Friday’s QOD

If you could see the workouts a week in advance, would you want to know? Why?

Build up to a heavy cluster

AMRAP in 12 min
100 Double Unders (2x singles)
50 Burpee Over Bar
30 Clusters (135/95#/70%)
10 Muscle-ups (20 Pullups)


39 thoughts on “Friday’s QOD”

  1. call me crazy but I love friday 6am classes 🙂

    Build to heavy cluster
    weight was still ok but shoulder started hurting.

    AMRAP 12 mins
    100 DU
    50 burpee over bar
    30 clusters @ 95#
    10 MU (20 pullups)

    Score: 25 clusters

    Fun race Gabe! This is a tough one, but I think if I was a little more time conscious I could have finished the clusters. DU were pretty good today, first 59 unbroken (3 rep PR) and I finally feel like I’m getting better at pacing and breathing while skipping.

    Great morning, thanks Amanda!

    To all the trainers taking on Mount Katahdin this weekend: have a blast and good luck!! 🙂

    1. Oh and QOD: that’s a tough one – part of me would love to see the WODS in advance to better plan my work/gym schedule…and knowing in advance may give me a better idea for rest days (I tend not to rest when there are great looking workouts I don’t want to miss – and that can be really tough on the body). At the same time – the element of committing to the unknown is such a big part of crossfit…I feel like it just adds to the trust we put in our coaches.

      1. I agree Cara it would help plan better to make sure you got rest time and some good WOD’s and well rounded strengths in but… the element of surprise is exciting too, in the end I don’t think I need to know a week ahead.

      1. Thanks Heather! I just kept a slow and steady pace with 1 rep at a time and it worked out. Your pullups were looking fantastic in warm up 🙂

  2. Greg Doucette

    Build up to a heavy cluster (#55/75/85/105/115)

    AMRAP in 12 min
    200 singles
    50 Burpee Over Bar
    3/30 Clusters (85#/70%) (12 min)

    0/10 Muscle-ups (20 Pullups)

    Thanks for the work out Amanda.

  3. MOB + WU

    Build up to a heavy cluster (Power Clean + Push Press)
    65,75,85,95,105# x 2 reps

    AMRAP in 12 min
    100 Dbl Unders (200 singles)
    50 Burpee Over Bar
    30 Clusters (135/95#/70%) (5 Power Clean + Push Press @ 85#)
    10 Muscle-ups (20 Pullups) DNF

    QOD: I don’t look at the WOD until I walk around the corner to see the board.

  4. Warmup plus a lot of chatting

    The thruster movement does not feel so great, so I did power cleans and jerks. Worked up to 55lbs

    100 double unders (felt great 75-20-5)
    50 burpee over bar (sloooow)
    30 clean and jerks (35lbs)
    2 ring rows

    QOD – if I see the workout in the morning, and I’m working out in the afternoon/evening…it is all I think about about. That is why I love morning classes. I crawl out of bed, put my gym clothes on, and head out the door. No thinking. With that being said, I would not want to see the WODs a week in advance. I’d drive myself crazy.

  5. Heather Touchie

    Build up to heavy Cluster x 3


    100 DU = I did 60 DU and 80 Singles
    50 burpee over bar
    30 Clusters = I made it to 10
    10 Ringrows = 0

    12 min cap

    I like not knowing! Makes me feel like I should and can be ready for anything that is thrown at me ! 🙂 …. bring it onnnn

    Thanks Kevin!

    1. I like not knowing until the morning of. Forces me to rest and eat healthy beforehand in case today is a big hard one so I can perform like I want to.

  6. QOD: I don’t want to know too far before hand – I just need enough time so I get the right pants on so they aren’t falling down if we’re skipping, so on the way to bed the night before works just fine. I often don’t look at the site on my rest days because if it’s a good wod I’m likely to make a bad decision and ignore the “rest” part of rest day

    Clusters to 110 (115F)

    Wod @ 75#
    22 clusters

    At one point in the clusters I thought I could get to the pull-ups, but this is an unforgiving beast of a wod. It requires smooth sailing through the du’s and a solid love of burpees, so maybe next time.

    Hope there’s good weather on Mt K for those ambitious (read “crazy”) enough to try it. Have fun, be safe, see you next week!!

    1. I hear ya Sister on the “right pants”. I’ve shorts I don’t wear when I’m skipping, shirts I don’t like for cleans (bruised collar bone), pants that need to cover me knees for burpees, etc., etc…..I could go on & one.

      You killed this WOD Heather. 22 clusters. No Joke.

  7. WUx2
    Build up to heavy Cluster

    95×5 105×2
    x1 = 115-135-145-155-165-170

    AMRAP 12 min cap
    100 DU = A couple of 15s but mostly 5s and some 1s
    50 burpee over bar
    30 Clusters = I made it to 10 at cap
    10 MUs =0

  8. Todays WOD looks so fun, I wish I could make it!

    QOD: I also like knowing the night before 🙂 Since I usually do 6am classes and get dressed in the dark, I get my clothes ready the night before and like to know what pants to wear 😉 I think knowing a week ahead would be too much to think about.

