Games 14.5

With 14.5 being a timed event (not an AMRAP), we are unable to create heat lists (thanks Dave Castro). So this last Games WOD will be run a little differently. Please read carefully. 

The gym will be open from 3:15pm until 8:45pm. We will have 10 lanes set up. You need to find a buddy (not necessarily a judge) to judge you for the workout. It is a first come, first serve basis for the lanes. If you know it’s going to take you a while to complete, show up as early as possible. If the weight of the workout is an issue, feel free to scale it down.

Then it’s off to Mexi’s for 9pm!!

Strength – 5RM Floor Press

With a 10 minute time cap, accumulate as much time as possible in a plank.

Compare to June 21/12


64 thoughts on “Games 14.5”

    1. It will still count. You can enter their name when you log your score, and I’ll still validate it.

  1. Good luck everyone on this last “open” wod! Knowing the heart and effort that the CFM movers have and put towards every workout, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ll all hit this one hard and give it your all!

    3-2-1 Giddy up!

    1. Wish you were here cheering us on!
      I might die tonight so just wanted to say I heart you and greatful to have you in my life. That goes for everyone! lol frig #burpeemakemewanttopuke.

  2. Heather Colleen

    Floor Press x5
    35-55-65-70-75 (25#PR)

    Accumulated plank in 10 mins: 6:10

    That was gross…but still WAY better than 14.5 looked. Awesome job, Ange and Davis!!!

    1. Heather Colleen

      Oh, and 33 Super Mario birthday burpees for time – 2:30.

      Those were some painnnnful burpees.

  3. Valérie Arseneau

    I think I have my action plan for 14.5!

    We did a 7 mins AMRAP of Thrusters and pull ups this week so that gave me an idea how I can handle 65# thrusters.

    first 3 rounds will be split in 3 sets (7’s, 6’s and 5’s). Round of 9 will be 5 and 4. Round 6, hopefully I will have enough in me to hold on to it. If not, 2 sets of 3’s. Burpees will be pace in order to keep moving.

    Looking to see how long this takes me! I have no idea! lol.

    1. I hear you. I have a tendancy to blast fast and burn out quick so I really need to work on the pacing tonight. I was thinking of doing sets of fives right out of the gate so that I will have some energy in the tank towards the end – not sure though.

    2. Valérie Arseneau

      Looked up women on the leaderboard with comparable scores to be for the first 4 WODs.

      Decent way to estimate how long 14.5 will take you.

      From the looks of it, my estimation for me will be around 22 to 25 mins. Got myself a benchmark now!

  4. Because there’s no set start time for heats, I will share my tip and strategies with you all here:


    Oly shoes
    Wrist wraps
    Compression shorts
    A beard


    Mob + WU x1
    Row or Jump rope
    Wrist Twist
    Samson Complex (samson, spiderman, pigeon pose)
    Pec Ball
    Practice burpees
    Build up weight in thrusters (no more than 10 reps)


    Control your bar, so it stays centered

    WOD Strategy

    Breathe and relax – keep heart rate as low as possible


    Little wider stance than normal
    Drive through the hips
    Rest for 1 sec at the top if a break is needed in a set
    Sets (if possible)
    21 = 12+9
    18 = 8+6+4
    15 = 6+5+4
    12 = 5+4+3
    9 = 5+4
    6 = UB
    3 = UB


    Stay relaxed, same pace start to finish
    Jump in, feet flat, hips high, step forward and hop + turn
    If fatigued, walk out, walk in (last resort)

  5. Did 14.5 this morning….have fun (?) tonight everyone. You know those bags on air planes, in case you lose your lunch? Add that to your gear list 🙂

    1. This does not make me feel better. Can you share your time…so I can prepare a bit or at least have an idea of a time.

  6. Okay, I have a huge favor to ask – I am stuck in a course ALL weekend (till 10pm tonight, 9 to 5 tomorrow and Sunday) AND I work Monday till 430pm

    *** BUT ***

    If some kind soul is willing to meet me at the gym Monday say 445pm to judge me (watch me suffer & count my reps) I will attempt 14.5… Takers?

    1. I could make it….. but it would be more like 5 ish….so I could be there by the time you’re warmed up? lol

      1. Yes!! That’s perfect. I’m free anytime after 430pm so really – whenever you’re available and it’s not disrupting the ongoing class.

      2. Yup… we can do it in the 5 to 5:45 empty slot! I’ve got reminders set so I don’t forget!

  7. M+WUx2

    Mobility (group)

    Floor press 5x5x5x5x5
    20lb+20lb+25lb+25lb+25lb (did extra at 30lb, should’ve tried 35lb)

    Accumulate as much time as possible in a plank in 10 minutes:
    Total plank time- 7min 02

    Finished with Sally and I’m pretty sure she’ll be taunting me tomorrow…

    Good luck to everyone tonight!

    1. Nice job Jeff! It was pretty sucky until you hit the 9s, then it was just be finished already.

  8. 14.5 Rx


    Thanks Melanie for judging me. I saw so many people lying on the floor tonight and I have never felt this terrible after a WOD and I don’t usually curse at my friends! awesome work everyone.

  9. 14.5

    24:46 (I was hoping to finish before 30 minutes)

    Maddy, thanks for being my judge (and for the extra push and encouragement!). Great work everyone!

  10. WOD 14.5
    was hoping for around 20 minutes. My strategy was to pace myself at the start. I took too many rests while doing thrusters.
    Thanks for the judging Gabe!
    Great job every one, have a great weekend!

  11. 14.5

    Time 21:50

    Thanks for the great judging Maddy.
    Such a tough one to end with. Great job everyone!

    1. Great job Heather!! I was happy that you were hanging on to your bar at the top of the thruster because it looked like it was going to float away 😉

  12. 14.5 Rx’d – 44:42

    Wow great times everyone!
    There were many times that I thought I’d never finish (or that I was going to puke) but Steph, Jenn, Kevin, Jeremy and more wouldn’t let me stop! Thanks guys! ♡

  13. Good job everyone! That sure sounds gross!!

    Floor presses 5 rm to 85#

    Max plank hold in 10 min: 8 min (20 sec pr)
    (40 sec x 9 and 30 sec x 4 with 10 sec rests)

    Sally’s squatty’s dance!

  14. 14.5 – 23:48. I’ve never felt so gross after a workout… Light headed and all. I’m super happy with my time!

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