Good Friday

I think it’s only appropriate to ask; what’s something good?

Flight Simulator
Unbroken Double Unders

Compare to Nov.5/15

And then pick one:
Row 2k

Compare to Jan.4/19


Run 2 miles

Here’s something good – Congrats to Heather on earning her 500 shirt!

15 thoughts on “Good Friday”

  1. what’s something good? – one year at CrossFit 😊

    Flight Simulator
    (scaled to SUs)
    = 7:04

    Row 2k = 10:47

    Thank you Shane. Congratulations Heather!!

  2. I’ve done Flight Simulator unbroken, so wanted to try a different challenge.

    10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100 UB doubles

    Missed at 59 on 90.
    Then could NOT get 100. Missed at 49, 75, 73, 93! A lot of F-bombs.
    Capped out at 15 min.

    Rucked 1 mile wit 30# and 60# sandbag (13:24)
    Rucked 1 mile wit just 30# (8:36 PR!)
    Total – 22:00

    Great morning!

  3. I think it’s only appropriate to ask; what’s something good?
    I don’t get to weekends much anymore so it was nice to see lots of people out today.

    Flight Simulator
    Unbroken Double Unders
    Got to 45s and attempted many times missing usually in 30s but got to 43 once

    2 mile run 20:50

    Thanks Shane!

  4. Heather Skeard

    Flight simulator

    Rx = 14:00
    That was hard

    Rowed 2000m = 9:16, not a PR, I literally could barely sit down on my butt orwalk.

  5. Samantha Black

    Started the day with lifting and pulling strength session at home.

    Flight Simulator. Couldn’t hit a single DU today. Not one. Did singles and then DU attempts after completing each segment. 8:56.

    Did some more DU practice for the remainder of the 15:00. Continued to not hit a single DU. Did I mention I f***ing hate DU?

    2 mile run: 18:45.

    Thanks, Cara! Great start to the day.

  6.  I think it’s only appropriate to ask; what’s something good?
    I am 19 miles from a triple mile challenge in my pathfinder program..
    I finished the workout!!

    Flight Simulator
    Unbroken Double Unders
    Tripped once on each of the 45s and on 50 of 50(grr) also on 35 on the way back down..
    I’ve never done this workout before, I am glad to have discovered the secret of relaxing and breathing through it..
    Thanks Shane!

    Row 2k
    I’d still rather run, but my calves weren’t speaking to me after skipping.. gahhh

    1. I got the crazy idea to ruck a mile with my 35 lb Ruck and 40 lb sandbag after class. I swear it was my slowest mile ever! 25 13

  7. Flight Simulator
    Unbroken single Unders
    Time of 6:22

    1 mile run 9:12
    Not enough time for 2 mile run

  8. WOD Rx:
    10:40 or 11:40 🤔
    Mistakenly (stupidly) did 30 twice on the way up. Tripped at 21/45 on the way up, tripped somewhere on the way down, 40 maybe.
    However, no screaming swears or throwing of ropes today and that in itself is a PR.

    2000m row:
    Way off PR of 8:02

    Thanks Matt!

  9. Flight simulator
    Doubles to 30, then singles to 25 on the down, remainder doubles

    Rowed 2000m = 8:54.2

    Note: Was at 110 hours of my fast this am.

  10. Flight simulator

    Got up to the round of 25 then tried to get to 30 but no go.
    Got a PR of 28 unbroken double unders so can’t complain .

    2 mile run .21:14

    Thanks Shane.

  11. Flight Simulator: Completed 25 on the way down.
    Disappointed I didn’t finish in 15 min. time cap. I was on track but my rope broke. Finished it after the clock ran out, as I’ve never finished this one before, so that is progress.\

    2 mile run: 21:06
    First run of the year. Felt yucky & great at the same time.

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