Games WOD 12.2

We will be selling Inov-8’s this morning. Come by to get an awesome pair of shoes.

Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs)
Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)

This workout begins from the standing position. The athlete will complete all reps at the first weight before advancing to the next weight. Score is total reps completed in 10min.

Please watch the video below before arriving.


107 thoughts on “Games WOD 12.2”

  1. WU: Mob, Berg, 2 min of arm circles…you name it..

    WOD 12.2
    Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

    75# Snatch x 30
    135# Snatch x 30
    165# Snatch x 30
    Max Rep 210# Snatch

    TOTAL: 35

    I got my 30 @ 75# and managed to get 5 @ 135# so I am super pleased as my PR before last Thursday was 110#. Thanks for the cheering Grant!

    Lots of really inspiring athletes there today!
    SUPER-Congrats to Lora, Jeff, AJ and especially Mario for busting out his 165-er on the first try with 5 sec left on the clock! BEAST MODE!

    Hats off to all competitors, what a great atmosphere at the box today!

    1. Nice pr Blake, inspiring to watch you, you were determined.. Nicely done getting five of them!

  2. WOD 12.2
    Total: 60!!! πŸ™‚

    Great Job Everyone, impressive numbers today!!
    All the girls that did it over a 100 what an inspiration for me!!
    Lora I so wanna be you hehe!! Lora Fan!!

    Another success day, Great Job Kevin and Jo!!
    And thanks Joanna for the encourage!! and judging me twice πŸ™‚

    1. Nice work Elba! Thanks for the kind words. You really are stronger than you think. Believe me, your 100# is not far away at all!

  3. WOD 12.2 Rx = 61 reps

    The only 165# snatch I managed this week looked this crap. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy about a single rep, jumping around like a freakin’ fairy. Man, felt good.

    Found a nice pace for the second set, could’ve gone a lil’ quicker I think, but all in all I wasn’t expecting to have juice left for the 165#. Slow pace worked wonderfully.

    Thank you Rob for judging and everyone for cheering. I feel privileged to be a part of this. Great work and awesome performances all around. High-fives all-around.

    1. Great job Mario.. For the 165, you had mere seconds left, you pulled off the bandana, kissed it then hammered out the rep!! Awesome

    2. I get goosebumps thinking about watching rep #61 getting thrown up in the air……JUST. IN. TIME. Awesome job bud.

    3. Well done Mario! That last rep was amazing to see! Loved your reaction after you nailed it!

    4. It’s amazing how 1 rep can be the most important part of a wod! Great Mario, so glad I was there to witness this!

    5. Nice strong finish, and the celebration afterwards was great to watch. Happy for you Mario.

    6. It was definitely nice to see the lift and the reaction afterwards. Poor Marc though… you literally jumped ON him! Hilarious!

  4. What a great atmosphere at the gym this morning. Totally inspiring seeing people push themselves as hard as this. Huge congrats to all the athletes. simply unbelievable efforts!

    score 30.

    i am a bit disappointed with this as i was pushing hard for 31. I scaled up to help with the transition. was able to get 95, 105, 115, 125 for 3. had 4 minutes left for the 135; just completely unable to muster up one successful 135 rep. very happy to go from the old 65 pr up to the 125 but not happy for not getting the 135.
    really thinking about another attempt tomorrow, will know when i see how stiff i am in the morning. could be bad, ha ha
    great job everyone.b

    1. Good job Tom! I was wondering if anyone was gonna try and transition up. Great work! You’ll get that 135# I’m sure.

    2. Great job Tom.. You did amazing, give yourself some props, I know you’ll get there very soon, great determination!

    3. Nice approach to the WOD Tom, and very nice progression on the PR!
      Whether you do it tomorrow or not, that’s a HUGE win!

    4. and thanks MC for judging but more importantly for all the tips and encouragment it was deeply appreciated! if i only could have done what you were asking me to do.

  5. Total —> 43

    I was worried but my shoulder felt good… so happy about that. The weight felt really heavy though after vacation. Thinking I’ll try it again tomorrow. Great atmosphere this morning! Awesome job everyone! Thanks to Ron and Marc and others for cheering me on. …and a big congrats to those who tackled snatches for the first time today!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Nice Bender! Can’t imagine what its like getting that bar all the way up there. Good job!

    2. That was inspiring bender, nice job, so impressed you got these all done, long levers and a long way to move the weight!! Proud of you, you looked so determined!

