Gone to Maine

Gabrielle, Heather (mum), Joanna and I will be leaving for Maine today to write our CrossFit Level 1 test! Pierre and MC will be making sure you don’t burn down the gym while we’re gone.

Run 1.6km
50 Wall Balls
Run 800m
35 Wall Balls
Run 400m
20 Wall Balls

Jane doing her favorite exercise...to swear at.

32 thoughts on “Gone to Maine”

  1. Wow that looks like some sort of workout from hell. …and I’m sorta wishing I was in town to do it! haha
    Good luck to all of you on your exam!

  2. Warm Up x 2

    Back Squat x 1 Rep.

    Run 1.6 K
    50 Wall Balls 14#
    800 K
    35 Wall Balls
    400 K
    20 Wall Balls
    Time: 21:15

    Holy Mother! That was exhausting…I am a sweaty mess. Thanks for the push Kevin & Ed on the last round of wall ball. I really needed that.

    Nice job on you PR this morning too Ed. Pure determination got that bar overhead.

    Good luck to everyone on there certification test.

  3. Hi Kevin or Mc or Pierre, I booked for 5:30 so you can cancel my 4:15. thanks or sorry or Good morning or good day

  4. Warm up

    Strength strict shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1
    95-135-145-155-165(PR) Very happy with this PR. 10 more pounds and I have a Bodyweight press 😀

    Run 1.6km
    50 Wall Balls 20 lbs
    Run 800m
    35 Wall Balls
    Run 400m
    20 Wall Balls

    Running felt better today.. paced it. Prob could have ran harder though..

  5. Hey Pierre,
    I thought I cancelled my 415 for today but I don’t see my comment from earlier this morning…so can you please cancel for today. Thanks

  6. I saw this totally hot young guy this morning on my way to the gym. I was honking and waving and totally missed my turn off. Glad there is a second entrance and I made it to do this sweaty mess of a workout!

    WU x 2

    Shoulder Press 3RM
    45-50-55-60-65(f)-65×1(failed set)

    Run 1.6 km
    50 Wall Balls (14#)
    Run 800 m
    35 Wall Balls
    Run 400 m
    20 Wall Balls

    30:16 😀

    WOW Heidi! You’re a Wall Ball Running Machine!!

    1. Hahaha… I heard you laughing and I was wondering why!?

      That is funny.

      But that guy is hot!

  7. Good luck in Maine Guys!
    I’ll be in at 4:15 but won’t be able to do the wod so if anyone needs a 4:15 spot another one is open.

  8. Pierre can you please cancel Mel and I at 6:30, family coming in tonight. (Actually Mel might already be canceled but I’m not 100%)

  9. Warm Up x 2

    Deadlift x 5 160=-180-200-22-240

    Run 1.6 K
    50 Wall Balls 20#
    800 K
    35 Wall Balls
    400 K
    20 Wall Balls

    Time: 27:11

    First run just knocked the crap out of me…Made it through this grueling WOD though. Hey Jane what happened to our deal on the last round, my shirt was off?

    Good luck to everyone on there certification test.

    1. Did you drink after your strength or after the WOD cuz those deadlift numbers are out of wack 😀

  10. wux2
    Front squat
    115×3 135×3 145×3 165×3 185×3 205×1 Pr for weight
    WOD 19:42
    Ate McDonalds for luch bad idea.

  11. WU x 2
    Shoulder press x 1: 45-55-65-70Fx6..
    Run 1,6k
    50 wallballs (10#)
    run 800m
    35 wallballs
    run 400m
    20 wallballs

    Time: 31:17.. oufff!

  12. No strength… sore shoulder.

    WOD (Sonia’s Mod):
    1.6km run
    50 squats, 50 situps (straight leg)
    800m run,
    35 squats, 35 situps
    400m run,
    20 squats, 20 situps

    Time –> 23:27

    I liked that one! 🙂

  13. CFWU x 2
    Deadlift 1’s
    135-225-315-365-375PR but 5 lbs less then my goal for the end of the month
    WOD @ 20# wallballs
    time-> 17:43

  14. WOD w/ 20# ball –> 17:17

    Shawn and Marc, that was a tight and fun race! You kept me pushing hard all the way.

  15. CFWUx2

    OHS x3
    45-65-75(2) dropped it, then ran out of time for more

    WOD: w/ 14# outside

    man was a doozy! i had heidi’s time in my head the whole workout so i was trying to keep pace, thanks!

  16. WOD – 17.45
    Lots of fun with a supersoaker… slippery wallballs, but kept hydrated… smaller guns next time 🙂

  17. wupx2
    wod: run-1.6k
    50 wallballs (10#)
    35 wallballs
    20 wallballs
    time: 30:30

  18. Due to my elbow not being functional… had to modify the wod

    1.6k run
    50 squats (sumo style with 10lb kb)
    50 straight leg situps
    800m run
    35 squats
    35 situps
    400m run
    20 squats
    20 situps

    Time: 22:23

  19. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Press Jerk

    Run 1.6km
    50 Wall Balls
    Run 800m
    35 Wall Balls
    Run 400m
    20 Wall Balls

    Time: 25:09

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