Games WOD 11.2

AMRAP in 15min
9 Deadlifts (155/100#)
12 HR Pushups
15 Box Jumps (24/20″)

Compare to Oct.20/13


90 thoughts on “Games WOD 11.2”

  1. Dear wall balls and lunges,
    Thanks to you, I’m walking like a toddler with a full diaper. I even cried a little when I had to climb a flight of stairs this morning (3 steps = a flight, doesn’t it?)
    Lora “I wish I could pee standing up” Dempsey

    1. Valerie Arseneau

      Hahahaha! Laughed out loud in my workshop.

      My legs are ok!… For now…

      I plan to attempte a rowing WOD at work. Will see how the legs feel by then.

    2. Vanessa Champion

      I was just thinking to myself… I’m walking like a… A… And couldn’t decide. Shitty diaper baby is an accurate discription

  2. Registration for today went from 38 to 23 overnight. Wonder if yesterday had anything to do with the drop??

    1. It might, but these overnight cancelations seem to happen EVERY Saturday (and Sunday, too). Is it just “life” getting in the way? Cherry “ahem” picking? Not sure? Anyone?

      In spite of the soreness, if I wasn’t working today, I would be there 🙂

      1. Would have been fun to have done this WOD with you beside me Lora! p.s. Cherry picking a WOD does not even exist in your vocabulary!!!

  3. Ba ha ha I am one of those people that canceled this morning but I remebered I had to get some WOD Recovery from Joey so I signed back up . I also can barley move,or sit down or this and that . I love Wall balls so I don’t know how well I will walk later tonight .

    Happy Saturday

  4. My arms have been sore since ring dips/muscle up day and adding wallballs yesterday finished off my upper body. My arms were so useless yesterday I couldn’t even type!! Have a formal event in Saint John tonight…pretty sure I won’t even be able to clutch my clutch purse!!

  5. Great news!! We’ve added some extra time slots in the schedule so you can work on strengths or skills. When you sign into Zen Planner, it’s called The Lab. We hope this will help you with your goals.

    First one starts tomorrow at 9am.

  6. AMRAP in 15min
    9 Deadlifts (100#)
    12 HR Pushups
    15 Box Jumps (20″)

    7 rounds +10 BJs

    I did this recently, maybe change for change? I know I did over 8 rounds. Note to self, no wine on Friday nights lol. Nice partnering up with you Christine and fun class Chantal!

  7. AMRAP in 15 mins

    9 Deadlifts (85#)
    12 HR Pushups
    15 Box Jumps (18″)

    6 rounds + 3 HRPU

    Nice partnering up with you Tracy. Thanks for the tips Chantal!

  8. AMRAP in 15min RX
    9 Deadlifts (100#)
    12 HR Pushups
    15 Box Jumps (20″)

    7 rounds + 2 HR pushups

    I did this for change for change in October but seemed to have lost my page from that date but I believe I got same or similar score.

    Thanks Jenn for being my partner!

    1. Too bad you took that little hiatus from posting on the site, otherwise you’d have your previous score. Hmmmmmm? 🙂

  9. Wod: games wod 11.2

    AMRAP in 15
    9 dead lift @ 155
    12 HSPU (deficit with 45 plates)
    15 box jumps @ 24″
    All done with 20# weighted vest

    7 rounds + 7 push-ups RX +

  10. AMRAP (15 mins)
    Dead lift 75 lb
    HR PU (from knees) 12/round
    Box Jump 18″

    6 rounds & 13 HR PU (just b/c I love ’em so)

    Got me thinking about the CF games.
    Thanks for a great class, Chantal.

  11. Games WOD 11.2

    AMRAP in 15min

    AMRAP in 15
    9 dead lift @ 155lb
    12 Hand Release Push-ups
    15 box jumps @ 24″

    8 Rounds + 3 Push-ups RX

  12. WOD: 11.2


    9 deadlift’s @ 100lbs
    12 HRPU’s
    15 Box Jump’s @ 20′

    Did first round or two with stepping down but then switched it to the rebound….felt more natural.

    8 rounds + 7 box jumps or 9?

    No PR, but that is not what I was aiming for today. Pacing, breathing and rebounding were my three main goals.

    Nice partnering with you today Jenn C.

    1. You on a pacing day is still pretty darn fast. Nice work. I wish I could have been with you and the gang this am.

    2. You scored 8 rounds and 9 box jumps. Your box jumps were fanystic – explosive power up.
      Thank you for showing me how to pace and when is the best time to catch a breath. 🙂
      Great working with you Corinna 🙂

  13. Wu
    Group wu, mob

    Wod 11.2 rx+ with 20#vest

    6 rounds 11 HRPU

    I was at failure at this point making 2-3 attempts at #12 and failed! Awesome wod
    Thanks for counting mike (hope I got that right, brain was a bit foggy.. nice job on the wod)

  14. Games WOD 11.2

    AMARP : 15 min

    9 Dead Lifts
    12 Push Ups ( hands release )
    15 Box Jumps ( 24 inch)

    8 rounds 8 push ups RX

    After yesterday WOD and today I predict I will not be able to walk tomorrow .
    Great class everyone and

  15. Games WOD 11.2

    AMRAP in 15min

    AMRAP in 15

    9 dead lift @ 155lb
    12 Hand Release Push-ups
    15 box jumps @ 24″

    6 Rounds + 6 Box Jumps RX

    Nice work today David, thanks for the push.

  16. Valerie Arseneau

    Since I was in a workshop for work and miss the session this AM, I did a 2k row at the gym we have at work.

    9:03. 10 sec PR since the Paleo benchmark. Next time under 9 mins 🙂
    Pace was ~2:15 to 2:20. Last 300m I kept it at 2:10 to 2:15.

  17. Mobility & WU

    WOD 11.2
    AMRAP 15 min
    9 Deadlifts (85#)
    12 HR pushups (knees)
    15 Box Jumps (20″)

    5 rounds + 9 Deadlifts

    I got 1 DL more then last time but with 25# more on the DL & 20″ box jumps instead of 18.

  18. Mobility and warm up
    WOD: 11.2
    AMRAP 15 min.
    9 Deadlifts 100#
    12 HR push-ups
    15 box jumps at 20″
    Total: 7 rds. Plus 2 box jumps
    Great WOD! Thanks Chantal!

    1. Thanks guys, nice to see you too Amy and nice to chat with you Maria! I had fun today despite the soreness! At CFM it’s like we are always all in it together and it makes the pain bearable!

    1. no problem Spence, you catch on quick your transition was really quick.. just keep doing them till the move is second nature! 🙂

  19. Wod rx: 6R + 10 hrpu

    That was rough. Two rounds in I had no drive. Thanks Sarah for keeping me moving. Yesterday kicked my ass, and I’m still hobbling from it.

  20. Mob + Wup x 10 each of
    box jumps
    pushups (hand release)
    Group Mob

    WOD: 11.2 Games
    AMRAP in 12 min.
    9 Deadlifts (100lbs)
    12 HR Pushups
    15 Box Jumps (20 inch)

    Corinna scored = 8 rounds and 9 box jumps
    Me – 7 rounds and 12 box jumps

    Great working with you Corninna

    1. Man – I just can’t seem to type right today
      I meant to say”Great working with you Corinna 🙂 “

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