Row 1000m for time

Some people have noticed the new, smaller whiteboard in the gym. It has a list of every member at the gym on it. Pat asked what it was for; I smiled. He didn’t like the looks of that.

It’s nothing more than a goal board. Every member will be required to write down a goal before the new year begins. Why? Can you imagine going to a shooting range for target practice, but not having a target. Kind of pointless, isn’t it?

So what could you goal be? Something performance based like getting your first pullup, or reaching a 200# deadlift. It could be heath based, like losing a certain percentage of body fat or dropping inches (no weight goals please…it’s not a measure of health).

When will you work on it? If it’s a skill or performance based, days like today are perfect! The workout is short enough that it will give you plenty of practice time.

Why does it need to be written? When you write your goals down, it gives worth and value to your workouts. It gives you a reason to come every day. It makes you accountable.

So please, take some time to think about a goal. It needs to be specific with a date (short term) you plan on attaining it.

Double unders will certainly be goals for some people

41 thoughts on “Goals”

  1. CHRISTMAS SOCIAL NEWS – It’s happening this Saturday. People will start gathering around 7 or 8pm. Later in the evening, we’ll do a Yankee Swap.

    In Yankee Swap each participant brings a wrapped, unmarked gift. Guests are given numbers that are randomly drawn, and they select and unwrap gifts from the pile in that order β€” with a twist.

    The person who receives the number 1 will pick a gift (that is not their own) from the pile and open it for all to see. During the selection of a wrapped gift, the participant may visually inspect the gifts, pick them up and/or gently shake them.

    The person who receives number 2 then chooses a gift and opens it, and then must decide whether to keep it or swap it for the first player’s gift. Each person in order then gets to select a present, open it and decide whether to keep it or swap it for any other gift someone has already opened.

    Opening of gifts and swapping takes place until all the presents have been chosen. Finally, the person who picked first gets to choose from all the gifts or keep what he/she has already received. In the end, the gift you are holding is the gift you take home.

      1. $15 limit

        And the gifts can be anything. Don’t think that they have to be CrossFit related. I really like cookies from the market *wink wink*

      2. What about wrapping something you’ve got at home but you don’t want anymore? We did that one time and its pretty funny!!
        But cookie could be good too!! πŸ™‚

  2. CFWU X 3
    Strength Bench Press 1st. time for this for me. It was fun.
    45-55-60-60-60 Wrking on form.
    WOD Row 1 k
    Time 5:07
    Great job guys. Jamie set the bar high for the row. Good luck everyone!

  3. CFWU x3
    strength Bench press! 1-1-1-1-1
    135-155-175-195-225(F)-225!(pr)!! I wend for the big two plates and failed at first, It felt to good though, I knew I had it so I went for it again and got it :D:D

    WOD Row 1k for time


    Tried to catch Jamie but he is just to good! you are a beast Jamie!

    This is the worst I’ve ever felt from a WOD, I was rolling around in pain.. It was great.

  4. CFWU x 3 – Only managed to do 5 pullups in the last round, my hands are killing me

    Strength – Brench Press

    WOD – Row 1K for time:


    Great job everyone!

  5. Since I am assuming that the next 2 weeks will be hard on my body when it will come to food and alcohol, I won’t put a big big goal up on that board.

    But my goal is to get a 130# shoulder press by Dec. 19th.

  6. I came across this thought for the day. “People rarely succeed at anything unless they have fun doing it.” I guess that’s why people succeed at Crossfit Moncton.

  7. kevin, i’m not going to be able to make it tonight, we’re taking longer then i thought cleaning out the shop. sorry for the short notice. so there is a 4:15 available

    1. YAY!!!! Awesome Heather!! I am so proud of you!! You are such a great inspiration!! Continue the hard work!!

  8. Heather, I am so proud of you. You are so amazing! Missed you guys this morning. Sorry Kevin. Had a little girl up most the night. Not fun!

  9. WU x 2

    Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1

    Row 1 KM – 4:36.3 πŸ™‚

    My shins are killing me! I don’t get it! :S

    Good job on the Double Unders Chantal & Leigh (Keep keepin’ your eyes closed!). You too on your 15 in a row Elissa. Put some ice on your cheek; ring dips are a biotch!! πŸ˜› Kevin, your Bar Muscle Ups were fantastique!!

  10. WU x 2

    Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1

    Row 1 KM – 3:57,6

    The yellow band slapped my face on the ring dip practice! I can laugh about it now… but I wanted to cry at the time! heeeeeeheee

  11. Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1

    Row 1km
    Time: 3:38.8

    Good job ladies! We put some fast times on the board tonight!

  12. At the Hotel:

    Strength: Dumbbell bench press
    5x / 30-35-40-45-50 each hand

    1000m Row:
    Time: 3:44.4

  13. CFWU X 2

    Strength Bench Press


    95-135-155-175 failed- 170

    WOD Row 1 k

    Time 3:59.5 I love rowing, much better than skipping.

    Welcome Johan great job on the rowing!

    1. Thanks Marcel… you rocked the press!

      Bench 135 max, 145 failed
      Not certain what I got on the row, just know Kevin still kicked my pants, but great to see him in pain do’n it πŸ™‚

  14. bench press
    65-75-85-100 match PR-110(f)-110(f) πŸ™

    wod: 1k row

    Time: 4:18 min. I tried to pace myself but it works against me since I got some juice left at the end!!

    Good job everyone…really impressive time!!

  15. CW x 2
    bench press

    Wod: 1k row
    Time: 4:35. (yuck to rowing)

    Um..Gwen…you are so STRONG!!!! Crazy bench press!
    Johan amazing time on the rower!

  16. Did the 1k row at the hotel room gym with Jeff!

    1k row –> 3:29.1

    Not my best performance, but after the night we had yesterday….it is a good performance! πŸ™‚

  17. Did the row after everyone was done today.


    Great job to everyone today!

    Owen doesn’t post (yet), but he got his first pullup!!

    And welcome to Johan! He killed the 1k row for his first workout!

    Ed’s 225# bench was crazy impressive too!

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