      1. fantastic watching you go at it in the first heat. you set the bar for others. great work

    3. AWESOME work Bender! Definitely the winner of “Who moved the bar the furthest”. Should be some extra points in there for that πŸ˜‰

      1. We should have an award ceremony with trophies for such accomplishments. Call it the Crossfit Moncton 2012 Pukie Awards.

  6. 60 reps. So wanted to get that 165# but just didn’t have anything left in the tank. Thanks Rob for the awesome judging and thanks for all the cheers everyone. Awesome performance today everyone.

    1. Marc I think you need to tackle this again, you made everyone of those at 135 look so easy.. You’d knock off at least a couple at 165..

  7. Games WOD 12.2 – 78 reps

    Well, that felt amazing! Thanks to all of you who were cheering. You gave me that extra push and confidence to keep lifting the bar.

    Once again, the energy in the gym this morning was phenomenal. It was incredibly inspiring to watch so many people hit PRs and surpass their own expectations. We all walked away with little victories today πŸ™‚ So happy to be a part of all this.

    1. Amazing Lora!! I couldn’t help but peek at you through the window as I warmed up…your power and strength is very INSPIRATIONAL!!
      Have to agree that atmoshphere is ELECTRIFYING : )

  8. WOD 12.2 – 50 reps

    Really nervous going in the last heat. Barely made 135# last night but got 20 today….must’ve been the new shoes.

    1. You did great Jeff.. So happy for you, just wait till you get a few more months under your belt, you’ll be killing these WODS.. You did amazing!

    2. New shoes really are the answer for everything (I have a closet full to prove it πŸ™‚ ) Congratulations on a great PR and a terrific performance!

    3. Sorry Jeff, forgot to thank you for being a great judge too! You & Grant kept me going back to the bar!

  9. WU X forever

    WOD 12.2: 60 reps

    So happy with the first 60 – motored through and had 3 mins left to put the 100 up, but alas, it was not meant to be today!! I guess close only counts in horsehoes so #61 will have to wail ’til next time!

    Best part of this morning was the number of people who said their judge/coach was exactly who they needed. Just reinforces what we all feel about CFTM every day.

    No exception here – Marc H thanks for being there – you were the perfect guy for my box and I’m absolutely sure things wouldn’t have gone nearly as easily without you. So “Merci Coach”!

  10. 12.2
    61 reps
    Thank you so much Sonia for judging and for your encouragement, it helped so much.. And thanks to Tom for standing there cheering through the whole thing, it was nice to hear you trying to pump me up! .. Andrew and Lora you both killed it, well done, proud to be a part of this family, everyone did awesome!

    1. So proud of you Jeff! Huge effort. That’s so huge weight and I know you have more in you! Well done!

    2. what an inspiration buddy, i have no idea how you handle this right after a knee operation. had my worries when i seen you throw the knee brace right before your last attempts. it worked though.

  11. WU 12.2

    67 reps

    Awesome morning at the gym! The cheering was absolutely amazing! I was happy to get the 100 lbs overhead for sure!

    Way to go Andrew and Lora. You guys killed this WOD!

    1. Watching you put those last 7 up was amazing and inspiring. It’s impossible to watch you and not want to do more. What a great role-model you are. Congrats !

    2. It was nice to watch Corina. Thanks for judging and cheering for me. Thanks to Laura as well!

    3. Nice job posted a great number, I think you should give it another go tomorrow, I know you wanna.. And you’ve got the experience now.. I’ll be there to cheer you on!

      1. Thanks Jeff. I saw you put that 165 lbs up! Great job yourself. I would love to try it again tomorrow, but I am heading to Halifax to spend a few days with family. You and Lora will do awesome again on this one tomorrow!! Keep working on that split snatch Lora and you will be well into the 80’s for sure!

    4. GREAT JOB Corinna! Your physical strength got you to 100# and your mental toughness kept you going! So proud of your accomplishment today. πŸ™‚

  12. Heather (Mum)

    Congrats to all the athletes. No one left anything in the tank and that;s what it’s all about.

    WOD 12.2
    60 reps
    I am very happy with that. Thanks so much Rob for the great coaching and encouragment. Thanks Kevin for pushing me and for the great advice. Thanks everyone for the cheering.

  13. The Saturday workouts are the best, Everyone really stepped up there game today.

    Crossfit Games WO:12.2
    75# x 30
    135 x 6
    Total: 36 reps

    New PR on snatches from 115 to 135, thanks Kevin for the tip, thanks judge Marc for pushing me to do more, but most of all thanks to everyone who cheered…. It helps so much.

