Good luck!

Best of luck to our athletes participating in CFSJ’s Maritime Mayhem today.

Reminder of the Halloween Party tonight at our place. See you all after 8pm! And if you don’t have a costume, one will be provided 🙂

100 Burpees

Every min, 5 toes to bar.

Spiderman lunges
Spiderman lunges

8 thoughts on “Good luck!”

  1. Vanessa Champion

    Yay for first weekend WOD! 🙂

    Mobility then group plank tag and buddy WU. Tag was fun, buddy WU definitely got the blood flowin

    100 burpees every min do 5 T2B
    Scaled to sit ups
    20min time cap
    12:40 time

    800m run

  2. Look at me two days in a row.

    Group WU
    A whole bunch of different stuff that was pretty fun.

    100 burpees every min do 5 T2B
    Got about 5 rounds of T2B completed and then switched to situps.
    Time = 11:33

  3. Group warmup was fun! Partner warmup too!

    WOD Rx: 8min

    I was surprised how challenging the T2B got after the first round!

  4. Drop-In Mob / WU
    Group WU
    – Plank Tag
    – barbell “squat & carry” w/ Sheldon
    – Wall sit / Worm Walk

    WOD (20 min cap):
    100 Burpees
    — Every minute do 5 T2B

    9:15 (or 11:45?) Rx
    Can’t remember if the timer was counting up, or down from 20 min

    First Saturday in a looong time. FUN!

  5. Mob
    Group Wup – Plank Tag and Buddy Bar (35lbs)

    WOD: Rx (but need to work on form for T2B)
    100 burpees
    EMOTM 5 T2B

    Time = 12:45ish

    Note to self – keep working on form amd forget aboutt he time. Also need to work on setting a pace – pushed too hard and too fast at the start

  6. Wish I could have finished. Turns out I have a torn ACL. Burpee’s pain would be a delight at this point.

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