G.I. Jane

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Overhead Squats x3

GI Jane
100 Burpee Pullups (1 foot above reach)

*15 minute time cap

Compare to Nov.30/12

Super friends
Super friends

61 thoughts on “G.I. Jane”

    1. I can’t imagine why. Kelly after an extended CrossFit break is no joke. See you tomorrow??

  1. Overhead Squats x3
    65-70-75-80-80 %
    35 (WU) – 45-50-55-60-65#
    I meant to stop at 60# based on 80% of my theoretical 1RM, but didn’t add up the weight until I finished. It felt good.

    GI Jane
    100 Burpee Pullups (short bar)


    Thanks Kevin!

  2. OHS
    black stick x3
    15 lb bar x2

    “GI Jane”
    100 burpee pullups
    scaled to burpee +jumping pullups

    Total 88 @ 15 min cap

  3. Cute picture of some lovelies! ❤️
    Happy 1000 class, Heidi and Gilles!

    Ohs (3) 35-40-45-50
    Ouch on the elbows

    WOD @ 10 inches.

    First time doing pull-ups in a WOD since having Olive. Excited. 🙂

    1. Way to go Gillyon! I’m pretty sure you wrote your New Year’s goal on the board right before me in January and it was something along the lines of “post baby pullups by July” …so, congrats!!! 🙂

  4. First time with GI Jane. Jumping was rough after yesterday.

    At Rx’d height, finished 92 reps at the 15 min cap.

    Happy 1000th class to Heidi and Gilles today!! What an amazing milestone.

  5. Great picture…much better than the angry face/RBF one taken just before it LOL

    OHS x3
    85 105 115 120 125

    GI Jane Rx
    81 Reps in 15 mins

    Vertical reach jumping is not my forte at all so I’m happy with my first time doing GI Jane.

    Congrats to our first 1000 club members Gilles and Heidi!

  6. M+WU+20 down-ups
    Group mob

    OHS x3

    WOD: GI Jane, 15 min cap
    100 burpee (jumping) pullups

    94 reps
    (Bar was at wrist height)

  7. Heather Colleen

    Overhead Squats x3
    35(5) 45(3) 50(3) 55(3)

    I’m done being scared of OHS and snatch. Saying goodbye to my skipping rope and wallball for next few open gyms.

    GI Jane
    100 Burpee Pullups – Scaled to jumping pull-ups, bar at forearm.

    97 reps done at the cap.

  8. OHS x3

    GI Jane
    100 Burpees + Jumping Pull-ups
    Score: 64

    I could have pushed it harder.

  9. Congrats Gilles and Heidi! Sorry I missed your 1000th class. Heidi, you must have had to do some extra classes to catch Gilles…good for you! I think you two also hold the record for F bombs! Haha. 🙂

    Workout from Boston:
    1 Hour Power Walk

    Vacation WOD
    Accumulate 5 minutes in a plank. Every time you drop out, 15 squats
    Time: 7:25 and 45 squats


    Its stinking hot here early in the morning, so getting a good sweat on.

    1. That is entirely possible. I think I need to work on cleaning up my potty mouth in my next 1000 WOD’s. 🙂

  10. OHS to 95# I think.

    WOD @ about 7″ above reach: 75 reps

    That’s 15 reps less than 3 years ago. Not sleeping, not eating enough, too hot, too much alcohol on the weekend…lots of excuses today 🙂 Still a fun nooner!

      1. Last time you posted the bar was only a couple inches away and today it was like 7 so…yay for more inches!

        *that’s what she said

  11. Ohs with Gillyon (yey!!)

    Wod with bar about 2.5-3 inches above reach
    89 reps… Wow! Love those body blasters!!

    Ripped both hands

    Cycled to CFM

    Congratz to Heidi and Gilles!!!

  12. WU x 1

    OHS 5 x 3 @ 95#

    “G.I. Jane”
    100 Burpee Pullups (scaled to burpee +jumping pullups)

    Score: 91 reps @ 15 min cap

  13. Mob
    WU x1
    20 downups

    Group mob

    OHS x3

    GI Jane 15 min cap
    100 burpee pullups

    Total: 84

  14. OHS x 3 15 15 15 25 30 ( first time to do OHS)

    100 burpee pull-ups
    15 min cap
    40 2″above bar 60 6″above bar 12:19
    I’m pumped !!

