Group WOD

You’ll find out when you get here 🙂

Reminder of the Halloween party tonight. Come anytime after 8pm.

(P.S. It’s also Joanna’s Birthday at midnight)

11 thoughts on “Group WOD”

    1. Good idea LAAAANCE! Happy …..FOURTH birthday Jo 🙂 LET’S make these burpees count.. alllllll 4 of them… Yup. 4 🙂

  1. Valerie Arseneau

    Finally checked out Crossfit Xclusive in Beresford! Sweet set up!

    WU 5mins of:
    10 sit up
    10 KBS (15#)
    10 push up
    10 pull ups
    10 burpees
    10 box jumps

    Strength : clean and jerks x1
    55-65-70-75-80-80-85-85 (not sure what my PR is on this lost my book 🙁 )

    WOD RX’d
    AMRAP 8mins
    20 KBS (35#)
    20 overhead lunges (25#)

    2 mins break

    AMRAP 8 mins
    40 double unders
    20 sit ups

    Results: 3 + 20 KBS and 3 + 10 DU

    PR of 21 DU in a row :D!!

  2. Mobility

    Partner Overboard
    Partnered with David
    Total Reps: 552

    Great partnering up with you today great job. Great job this morning everyone see you guys at the party tonight:D

  3. Mobility and quick warm up practicing some movements for the WOD

    “Partner Overboard” – partnered with Marie-No 🙂

    2×250 m row (both rowing at same time)
    While pair is rowing, rotate through the following movements (AMRAP at each)
    partner wall balls @ 14# 10′
    partner med ball sit ups 14#
    shoulder switches 85#
    partner deadlift 135#
    alternating box jumps 20″
    partner clapping pushups
    partner pistols
    alternating burpees
    alternating plank “walks” or “switches” with plank holds
    alternating plate ground to overheads 45#
    Rest 2 min
    x 2 rounds
    Total: 289 + 295 = 584

    Loved partnering with you Marie-No. 🙂 You pushed me HARD! It was interesting at times, given the height difference between us. I think poor Marie-No got the heavy end of the barbell for shoulder switches, but it evened out with the deadlifts because I don’t think I ever completely stood up during those. LOL

    FUN FUN Saturday WOD!

    I think EVERY Saturday should be a surprise WOD! 🙂

  4. It was a fun WOD for sure.

    Partnered with Sebastian for a total of 533 reps. Great job buddy. You pushed hard.

  5. Home WOD = 1 mile run (found a perfect loop right from my house)

    Time = 7:42

    Cashout: Double Unders = 90 (PR, 17 reps)

    I can just smell the Trophy Board…

  6. WOW sounds like a great Saturday!!

    Happy B-Day Joanna!! Let’s just say it’s a good thing our B-day is on Sunday this year… mainly mine!! For anyone wondering, I’m not planning on showing up at the gym tomorrow!!

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