Games WOD 12.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:

150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

Please watch the video below before arriving.


74 thoughts on “Games WOD 12.4”

  1. Good luck to everyone today, I so hate not being able to go today and cheer everyone on. Saturdays are the best.

    FYI – Make sure to do lots of stretching after. I did the games workout on Thursday and both my legs and arms are still hurting.

  2. I echo Ron’s sentiments.. Wish I could be there to cheer for all you guys.. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

  3. Kick a$$ today everyone! Remember, Wall Balls are FUN! 😀

    Congrats to everyone who did 12.4 this week. Great results! 😀

  4. Ditto as all above 🙂
    Really love being there on Saturdays….Rock this one everyone!!
    Can’t wait to hear results…

  5. This one had me really scared going in, rightfully so I guess…

    WOD 12.4 Rx = 0 + 116 Wall Balls

    A bit disappointed I didnt come closer to 150 reps, but I had nothing in the tank this morning. BUT… considering my back feels 100% after this, Im super happy. Last time I think I had to quit “Karen” around the 5min mark or something like that.

    Great atmosphere as always. Good job to everyone! Thanks Pierre for your excellent judging, and to the rest of the people around for pushing me during those 12 mins.

  6. WOD 12.4

    Total —> 138 reps

    Wall Balls aren’t my thing. Guess I need a bigger engine.
    Great job today everyone! Awesome atmosphere as always!

  7. WOD 12.4

    Total –> 160 reps

    My goal was to make it through Karen and have 1 DU so quite happy.

    Thanks for the excellent judging Marcel!

    Another great day at the Box. Hats off to all who did 12.4!

    Great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  8. WOD 12.4

    Total —> 123 reps
    Kinda dissappointed with my score but I’ll get 150 nex time.
    Thanks for judging Pat!
    Great job everyone and have a safe and happy St Pats day!

  9. Well I am in a natural high for sure. Very happy with my improvement from Thursday’s attempt of 12.4.
    Today I wanted the chance to try a muscle up, and that’s exactly what I got. Ha. I guess I should have set my goal on getting one instead.
    Total:150 wall balls, 90 DU = 240 ( PR of 77)
    Thanks Marco,,,huge help with the 5sec countdown for my breaks

    1. Way to go Darsey. The improvement definitely made the do over worth while. I impressed that you had the gumption to actually do it twice. Contrary to Jane’s comment….there is NOTHING FUN about 150 Wall Balls. Thanks for keeping count for me on this WOD today.

  10. WOD 12.4

    I don’t know what happened, I thought I was pacing it right to finish the wall balls but I came up short. I really wanted to make to the center of the gym.

    Total reps 132.

    I tip my hat to anyone who made it to the muscle ups. Your offspring will lead a great army one day. lol

    1. Still nice job Sheldon, good numbers.. I figure if we’d started six months earlier we’d be all over these WODS! Lol

  11. WOD 12.4

    125 wall balls, 1 wheezing throat, 1 Fran cough plus 2 very crampy legs!

    Awesome. Great atmosphere this morning!

  12. WOD 12.4

    240 reps

    2 adrenaline-fueled attempts at a what would have been my first ever muscle up, but alas, it wasn’t in the cards for me today. Thanks Kevin and Marc for the tips, and a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was cheering today.

    Another great Saturday at CFM. 🙂

    1. You flew through your WB’s & your attempts at the MU’s were impressive to watch…so close.

    2. Hated missing another games WOD of yours Lora.. Knew you would kill it, and MU are in your very near future.. Proud of you!

    3. GReat perserverance right to the end Lora. Well done! By next year there’ll be a bunch of women in the MU CLub!

  13. WOD 12.4

    137 reps

    It was my first time with a 14# ball and I was targeting 100 reps so I’m pretty happy with that. Rough one for sure!

    1. Nice result Nath. Adding more weight to ball for the first time & coming up with 137 reps is great progress.

  14. WOD 12.4

    124 reps

    Can’t say I’m overly happy with the result, but it is what it is. Just happy to have this WOD behind me, wall ball are a definite Goat and I’ve got to start doing them in my warm up. Great atmosphere again today and once again a big thanks to Kevin & Jo. Also, thanks for judging Jeff.

  15. WOD 12.4

    150 brutally painful wall balls.

    I was really hoping to slide a few double unders in today, but it wasn’t to be. It’s been awhile since I’ve done “Karen”. I knew it would be tough, but I forgot just how grueling 150 WB can be. Never mind the muscle ups, my hat goes off to everyone who made it to the DU’s.

    Most definitely feeling the “cough” and jelly legs. Legs tomorrow should feel awesome 🙂

  16. WOD 12.4

    158 Reps

    My goal going in was to make it to the DU’s. Really happy I accomplished it. Thanks for judging Marco, you were a big help. Great day at the gym. Awesome job Everyone!

  17. WOD 12.4 -> Got 6 MU so 246 reps

    My goal was to get 1 MU so happy of my result. Nice work today everyone. Awesome atmosphere again. Love Saturdays. Too bad it was my last one for the games.

  18. WOD. 12.4. 116 reps
    I had no idea what to expect as I never had the opportunity to do Karen before or to use the 20 lb ball so this was an experience.
    Corrina, thanks Big time for judging, coaching and encouraging me most of those reps was from your support.
    Cudos to everyone who made it to the muscle ups.

    1. Great work today Tom. Your soft gentle spirit came shining through today. You showed lots of heart today and you never gave up. It was a true pleasure for me to judge you today.

  19. WOD 12.4

    I got 150 wall balls. Very happy that I got through all the wall balls but can’t help feeling a little disappointed about the Doubles. I wanted to get just one so badly, and I had time to get a few but stepped on my rope and it pulled out of my hand and couldn’t get my shit together in time to get going.

    That’s okay, I’ll take my awesome Karen PR and be happy with my result. 🙂

    Thanks for the great judging Jeff, and nice to meet you!

    Great job everyone today! 4 down, 1 to go! So excited to find out what the next one is!

    1. Nice job Amanda. So hard to get the co-ordination going when the blood won’t go to your head!

  20. WOD 12.4

    120 wall balls

    First time touching a 20# med ball since fundamentals. My goal was 100 so i”m happy that I passed it. Thanks Sonia for the added push after I made it to 100.

  21. WOD 12.4

    150 Wallballs.

    I didn’t have a goal going in. I just wanted to work them 10 at a time and mostly that’s how it came out. Only a couple of no reps so pleased about that – so often I waste energy on airballs, and it makes me real cranky.

    Thanks to Amanda – another amazing judge.
    Thanks to Kevin for all the times we’ve done 10’balls (that sounded weirded than I meant it to 😉 ) – made 9′ sooo much easier.
    Thanks to Crossfit Games gurus for putting the wallballs first 🙂

    See you at 12.5!

  22. WOD 12.4
    81 Wallballs.
    Battle the flu all week my goal was one minute just to keep my score or points for the team after 4 min i had 31 reps, Thanks to Chantal for keeping me going finish with 81 finally got the swing at the end

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