Games WOD 12.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps, 24/20″ box
12 Push press (115/75#)
9 Toes-to-bar

Please watch the video below before arriving.


104 thoughts on “Games WOD 12.3”

  1. WOD Rx = 5 rounds + 15 Box Jumps + 9 Push-Press

    Had a plan, stuck to it, went very well. Im very happy with this, since usually I have a hard time pacing myself. The long WOD from last year (clean/wall ball/ T2B) had me puking after.

    Good job everyone! Buddy that came to watch was impressed with what we do!

    2 more to go!!

    1. Nice strong pace, was fun to keep score for you Super Mario. With your strong finish you left nothing in the tank.

  2. wu x 2
    WOD : Rx
    15 Box jumps (24″)
    12 Push Press (115#)
    9 Toe to Bar

    Total = 5 rounds + 6 Push Press = 201 reps.
    Great job everyone!

    1. You had that crazy look in your eye Franky….way to work buddy! Need to start seeing you more saturdays!

    2. When I knew I was keeping score for you something special was going to happen. You said 4 rounds was your goal but after the 4th completed you were on a mission……. pass 5 rounds and then some. Mission accomplished with heart and drive.

    1. More great judging ! Marco thanks for promising to catch me if I fell – big words for someone who is also “broken” but I believed you! Glad this one is over and hope next one is kinder.

  3. WOD 12.3 Rx
    15 Box Jumps (20″)
    12 Push Press / Jerk (75#)
    9 T2B

    Total 3 rounds = 108 reps

    My goal was 2 rounds so I’m happy with that. I did my first T2B on Thursday this week and 75# felt really heavy for me. Wow, what a great atmosphere!!! I love Sat Games workouts!

    Thanks Jeff for judging. You were awesome!

  4. WU x 2
    Lots of stretching and foam rollin.

    Games WOD 12.3
    15 Box jumps (24″)
    12 Push Press (115#)
    9 Toe to Bar

    Total = 5 rounds + 5 Push Press = 200 reps.

    What a great job from all athletes and judges. Great crowd!

    Thank for judging me Rob!

    Enjoy the weekend fella CrossFitters!

  5. What an awesome morning! So pumped to see so many people giving it everything.

    My second attempt at this beast.

    8 rounds + 15 BJ + 12 PP + 3 T2B
    (318 reps)

    Up from 290 reps on Wed.

    3 down, 2 to go!

  6. WOD 12.3
    5 Rounds + 15 BJ + 10 PP

    Total —> 205 reps

    Thanks Kevin and Jo for an awesome morning! Congrats everyone!

  7. WOD 12.3..
    6 rounds-15 box jumps-6 push press

    Was really surprised how hard this was on the grip, couldn’t really do kipping T2B as I was thinking I couldn’t hang on! Lol. And great job Darcy you did fantastic on this one.. It was a fun race!

    1. And I have to correct.. 15 bj, 8 pp.. Sorry bender! Lol and it’s not really Fair cause I was just shooting for your number! Lol
      Seriously you did great bud!!

      1. Extra two reps eh, now your just puttin salt on the wound! Ha just kiddin, thanks buddy. I did the competition and ribbing that goes with it. Next week, youre goin down.

    2. Well done Jeff!

      Happy your knee held out for all those Box Jumps! You should check the video tape though. I think I saw a tall, “sexy”, blonde dude tampering with your box right before your heat… Just sayin’…

    3. Nice work Jeff! The toes to bar were tougher than I thought that we’re going to be as well.

  8. WOD as Rx’d 3 rounds + 15 BJ + 2 Push jerks = 125

    My goal was 90 because I knew the 75# was near my max to both clean and get overhead, but the T2B’s were very tough today as well. A lot of my time spent getting those two sets done in the rounds.

    Great atmosphere as always, thanks for judging Chantal….appreciated the rep counts and encouragement 🙂 My friend that came to see what it’s all about thinks we’re nuts!!

    Shoulder is hurting…icing and physio for me!!

  9. WOD: 6 rounds, 15 box jumps and 2 push press!

    Incredible job everybody, another unreal saturday and CFM…….cheers!

      1. Easy to get a good score like that when your lover is counting or should I say multiplying.

  10. WOD 12.3 Rx
    15 Box Jumps (20″)
    12 Push Press / Jerk (75#)
    9 T2B

    2 rounds and 11 box jump = 83 reps 😀

    I’m SO HAPPY!! hehe
    My first T2B was yesterday…and my goal was to at least complete 1 round today…So yeah! Im happy!! 😀

    AWESOME JOB everyone, like usual!!
    AMAZING atmosphere!!

    1. So happy for you. Great accomplishment with those T2B. Tough move for sure! Agree that you deserve a few more points for “style”!

      1. I wish there would be a video!! That “style” sounds hillarious!!
        I remember swinging quite a bit… hahaha
        Thanks again guys! Means a lot to hear this from all of you!

  11. WOD 12.3

    6rds + 15 BJs + 1 PP
    Total Reps: 232 (PR of 36 reps)

    Sick this morning, but really wanted to do this WOD as I am in SJ with my Sister and her family and they are newly into CF (so I just like working out with them !!) Again, the T2B are really hard for me to string together due to my sh&tty shoulder and the PPs were tough but I cleaned them well and broke it up to what worked for me!! Wish 115# wasn’t so damn heavy for me.

