Got pullups?

Ten rounds for time of:
3 Weighted Pull-ups, 45 pounds
5 Strict Pull-ups
7 Kipping Pull-up

Post time and number of sets to completion.


25 thoughts on “Got pullups?”

  1. i missed it then and i’ll miss it now.. rest day for me.
    it’s been 5 days straight for me. i’ll catch up with you all friday.

  2. looks like funn …but i am teach three spin classes ….spent the whole night making cookies for them 🙂

    see ya alll friday night

    so is anyone interested in having a potluck next Saturday March 28th at my place…say 6ish ????

  3. so if MC lets you come you will Pierre :o)

    nice socks Joel …where are the garters that go with then 🙂

  4. I am in for the potluck! I’ll try stoping Pierre for doing muffins hihihi!

    Kevin: Do you have any suggestions to replace the weight and the strick pull up for me?

  5. Pierre won’t come if I don’t go because if I not going, he will have to cook!!

    Just kidding, Pierre like to cook and, except the muffins, he is usually pretty good! 🙂

  6. Oh, don’t you worry…I have plans. I know that there are people “unable” to do weighted pullups.

  7. holy moly! everyone has to go to the CF F’ton site and watch anthony’s link (third post down) to the weigh lifting grandmother video! 70 years old, breaking world records, benching 160, deadlifting 230! TOO COOL!

  8. Wish I could join you tonight but I am in meetings for work all night (gag me with a spoon)… But, I’ll be there tomorrow night for sure!

    As for the potluck, please count me in for the next one (I love anything that includes cooking and getting together with great people – I’m leaving for Alberta on the 28th to visit my newborn nephew WOOOHOOOOOOO!!

    Would anyone be up for brunch after our workout on Saturday?

    Can’t wait to see how you all kicked ass at tonight’s workout 🙂

  9. “Pullup Salad”

    Used 25# for the weighted.

    27:39 in 25 rounds to complete

    Brunch sounds good to me!!

  10. WU x 3
    (pull ups X 1, push ups, dips, sit ups, good ams,Sampson, 600m row)

    Pullup Salad
    Tried for 150 pull ups (red band) in as few sets as possible. Got 138 pull ups done in 37 rounds when the 30 minutes buzzer went off – DAMN! I have got to learn how to KIP…

  11. WU X 3
    800m run – 3:25

    Pullup salad (AMRAP 30 min)
    used #30 for weighted

    8 rounds + 5 strict pullups
    21 sets

  12. 800m run: —> 2m55s

    “Pullup Salad”

    Used 25# for the weighted.

    I forgot the time and I think it was around 25 rounds.

    I should have adapt my grip for the different pullups right at the beginning and I could have cut the set by 1/4 for sure.

  13. Ooo and the Brunch sounds good to me…depending where it is and if I can eat “Zone” there. 🙂

  14. All that food sounds good but I have a meeting Sat. afternoon and the 28th I have a birthday bash to attend. Don’t forget me next time though. See you tomorrow if Kevin doesn’t kill me when he founds out who I gave one of his cards to tonight.

  15. Pierre your time -28:07

    Warm-up – Mobility; OHS; good mornings
    800m run – 4:32

    500m Row
    50 Double Unders
    400m Row
    40 DU
    300m Row
    30 DU
    200m Row
    20 DU
    100m Row
    10 DU
    500m Row
    50 DU
    Time – 18:09
    I liked this w/o 🙂 the arm is sore, but ice will help.
    Brunch would be nice, but I have a massage after the w/o on Saturday.

  16. Tracy Allen - CrossFit Fredericton

    To bad some of our resident techies couldn’t get a video conference going. CF Fredericton just happens to be having a potluck on March 28th too! We’re celebrating something but it’s a surprise . . .

  17. I’m up for the Zone friendly brunch so I’ll let you guys tell me where the best place to go for that would be… I wish I could have been there with you guys tonight.

  18. Warm up x 2

    Run 800m – Dont remember my time! I have it somewhere.

    WOD: 150 pull up in less set as possible

    I did 130 kipping pull up in 31 sets in 30 min.
    My hands bloody opened. 🙁 I will have to take a pull up break for another couple days!

    The brunch will be really nice, but I sadly have to work all day saturday. 🙁 I even going to miss the WOD.
    I have a banquet tonight, so I’ll see you all Monday!!

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