to help work off some of the indulgences. Should be fun and extremely painful!

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