  9. Mobility
    Group mobility

    Build up to heavy Cluster x3

    AMRAP 12 min cap
    100 DU
    50 burpee over bar
    30 Clusters (75#)
    10 MUs

    score: 10 clusters

  10. WU + MOB x 2
    Cluster movement practice

    Build up to a heavy cluster
    30, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 (out of time for 65)

    DUs – 100
    Burpee over bar – 50
    Clusters – 5

    Needed the pod-bay door opened, but was sucking wind so hard I couldn’t ask!

    I check the WOD in the morning for wardrobe purposes. Example:. Lots of cleans = T-shirt that covers the collar bone.
    I like that CrossFit is about being ready for anything. This makes the sport unique, and therefore I would not opt to see the schedule a week in advance.

    Thanks for coaching today Amanda. The cross legged campfire time at the end was nice! 🙂

    1. Amanda was just getting in “kum-by-ay” mode in prep for the weekend.

      Agreed, the wind sucking was a factor.

  11. @ Open Gym

    130×3 – 140×3 – 150×3 – 160×3 – 170×2 – 175×2 – 180×2 – 185×2

    Bench Press
    35×5 – 40×5 – 45×5 – 50×5 – 50×4 – 55×4 – 60×4 – 65×4

    @ 4:00pm Class


    WOD: AMRAP 12Min

    100 Double Unders (Unbroken)
    50 Burpees
    30 Clusters @ 75#
    10 Muscle -ups (20 Pullups)

    Total: Finished with 13 Pull-ups!

    Thank Coach Ron!!

    1. Holy “bleepin'” cow Steph!! Great work getting to 13 PU’s…..and 100 unbroken DU’s. You’re a superstar!

  12. Mobility + WUx1

    Build up to a heavy cluster X3
    55-75-85-95×1 – I wasn’t feeling it today, sore and tired.

    12 min AMRAP

    100 DU
    50 burped over bar
    30 clusters @ 75#
    10 MU

    Completed 25 clusters.
    Thanks Ron!

    QOD: I like knowing the night before. I’m a little (a lot!) OCD so I like to be prepared. Knowing a week in advance would cause me way too much anxiety!
    To all the coaches climbing Mt. Kathadin, enjoy and have fun!

  13. M+WUx2
    Group M+WU

    Strength: Build to heavy cluster

    WOD: AMRAP 12 mins
    500m row
    50 burpees step over bar
    30 clusters 65lb
    20 ring rows

    Completed 14 thrusters
    **scaled for calf

    QOD: No because I might chicken out if something is “scary”. By knowing only at 10 the night before, it’s more difficult because my lunch and bags (for school) are ready and the next day’s schedule is already prepped in my head.

  14. wux1
    group wu

    Build to heavy cluster

    WOD scaled
    AMRAP 12 mins
    200 single unders
    50 burpee over bar
    30 clusters @ 115#
    10 MU (20 pullups)

    Score: 15 clusters
    clusters were some tough after those burpees

  15. QOD I prefer not knowing the WOD – to the point of occasionally no looking on site the day of my class. But If there are strength progression training ( like the multi-day deadlift training to a new PR) or skill training – I would like to know ahead of time so that I could classes on the right days.

    Build up to heavy Cluster : 105 lb
    Wod AMRAP 12 min.

    12 clusters

  16. wux1
    group wu

    Build to heavy cluster

    WOD Rx’d
    AMRAP 12 mins
    100 DU
    50 burpee over bar
    30 clusters @ 135#
    10 MU

    Score: 30 clusters and 3/4 of a MU haha!
    I think I paced too much on the clusters. If I had 5 extra seconds to catch my breath I would have been able to brace in my MU attempt. lol. Mein those burpees were horrendous. Although, now I don’t feel so bad about how violent I’m bout to get on some sushi 😀

    Thanks Ron,
    Great job ery’one.

    Oh QOD: I’m meh, fine with either. For the first month when I joined, Kevin had sent me the link directly to zen planner and I never bothered to navigate anywhere past that; so I just came to every WOD blind not even knowing that it used to be posted at midnight :D.

  17. mob wux2 group mob
    strength build up to a heavy cluster
    95×1 115×1 125×1 125×1 135×1
    WOD AMRAP in 12 min
    100 DU (200 single)
    50 burpees over bar
    30 cluster 115#
    10 muscle up (pull up)
    got to 1 pull up

  18. Clusters x 1

    100 DU’s….very much broken
    50 Bar over Burpees…..these were sooooo hard. Worst part of the WOD for me.
    30 Clusters @ 70#….made it to 14

    Clusters were 1 at a time & my breaks between each were too long. I think I could do more next time if I just sucked it up & picked up the bar…mental game.

    QOD: I would not want to know a week in advance. I just recently started checking it out at nights before going to bed. Usually, I would find out when I got up & heading out the dor for the WOD.

  19. wux1
    group wu

    Build to heavy cluster

    WOD scaled
    AMRAP 12 mins
    200 single unders
    50 burpee over bar
    30 clusters @ 35#
    10 MU (20 pullups)

    Score: 26 clusters

  20. wux1
    group wu

    Build to heavy cluster

    WOD scaled
    AMRAP 12 mins
    200 single unders
    50 burpee over bar
    30 clusters @ 55#
    10 MU (20 pullups)

    Score: 17 clusters

  21. wux2
    group mob

    strength build up to a heavy cluster

    WOD AMRAP in 12 min
    100 DU
    50 burpees over bar
    30 cluster 115#
    10 muscle up
    Had 25 Clusters.

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