Gates are open!

To celebrate the opening of the Causeway Gates, we’re going to row 2000m!

And also to re-test our Paleo Challengers.

Great instructional video on rowing.

I'm going to pick on Pierre here, because I can. Notice his arms and knees are bent at the same time? On the way forward (the recovery), your legs should stay straight until the bar passes them.

31 thoughts on “Gates are open!”

  1. sorry for the no shows, I’ve been sick 🙁 Can yuo switch me up for 6am on friday? I will be there but I would like it in the am so I can go climbing that afternoon 🙂

  2. Hi Kevin – can I switch my 415 to 530 tonight? Sorry for the short notice, but Connor is sick and have no one to watch him. Thanks

  3. Strength
    5×5 snatch 65-75-95-95-95(those last three rounds weren’t all in a row… so decided to do one more, went a lot better and got them in a row)
    5×1 shoulder press 80-85-90-90-95(PR) and wanted to try 100 but failed!!! oh well still happy with the pr!

    2k row
    Time: 9:00.1 (not a pr… maybe next time i should do it in the evening class and see if it’ll go better… still hate rowing, again, one of my weaknesses!!)

    well done am crew!

  4. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Clean
    75-75-95-105-Took a break to row, didn’t do my last set…

    WOD – Row 2000m
    Time: 7:19.2 PR by 13.4 secs

    Great time 4:15 class!

  5. CFWU x 2 (pull ups 10, 5)

    Strength front Squats 5’s
    45-65-95-95-95 PR for reps!

    WOD Row 2000m

    7:46.2 PR by 7 second!
    Good rowing everyone 🙂

  6. CFWUx2

    strength – push press x5

    2km row
    8:26.5 (PR of 21 seconds, april 22 2009)

    wicked row Corinna, and i heard but didn’t see Marlene’s new deadlift PR – awesome!

  7. Marlene and Shallon, I heard how awesome you two were on the deadlifts tonight. Congrats!

  8. CFWU x 2
    WOD before the strength
    2K row
    strength – shoulder press 5’s
    95-115-125-130-135(PR) for reps
    Good job 6:30 crew

  9. CFWU x2

    Strength – push press 1-1-1-1-1

    WOD 2k rowing

    9:13.9 pr by 25.1 seconds 😀

  10. warm up x 2
    Deadlift 3RM: 95-135-165-185-185

    wod: 2k row

    Time: 9:15.8 pr by 10 sec.
    Didn’t feel great but glad I still did a PR!

  11. CFWU x 2

    Strength front Squats x 1

    95-135-145-155-165 PR x 10 lbs

    WOD Row 2000m

    Time: 8:21.5 PR

    Thanks for the push 6:30 crew and thanks for tips Coach!

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