Gymnastics anyone?

Jeff MacRae from CrossFit PEI will be coming for his second visit to CrossFit Moncton to host a gymnastics seminar. Learn proper techniques and progressions for: Muscle-ups, Kipping Pullups, Handstands, HSPUs, L-sits, V-sits, Iron Cross, Planches and much more! All skill levels are welcome! I even learned how to do a cartwheel at the last seminar.

It will take place on Sunday, November 21st from 8am-5pm. Cost for the session is $75. For more information or to register, please contact Kevin at crossfitmoncton(at) or 962-0710.

4 rounds of:
30 Double Unders
20 Kettlebell Swings




27 thoughts on “Gymnastics anyone?”

  1. OHS 1-1-1-1-1
    95-115-135-145 stopped because of shoulder problem

    WOD with 1 arm KBS (35lbs): 7:39

  2. OHS 5-5-5

    Stopped in fear of my back haha

    WOD with 1.5 poods


    need better double unders.

  3. ^ I’m reminded of the expression about the blind leading the blind…though in this case it’s the injured leading the injured, heehee!

  4. CFWUx3 again.

    Strength: Deadlifts
    5x 95-110-115-120…ran out of time

    30 Double-unders
    20 Kettle bell swings (30#)

    T = 8:55

    I enjoyed this workout; able to do most of the KBS and DU’s unbroken but frustrated at my inability to catch my breath…too long between rounds/exercises. Should have been shorter for me.

  5. Strength:

    Front Squat x 5

    DU’s and KBS (35#)
    Time: 4:37
    I loved this work-out

  6. How does the session with Jeff work…when he gives out tips are we doing any of the mouvements as well.??

    1. It’s all hands-on. He shows different progressions for each skill, and then we spend time doing them.

  7. WU x 3
    strength 5’s Back Squat

    WOD 4 Rounds
    30 Double Und ….subbed 90 skips
    20 KBS 35#

    Time 7:17

  8. WU
    Cleans x1 45(5)-65-75-85-95-100-105 (match PR but prettier than the last time)

    WOD: 4x
    30 DUs
    20 KBs (35# dumb bell)

    unbroken KBs, first round DUs unbroken – need to work on consistency on DUs, it’s more out of fatigue than technique that i had to break them up)

    nice WOD Joanna!

  9. strength – deadlift
    wu 10×45, 10×135
    amrap x 220 – got 12 reps

    4 rounds
    30 DU
    20 KBS (did one arm, right arm, with 35lb)

    5:36… liked this wod as well… had to break the kbs for last round because my grip was giving out!

  10. CFWU x 3
    Push press 1’s
    135-155-175-185-195 matched my pr
    WOD as Rx’d – Ed’s time + 11sec.

  11. hey Kevin
    Something just came up at work and I won’t be able to make the 415 – so sory for the short notice. I really wante dto do this WOD…. I love KBS!!! BALLS!!!!!!!!

  12. Wu x3
    Strength push press (3)
    45-65-75-85 for 2, 3 rd rep failed.

    4 rounds
    30 double unders (90 singles)
    20 Kbs #25

    Did singles, Broken once.. KBS all u broken 😉
    Wod = 4:47

  13. WU x 3

    Strength: Cleans x 1 rep.

    First time I’ve done cleans on the weight rotation in quite awhile. Felt pretty good on the arm.

    30 Double Unders
    20 KBS 30#
    Time: 10:53

    This was a tough WOD for me. The double unders took forever. Really exhausting when you jump up & down god knows how many times to get 30 in. Guess that’s why there prominent in Goat Month.

    Corinna, you nailed this WOD this morning. I’d love this WOD too if I posted a time like that. Great effort.

    Pat, the one armed KBS were impressive.

  14. WU X3

    Back Squats (1’s)
    55-65 ..PR’s–> 75-95-105-120!!

    4 Round:
    90 Singles
    20 KBS (25#)
    Time: 9:24
    First time doing KBS’s in a WOD and had to take some breaks – but liked the WOD!

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