800m Forward
400m Backward
800m Forward
400m Backward

Compare to Sept. 30

It’s come to my attention that some members have been trying to workout through pain. Big no-no. First off, I need to know when you start to experience pain. If it’s before the workout, we can modify it. If it’s during a workout, we can modify it on the spot. But I need to know! If you know a certain move is painful, let me know.

There’s a big difference between soreness and pain. If you’re sore, good! Once you warm-up, you should have enough blood flow to reduce the sensation of soreness. Soreness should not be a reason to cancel and avoiding working out. But pain is a whole other issue.

What should you do about it?

  • Ice it!
  • Avoid movements that will aggravate it.
  • Stretch the surrounding muscles. Roll on a foam roller. Use the Stick. Lay on the lacrosse ball. Just loosen things up.
  • See a specialist! Chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists…all have the knowledge and tools to fix you up.

If you have some time, check out this article.

Who knew Jeff could shoot fire out of his eyes?

32 thoughts on ““Griff””

  1. I agree with pats comment yesterday, sometimes I feel like i’m just struggling to keep my head above water.

    Everyone has gotten so much faster on WODS, It’s hard to keep up ha

    1. Hi Agree – as a new person – 3 months now – I find it very hard to keep up with everyone. Plus I am a bit older then the yonger crowd.

  2. Due to the nature of the workout, there are no limits on today’s classes. Please show up to any class you’d like.

  3. CFWU x 2
    Back extension’s and hip extension’s
    WOD-> around 12:16. forgot to write it in my journal.
    Nice burn in the morning πŸ˜€

  4. WU
    Back/ hip Extensions

    800 forward
    400 backward
    800 forward
    400 backward

    15:01 sigh

    Running is a goaatttt baahh

  5. CFWUx2
    back and hip extensions

    WOD: ‘Griff’

    the tally is in, it is official – my legs have officially left the building! i’ve pushed them to the limit this week with WODs and races and now they and i are not really on speaking terms. (they are sulking in the corner giving me the silent treatment with the occasional grunt, moan, and yell).
    that being said they did bring give me a pretty good performance this morning – tricked them while they were still groggy at 6am πŸ˜‰ – sub 12 min is definitely doable next time.

    great job everyone!
    johan, you really are part bunny
    marc, i might have held a grudge for your ‘ha ha, i have longer legs than you’ comment as you breezed by backwards, but your expressions / grunts of pain for the effort made me laugh. nice push!

    1. Yeah sorry about a comment during a WOD. Shouldn’t be allowed πŸ˜€ but damn I paid for it.

      1. no worries friend, you said it all happy as you went by, but i knew you were paying for it shortly afterward. and that made me happy πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Kevin, Not feeling the best today huge headache so I will not be able to make it today.

  7. A run on cancellations….I can’t make it either….all that running …just as well for my knee

  8. calling any gals heading to Chantal’s tonight… might i be able to bum a ride with anyone? bill might be gone with the vehicle by then.

    logistically, i live just at the other end of the street from kevin (across from the mets ball field)

  9. I find it hard to find a free spot on the schedule these days. Even in the morning. I hope people are not “cherry picking” their WODs πŸ™‚

    1. Patrick :
      I find it hard to find a free spot on the schedule these days. Even in the morning. I hope people are not β€œcherry picking” their WODs

      That’s true Pat!

      Cherry picking is for weak people!
      At CrossFit Moncton, we build the strongest by tackling our weaknesses!

  10. Mobility

    CFWU x 2

    Back Machine

    WOD: “Griff”

    800m forward
    400m backward
    800m forward
    400m backward

    Time 16:21

  11. Griff–> 15:34
    PR by 10 secondes! Not much but since I first though I wouldn’t be able to finish it, I’m pretty happy with the result. And I know I could do better on a day that I’m not sick!!

  12. First time tackling “Griff”. Who knew running backwards would so hard on your quads?

    ->12:22 Pretty happy with that.

    Nice work 6:30!!

  13. WOD: Griff. T = 19:05

    …and not ten, but TWENTY burpees! Thank you Kevin! Yay burpees!

  14. Best of luck to Liam tonight! He’s strutting his stuff on the runway in hopes of getting a hot date at the Annual Women’s Progress Club Bachelor Auction. All funds raised will be going towards Crossroads for Women!

    Knock em dead Liam!

    1. Liam, can’t wait to hear all about your night with the ladies πŸ™‚ I’m sure you’ll have raked in a lot of cash for a really great cause – good on you!

  15. As part of my deal with the devil…

    Warm-up x2 plus back machine thing
    Modified WOD
    800m row
    400m backward (walk, SURPRISE!)
    800m Row
    100m backward
    Thanks Kevin!

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