Get er up

Turkish Getups

3 rounds
20 Strict Ring Dips
20 Strict C2B Pullups
10 Turkish Getups (70/50#)

*30 min cap

Compare to Oct.8/17

Denis and Heather

3 thoughts on “Get er up”

  1. Lindsay Sherwood

    Warm up: 31 birthday burpees for Stacey

    3 rounds:
    20 parallette dips with knees bent
    20 ring rows
    10 Turkish get ups with 15# KB

    Time: 22 minutes

    Well that was gross. Thanks Ron!

  2. T-Spine and shoulder mob with lax ball

    31 Birthday Burpees for my wife

    Turkish Getups practice

    3 rounds
    20 parallette Dips
    20 Strict Pullups (bent knee from second inside bar)
    10 Turkish Getups (20#)


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