44 thoughts on “G.I. Jane”

  1. Push Press
    Max reps at 135# for 5 rounds (resting 3 min between rounds)

    Great job morning crew!

  2. Sick WOD; fitting that it has my name in it!!

    Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag to you,
    Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag to you,
    Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag dear Kevin,
    Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag to you!

  3. “Front Squat” – 1RM
    95-135-175-195-205 (PR by 30!) πŸ™‚

    100 Burpee Pullups or
    AMRAP in 15 minutes.


    It’s a tough transition to jump for the bar and it seems more like a strict pullup.
    It felt slow… and I’d love to do it again cause I know I could do better. Overall a great morning. Nice work Raychell and Gwen! Enjoy your day Kevin!

    Does the workout count as our bday burpees?

    ps…I am going to be a bit late tonight because I have an appointment at 5:45. I hope this is okay.

  5. this workout looks like pure hell burpees plus pullups in the same movement and 100 of them thank god its a rest day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!

  6. Did yesterday’s workout today…
    WUx2…Ed I borrowed your warmup from yesterday cause I don’t have the “advanced” warm up list with me and the regular warm up isn’t quite cutting it..for now.
    Strength: 3RM Push Jerk 95, 115, 135(2), 115, 175(post workout)

    arms felt alittle weak and didn’t want to hurt myself before the workout so I focused on form.

    WOD: 3 rounds AFAP of
    7 pull ups
    13 deadlifts (135)
    23 lunges

    Time: 3:51

    I know I could have pushed harder but I’m still pretty happy with my result. Great WOD and good job everyone on this WOD today!

    P.S. Happy Birthday Oh Captain my Captain!

  7. Sorry for not showing up @ 4:15, took a nap and just didn’t wake up! haha!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!! Hope you have a good one πŸ™‚

  8. wux2
    strength – Clean x5
    75-85-95-105(1) (f) Sore back. couldn’t get the elbows up or the rhythm down.
    100 Burpee Pullups (amrap 15 mins)
    69…on the foot high box to get up and over the bar.
    great job Marcel and Gillyon

  9. CFWU x 2

    Strength Coach subbed something new for my strength — max. height box jumps.

    Maximum height 36″ — this was rather fun.

    WOD GI Jane

    100 Burpee pull ups (used the rings)

    I’m not sure of my time, I was too exhausted to write it down, but I think it was 13 something.

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