  14. WU 12.2

    49 reps => My objective was 50 but I’m happy anyway…

    Before yesterday, my PR was 70# so I’m quite satisfied I did 19 @ 75#. Muscle fatique has been the big challenge on that one.

    The atmosphere rocked! Fun!

    We shoud definitely have a award ceremony at the end of those games. Just for fun! Great idea Mario!

  15. WOD 12.2
    Total: 37

    Great job today everyone! Awesome atmosphere. Really happy with my score. My goal was to get at least 1 at 135#. Previous PR from thursday was 125# for 1 rep. Thanks for judging and the tips Marco, helped a lot.

    1. beautifull PR! i wish i had a camera when you made your first successful 135 . the emotion and satisfaction was plain to see all over your face. congrats pal.

  16. WOD 12.2
    Total: 60

    Tried 100# twice but failed. Extremely happy with my score. Great job everyone!

  17. Crossfit Games WO:12.2

    Score 30

    Was SUPER disapointed after that 10 minutes and lots of “not so nice” words came out while I was doing the Snatches… But after a couple of minutes of being done… I though about it and said “you know what… 30 is good enough considered that I NEVER did this lift before…
    I was practicing it before my turn was up and couldn’t even get 2 in a row…
    But once my turn arrived, with all this AMAZING atmosphere we had this morning, did 10 in a row, stop, another 10, stop and another 10 ! So yeah, I was pretty proud then…
    but then I put on the extra weight and had like 6 minutes left to try to do at least ONE.. thats when the swearing began…haha

    All and all… again, it was an AWESOME experience!! Im SO GLAD that I signed up for the game!! REALLY fun!!
    And GREAT JOB everyone!!! πŸ˜€

  18. Wow! lots of great reluts guys and gals! πŸ™‚ Way to go!
    It’s amazing what a great energy these games bring to CrossFit Moncton. Too bad there just once a year!

  19. Crossfit Games WOD:12.2

    Score 30

    Was EXTREMELY disapointed and frustrated after that 10 minutes…I’m a stuborn one!! I don’t think I’ve ever thrown the bar around so much!! I know I shouldn’t be because I had only practiced with a broomstick and watched videos for two days before this morning when I finally got to put my hands on a bar with some weight.

    During practice the 35# was good, 45# felt tough enough at only a few reps…so I am happy I got my 30 without too much effort. In practice time the 75# was definitely intimidating me…just picked it up once to feel and was quite scared so figured I might as well wait until the adrenaline was pumping to give it a go. The jump in weight from 45# to 75# prooved to be just too much for me. Thinking back should have scaled up a couple even for the “no reps”. Ended up fatiguing myself in the 6 or so minutes of failed attempts…getting it only as high as my shoulders a number of times…need to practice squatting under it. Think I may be there tomorrow to try again… as long as I’m not too sore.

    Apologies to Nath for stepping into your box, truly sorry for the distraction : (

    Have to say it was an ELECTRIFYING atmosphere again though!! Thanks to Pierre for judging and Jeff for my practice earlier in the morning and the tips and cheering during my turn….would have laughed had I not been so frustrated when I heard you say the “new shoes” would help me get it up : ) I do love them!! And to Angela for being my “partner” during practice and during the nerves building up to our heat…I could see you rocking the WOD out of the corner of my eye : ) Good Job!!

    I’m still very happy that I signed up for the games and got to be a part of all this!! GREAT to see everyone work so hard for their reps!! Lots of INPIRATION in the box this morning!!

    1. This is a very difficult lift! You never did it getting 30 is a great accomplishment. With some practice you’ll be snatching 75# no problem. Good job!

    2. Don’t be too discouraged! Your form with 45 was really good and 75 almost went up. Practice the squat snatch tomorrow with lighter weights and you’ll get 75 for sure. You put up a good fight with that bar today! πŸ˜‰

    3. Repeat of 12.2 on Sunday…same score 30…worked hard for that rep! Used progressive weights tonight though and I’m OK with my PR of 65#, which I had many fails in my practice. Will need to try this WOD in a couple of months πŸ™‚
      Thanks for all the coaching Marc and everyone who stuck around to encourage me.

  20. WOD 12.2
    Total: 30
    work my way up to 125 couldn’t get under the bar for 135
    Great job every one

  21. First attempt on Wednesday night was 62 reps.

    Tried 12.2 again on Sunday. Got a 3 rep pr for a total of 65! Very pleased.

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