    Great scores everyone!!! Looks like I missed another awesome day!!! Congrats as see u all soon 🙂

  12. WOD 12.3 Rx’d

    4 rounds + 15 box jumps + 11 push press

    Very tough workout I can honestly say I had nothing left in the tank at the end of this one. Great determination from everyone today, it certainly was an awesome atmosphere. Thanks to Pat for judging and coaching it really helped.

    1. Nice job marcel, great number even without the fact that you spent the week on holiday, likely eating strict paleo as well though? Lol. Nice work!

  13. LOVED the atmosphere in the gym this morning!! I don’t want the games to end!

    I really surprised myself with my score, I got 5 rounds + 6 box jumps. Before I started I was thinking that I’d be happy if I got 4 rounds so I’m very pleased!

    This was my first time doing T2B in a workout – I don’t know what I have been so afraid of all along….I always scale them because I assumed I couldn’t do them.

    Thank you MC for judging me, you are such an excellent coach and I’ve missed you!

    The cheers from the crowd are so humbling, thank you all.

    1. Nicely done Amanda. My favorite part was you box jumping and drinking at the same time! You gotta get the picture from Jamie!!

  14. My favorite thing about these workouts is seeing my fellow members push themselves to their very limits. I love it, great job everyone!

    I’ll stop posting now, lol.

  15. This was a great day.
    I got 6 rds 5 push press. 236 reps
    Thank you everyone for the encouragement. Patrick, you were a huge help. Thanks

  16. Great vibe this morning!

    WOD 12.3
    4 rounds + 15 Box Jumps (159 reps)

    Pretty happy overall. Box Jumps felt easy but the Presses killed me, and probably was the difference between 4 and 5+ rounds.
    Thanks to Grant, Jeff, Bender and everyone else for cheering me on and pushing me forward and of course Kerri for judging/encouraging me.

    Cheers to Darsey for killing this one, looked very smooth!

  17. Games WOD 12.3

    3 rounds + 15 Box Jumps + 9 Push Jerks

    Thanks for your judging and coaching Sonia!

    Everyone did a fantastic job today! Congratulations! 😀

  18. WOD Rx

    5 Rounds + 15 Box jumps + 4 push press
    Score = 199

    Thanks for being an awesome judge Patrick, also pushing me gave me the extra boost.

    Another fantastic Saturday workout with lots of croud energy.

    Big thank you to Grant and his wife for the wonderful gift.

  19. 12.3 Games WOD Rx’d
    4 Rounds + 15 BJ + 12 PJ + 5 T2B = 176 Reps.

    A little disappointed, as my goal was 5 complete rounds, which I was on pace for until I got stuck during my last round of T2B’s. Gotta work on technique. Sonia, you were an awesome judge. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

    I agree with Amanda’s comment about how awesome it is seeing everyone push it to the limit. Whether you were able to do 1 rep or an impressive 318 reps, everyone gave it 110%. Wooo Hooo, what a rush!

  20. WOD 12.3
    4 rounds plus 15 box jumps (159 reps)

    happy with this. box jumps and toes to bar felt really good. push press held me back. wish i could use the little boys bar rather thn the man’s size.

    another awesome day at crossfit. it is incredible watching everyone there push themselves to thier personal limits.
    congrats to all the participants.
    and hats off again to kevin and Jo, you two have these games down to a fine-tuned machine. job well done and deeply appreciated.

  21. WOD 12.3

    6 rounds + 15 box jumps’s + 12 push press.

    Thanks for being such a great judge Marco!

    1. I have PP envy. You popped those bad boys up like you styrofoam weights on that bar! Nice job!

  22. Is anyone doing this tomorrow. Just got in the door from vacation. I doubt I will be putting up much of a score after a week of vacation and lets just say a few apres ski beverages.

  23. There will be an opportunity for those who missed the Games WOD today to do it tomorrow from 3:00-4:30pm.

    Please register on ZP if you plan to attend.

  24. So tomorrow is for someone who missed the WOD? Is it not possible for someone looking to repeat the WOD?

    1. You can, but once the soreness sets in, you may not want to. I was still aching this morning from Wednesday.

  25. WOD 12.3
    7 Rounds + 7 Box jumps (259 reps)

    18 minutes goes by A LOT faster when you are “doing”, and not “watching/cheering”. Was crazy nervous all morning waiting for my heat. Thankfully, those nerves disappeared after my first box jump. 🙂

    Most of you will think I’m nuts, but my FAVOURITE part of the entire WOD was the push press. Toes to bar? Not so much. My grip was gone after about the 3rd round.

    Kudos to Kevin and Jo for having it all run so smoothly. This one certainly had the potential for chaos. All in all, a super fun Saturday at CFM. The atmosphere was incredible. So much cheering and encouragement for all the athletes! Can’t wait until next week…

    1. Great job Lora, impressed and so proud of the way you pushed through this, start to finish was awesome!

  26. WOD 12.3
    My “official” score: 1 rep 🙂

    Scale version
    15 step up (20″)
    12 push press 75#
    9 hanging knee raise
    Total: 5 rounds + 8 push press (188 reps)

    Great job everybody!! Thanks for coaching me Heather 🙂

    1. We should have a special club for “official” box jumps! So impressed that you just keep working – kinda like the Energizer Bunny. Great work!

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