30 Clean and Jerks for time.

Do you have poor range of motion? Find it hard to get to the bottom of a squat? Or maybe getting your shoulders locked out?

I would have answered yes to all of those when I first started CrossFit. My shoulder mobility and everything in my legs were super tight.

It was only 2 years ago when I was 27cm away from touching my toes. Now I can reach 7cm beyond them. Did it happen overnight? Nope! It took a long time to get to 7cm.


Did you see that shitty overhead squat? I bet some of you thought I could always overhead squat, even when I first started. Nope! I know how hard it is. I was there! To see some of you squat with any weight is impressive, cause it took me a hell of a long time before I even touched a barbell.

But some of you feel stuck at a certain weight. I’ll tell you, it’s probably not your strength holding you back. It’s your flexibility/mobility. If it’s important to you, and you want to lift more weight AND make it easier, you have to work for it. You have to stretch. You have to perfect your technique through consistent practice.

Check out the before and after pictures of Darrell. His shoulder mobility is poor (he agrees). Yesterday, I had him work on a foam roller and some lacrosse balls. In about 5 minutes, look at the difference!

If your (insert lift here) is important to you, are you willing to spend 5 minutes a day to do something to help it? I hope most of you would answer yes.


46 thoughts on ““Grace””

  1. great photo heather!

    CFWU x3 -oohh, my hands hurt eva!

    strength- Push Jerk x3
    45-65-75-85-85(redo form)-95(1)
    just wasn’t feelin’ it

    WOD: Grace 75#

    PR by 1:43 from the last time (75#) WAY back in jan 15,09
    really hoping to do it as rx’ed the next time she comes to town!

  2. Grace at 135#

    3:26 (13sec off PR)

    I may have gotten a pr if I hadn’t dropped the bar on my head on rep 14. I have a nice little scar that I can be proud of.

    Marc, you’ll get sub 4 next time!

    1. Love today’s post and your video 🙂 It’s good to be reminded that things come with time… Thanks Kevin!

    1. I have a cooler too and you’re more than welcome to use it on Saturday if you need it… I would say it is medium sized, but I don’t really know what you mean by large…

  3. CFWU x 2

    Coach helped me with stretching my shoulders.

    “Grace” #135
    30 Clean & Jerks

    Time: 7:42

    This video is inspiring. Coach you really suck at these in the beginning and look at you now.
    It’s good to be reminded that these things don’t always come fast and easy.

  4. CFWU x 3
    Shoulder press 1’s
    95-135-155-165(PR)-170(F but close)
    ‘Grace’ @135

  5. WU x 3

    Push Jerk – 1RM – 65-75-85-95(f)-95(f)-95(f)-90(My PR-f)

    “Grace” @ 65# – 3:52 😀 PR by 10# & 0:57

    Heather – Way to go on your Push Jerk!! Keep going like that because you’re way stronger than you think!! 😀

    1. Whoops!! I did Grace in January at 65# so no weight PR and my last time was 4:28 so my time PR is 36 seconds instead of 57. I was looking at my October time when I posted. OOPS!!

  6. Hey Kevin, Jimmy Mac here from out in Lethbridge AB….

    Really nice setup to your site and have checked in from time to time. Keep up the great work teaching people healthy training and eating habits! Was great seeing you compete at this year’s nationals in Okotoks…. unreal competition, intensity was the word of the day and you put in an awesome effort!

    Was going to stay anonymous in the background, but couldn’t help but comment on your topic today: You hit the nail on the head with having patience and the requirement to have dedication to stretching and practicing movements regularly. I’ve been crossfitting for circa 2 years now and only recently could I perform a decent OHS. My coach was so proud of me he posted a video on his blog if you’re interested…


    Not perfect form by any means, but much improved over struggling with a dowel! Just thought I would add to the conversation; all I had to do to accomplish my goal was to improve my flexibility through regular stretching… I was stubborn at first and wanted quick results, but over time I saw the wisdom in having patience and dedicating regular time to stretching/rolling/yoga.

    Cheers and happy training!


    1. Thanks! That’s an awesome story Jimmy. I hope some of my members read your post and take it to heart. Some of them complain about being inflexible, but rarely stretch. Maybe this will help turn over a new leaf.

      Guy and Gillyon, I’m looking your way.

      Anyway, keep up the great work JMac! And thanks for sharing!

  7. CW x 3
    OHS technique
    Ball thingy that killed my back but worked

    Grace @ 95lbs
    Time: 9:30

    First time ever doing that WOD. Happy that I finished it and hopefully next time she comes around I will be able to get a few unbroken. Thank you 4:15 class for the words of encouragement. My last 10 were my best because of you all. 🙂

    1. Wow Gillyon 🙂 That would have been a tough WOD for me at 65# – awesome that you did it at 95# I’m always impressed by how hard you work! Good on you 🙂

  8. Heather (Mum)

    Thanks everyone. I miss you guys too and I will be back. My overhead squat looks like Kevin’s then not now. I better start stretching.

  9. Deadlift – 3RM
    135-185-225-265-300 (PR for reps by 25)

    “GRACE” (135#) –> 6:34 (PR)

    Did Grace in October with 95# and a time of 7:31.
    So… it was a good day at the gym. Great job 5:30 group!

  10. I liked this workout – I have discovered I like the short ones because I’m less likely to stop and catch my breath and then get distracted (by my thoughts, what other people are doing, etc…) – I’m able to keep my focus and have better results. I’m working on my focus on the longer workouts. 🙂

    Strength: Shoulder Press

    30 C&J’s for time

    T = 4:09
    Probably could have handled more weight…?

  11. WUx3
    worked on stretching wow what a differance it makes. I have been rolling my legs as well and my sore knees seem to be gone in the morning.
    Back squat 155
    30 reps for time

    1. 2:13… Crazy fast time Darrell 🙂 I can’t wait to see you kick ass at the hopper!

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