  15. Mobilty
    WUx1+20 down-ups
    Group mobility

    OHS x3

    GI Jane: 15 min cap
    100 burpee pullups

    85 reps (5 inch)

  16. OHS up to 100#

    WOD G.I. Jane
    6inch for height

    Time = 14:31

    I wish I would have remembered the height I used last time. Pretty sure it was just a couple inches. Fun and very sweaty!

  17. wux1 + 20 down ups
    group mob

    OHS x3

    WOD GI Jane scaled to 3″ reach – higher reach bars were taken but I was happy with 3″

    Total: 89
    No PR – did 7″ reach last time and got 85 reps

  18. OHS fun with Laura and Julia
    OHS are a huge goat for me but today they felt really good!

    WOD GI Jane
    Scaled to jumping pull-ups- bar at palms

    Once I got a rhythm going things went pretty well!

    Huge huge huge congratulations to two of my favourite people on their 1000 WOD achievement! Heidi and Gilles you are serious Crossfit bad asses!

  19. Wod-14:50 ish…. i dunno really @6 inches. I’ve sweat more then I’ve consumed today.

  20. OHS x 3

    GI Jane – 100 Burpee Pull ups @ 12″ above reach
    Scaled to 2 to 3 ” above reach
    Completed 78 Reps

    First crack at GI Jane, and surprisingly, I really liked it. Pace was slow but steady. Took a quick rest after every 5 reps. I’d like to try this one again sometime…but not rush for it Kevin!

    Well Gilles & I reached our 1000 class milestone today. In true CrossFit style, it was a bit of a race between us to get there. Congrats Gilles and so happy that we were able to celebrate it together. (I see more or Gilles at 6 a.m. that I do my husband 🙂 ) Also, a big thanks to Kevin for taking me on this CrossFit journey. CrossFit Moncton has been a big part of my life these past few years and I love my CrossFIt family. So glad I walked through the door in that tiny Rideout Street location back in October 2009. It’s been awesome to be a part of CFM’s growth. At the time, I had no idea what an incredible experience I was in for or that it would ever take me to 1000 classes. Here’s to continued fitness!

    1. It was my absolute pleasure to present you with your 1000 banners today. And even more to be your coach over the last 5+ years. Keep inspiring others to be fit in their 40’s.

  21. OHS x3
    25-30-30-35 ….failed went back to 30-30

    WOD GI Jane

    100 burpee pullups
    did jumping pull ups? i think thats it …i jumped at the bar and pulled up …:)
    15 min cap

  22. mob wux1 +20 down up
    OHS x3
    first time doing OHS with weight since last Oct
    WOD GI Jane
    100 burpees pull up
    finger touching the bar
    time 13:58

  23. Overhead Squats x3 WU @ 45#

    65-70-75-80-80 %


    GI Jane
    100 Burpee Pullups (5″ above reach)

    73 reps at cap

    Wrist started hurting 40 reps in, so I did balance with a finger grip on the bar.

  24. Overhead Squats x3
    15# – 25# – 30# – 35# – 40# – 50#

    GI Jane
    100 Burpee Pullups – Scaled to jumping pull-ups

    87 done at the cap

  25. OHS x3
    up to 105#
    These were feeling pretty good, I don’t have accurate 1, 3 or 5RM but I think my 3RM would be just a bit heavier then this.
    Thanks for sharing the bar Tom!

    WOD: GI Jane w/ pullups from 6 or 7 inches above reach
    Score: 65 or 70ish…
    ….I got lost with the counting near the end today and my head just wasn’t in it. For some reason I just had no drive or motivation and caught myself standing and staring at the bar or laying in the bottom of the burpee and that’s really not like me. I’ve also never lost count of my reps like that. Regardless it was still a sweaty mess!

    Thanks Marcel

  26. Mobility and Wu x 1 and 20 down ups
    Strength ohs
    135/155/165/175/190 x 2 / 190 x 3 rushed the last rep in the first set of 190’s great sharing the bar coach Kevin!
    Wod GI Jane rx’d Finished it right at the cap, Mario yelled time as I was just pulling my chin over the bar.
    Very deceiving Wod, first 25 felt great then it went steadily down hill.
    Great class Mario and great work 6 amer’s!!
    Huge congrats to Gilles and Heidi!!

    1. As a side note those are the first heavy ohs I have done since January!!!! Shoulder is finally starting to come around!

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